• [6.9.0-beta35] Multi-pool and mover issues


    1) Shares with cache set to "No" wont move files between disks. If you have files in cache and later set the option to these values, mover will never move them to array.
    One would think that mover will take care of it. I set it to not use cache, so it shouldn't.
    Same goes for "Only" but from array to pool.


    2) If you change the pool of the share and have it set on "Prefer" or "Only", mover will not move the files between the pools nor will it move the files to the array.
    Same as 1. I set it to use that cache, so mover should reorganize the items to match these settings.


    3) If you have a share lets say "downloads" and "media", downloads is cached by one pool and media is cached by other one or not cached at all. Downloads is set to Prefer, media is set to whatever.

    Steps to reproduce:
    touch /mnt/user/downloads/test.txt
    ln /mnt/user/downloads/test.txt /mnt/user/media/test2.txt

    The link will be created on the pool that is caching downloads. The file will never be moved back to array. I'd expect the file that that is being linked to be copied to the array.


    All of these can lead to dangerous outcomes and loss of data.

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    This is the way it is designed to work, and some people depend on it working that way. No and Only shares are ignored by mover.



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    You are describing correct behavior as it was designed.  If you want to change a share from cache 'yes' to cache 'no' and have files moved off cache pool, you should first invoke mover (Move Now button) to move all those files and then change Use cache config from 'yes' to 'no' so that future new files are written only to array.


    Having said that, I can see how this can be unexpected behavior depending on how you interpret the config settings.  Current use of the 'mover' is pretty simple, but the functionality exists to add quite a bit more sophistication.  This is a "future feature" item 8)

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    I understand that it might be designed that way, but that doesn't mean it's correct. I only discovered that because I tried to write my custom mover scheduler, otherwise I would found out it the hard way with no space left in pools.


    At the very least this should be explained better in tooltips.

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    14 minutes ago, Tomr said:

    At the very least this should be explained better in tooltips.

    There is Help in the webUI. The Help (?) icon on the main menu bar toggles help on/off for the whole webUI. Also, most settings will toggle help by clicking on the label for the setting.



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    While I agree that the terms used can be interpreted different ways and could be clearer, the details given in the UI are quite clear once you take your time looking at it.



    Clicking on the text shows a clear explaination AND the result of the selected choice is stated on the right.

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    They don't state that the files will be orphaned if the setting are changed, or the whole things with hardlinks. And I was assured that would work as I expected because of this:


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    15 minutes ago, Tomr said:

    They don't state that the files will be orphaned if the setting are changed,

    They are not orphaned in the sense they become invisible.  No matter what settings of Use cache, all files across all disks/pools will be shown for a share.


    15 minutes ago, Tomr said:

    whole things with hardlinks

    All that means is: if you have a hard link to a file, when that file gets moved, the hardlink also gets moved in the sense that it gets created in the destination.  So if you have:





    and file and hardlink-to-file is on say, 'cache', then when file is moved to array, whatever disk it ends up on we also create on that disk hardlink-to-file.

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