• [6.8.0-RC5] Stale NFS handles

    Carlos Talbot
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    I have a VMware ESXi host with vSphere 6.7 using Unraid for NFS mounted datastores. After a day of use I am seeing errors from the NFS client (ESXi  host) about stale NFS handles as shown in the tcpdump below collected from Unraid. I've also attached logs. I see this has been a problem with previous versions. Has this ever been addressed? Anyone using Unraid to host VMware datastores via NFS without issue? Thanks.


    14:17:10.824778 IP Tower.local.nfsd > Flags [P.], seq 1074985:1075021, ack 36222556, win 16384, options [nop,nop,TS val 3962751192 ecr 44536664], length 36: NFS reply xid 1524920287 reply ok 32 read ERROR: Stale NFS file handle




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    Hi Carlos,


    Can I ask if you ever witness any negative impact as a result of this or is this more of just a "hey I'm seeing these messages and don't know why?"

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    I do see a negative impact. I experience two scenarios, the first is trying to shutdown a VM and it hangs. During the shutdown I see continuous stale NFS messages in the tcpdump between the vSphere host and Unraid. I eventually have to power off the VM forcibly.


    The second issue is where all the VMs are shutdown. I can see this from the vCenter gui. I still have access to vCenter as it's the only VM not using an NFS datastore from Unraid.


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    2 hours ago, marcusone1 said:

    any solutions to this. i'm seeing it and backups using rdiff-backup are now failing due to it :(

    Since this report references rc5, I'd advise updating to 6.8.0 and see if the issue still exists. If it does, then a new report needs to be filed, with all the diagnostics and steps needed to recreate it so the devs can fix it.

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