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    1. Announcements

      Latest news and release announcements from Lime Technology.

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    2. Pre-Sales Support

      Discussion of specific Lime Technology products, ordering, etc.

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    3. Unraid Blog and Podcast Discussion

      Comments, feedback and questions about all Unraid blogs and podcasts go here.

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    4. Unraid Polls

      Feedback Wanted!

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    5. Forum Feedback

      Post suggestions for making this forum easier.

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  2. My Servers

    1. Support

      Having issues with My Servers features or functionality?  Check out our documentation, then post here for help!

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    2. Feedback

      Want to give us some feedback about existing My Servers features?  What about ideas for future features?  Post here and share your insights with us!

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    3. Feature Polls

      For each development cycle of Unraid, we will be creating polls to solicit your feedback on what features matter most to you.

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  3. Unraid OS 6 Support

    1. General Support

      Help with setup, configuration, disk issues, or any other questions about how to use Unraid. Please prefix your post with the specific version of Unraid OS in use.

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    2. Bug Reports   (221046 visits to this link)

      Formal bug and defect reports.

    3. Security

      CVEs and other security related development discussion should be posted here.

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    4. Feature Requests

      Post feature requests and enhancements here.

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    5. Defect Reports [DEPRECATED]

      This topic is deprecated, please use Bug Reports instead.

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    6. Prerelease Support [DEPRECATED]

      Discussion, issue reports for Unraid OS next releases.

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  4. Application Support

    1. Docker Engine

      Issues with enabling the Docker service on Unraid.

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    2. Docker Containers

      For specific Docker container support in Unraid.

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    3. VM Engine (KVM)

      For support configuring your own virtual machines, including assigning PCI/USB devices (such as graphics, sound, networking, etc.), and other tuning tweaks.

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    4. VM Templates

      Get assistance with virtual machine templates provided by LT and the community.

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    5. Plugin System

      Having issues installing or removing plugins from your system? Want to request a new plugin? Post here!

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    6. Plugin Support

      Topics for specific Unraid 6 Plugins.

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    7. Programming

      This forum is for community developers to engage with Lime Tech directly for assistance with creating containers, virtual machine templates, plugins, or programming with Unraid in general. This forum can be viewed by all, but access to contribute must be requested.

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  5. Community

    1. Lounge

      A place for new users to introduce themselves and existing users to have storage/technology-related discussions.

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    2. Guides

      All Unraid related guides go here. Please do not post general support threads here.

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    3. User Customizations

      Customizations and tweaks done by users (scripts, banners, etc). Not for discussing plugins.

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    4. Unraid Compulsive Design

      Discussion of complete builds for those with U.C.D.

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    5. Hardware

      Chassis, Power Supplies, Drive Cages, Cables, configuration, parts lists, etc.

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    6. Motherboards and CPUs

      Intel vs. AMD? Desktop-class vs. Server-grade? Discuss them all here!!

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    7. Storage Devices and Controllers

      Discuss HDDs, SSDs, and the controllers to which they connect!

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    8. Good Deals!

      Post references to good deals found on components. No buy/sell/trade in here please.

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    9. Buy, Sell, Trade


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    10. Vendor Forums

      Product support, feedback, questions, discussions, and other interaction directly with vendor representative(s).

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    11. Virtualizing Unraid

      Under ESXi, Hyper-V, etc.

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  6. Multi-Language Section

    1. General

      This forum is for general, non-language specific section discussions. If you are interested in becoming an Unraid Moderator for a specific language OR if you would like a specific language added to this section, please reach out to @SpencerJ.  Note: Foreign language technical support is not currently available for every language. 

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    2. German / Deutsch

      Deutschsprachiger Bereich für Unraid.


      German Moderators: @ich777, @vakilando, @mgutt

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    3. French / Français

      Pour des discussions en français sur Unraid.


      French Moderators: @Balooforever, @Will9560, @Pducharme

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    4. Chinese / 简体中文

      Unraid 简体中文讨论版


      Moderators: @JavyLiu, @lyqalex



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    5. Portuguese / Português

      For Portuguese language Unraid discussions.

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    6. Spanish / Español

      Para discusiones en Español sobre Unraid.


      Spanish Moderators: @rquiceno, @chalboly, @Carlos Rodriguez, @Fraih

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    7. Dutch / Nederlands

      Voor Unraid discussies in het nederlands.

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    8. Italian / Italiano

      For Italian language Unraid discussions.

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    9. Arabic / عربي

      لمناقشة مواضيع أونريد باللغة العربية


      Moderators: @albakhit, @Zyzto

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    10. Russian / русский

      Для обсуждения Unraid (Анрэйда) на Русском.

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    11. Polish / Polski

      For Polish language Unraid discussions.


      Moderators: @VRx

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    12. Swedish / Svenska

      For Swedish language Unraid discussions.

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    13. Korean/ 한글

      For Korean language Unraid discussions.



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    14. Norwegian / Norsk

      For Norwegian language Unraid discussions.

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    15. Japanese / 日本語

      For Japanese language Unraid discussions.

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  7. Legacy Support (unRAID 5 and Older)

    1. General Support (V5 and Older)

      unRAID Server software and management. Note: please post version 6.0-beta bugs/issues up in the appropriate Announcement board thread.

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