• Cache drives fill up on file transfer but dont start spilling over into array


    I have 2TB of NVME cache.  I am now in the process of moving 25TB of media from hard drives from other computers(now attached to the unraid server) to my media share.  The media share is set to "yes" on use cache.

    I am moving the media via krusader.  

    While transferring the media, the cache drive fills up but then the transfers stop.  It then says the cache is full and wont let me do anything more.


    Any ideas why its not automatically just writing to the array?

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    Set that share's minimum free space setting to a value higher than any file you intend to copy there, though for the initial transfer it might be a good idea to skip cache altogether.

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    There is the share's minimum space (default is 0) setting and general cache minimum space setting, as long as the share setting is adequate for that particular share, and it can be very different for other shares, no need to change the cache setting, unless you copy directly to the cache share, but if either threshold is hit it will stop writing to cache (or any other disk used by that share when it's the share setting).

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    I am sorry I’m still confused on why when the cache filled up it didn’t automatically switch to writing to the array.


    I just checked and as you said the share minimum is 0kb and the general cache setting is 2mb.  The files I’m trying to transfer are from 30-80gb each.


    From what you said, I understood it as I don’t need to change either of the settings to get it to start spilling to the array after the cache fills up.

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    2 minutes ago, sittingmongoose said:

    I understood it as I don’t need to change either of the settings to get it to start spilling to the array after the cache fills up.

    You need to change at least one, I recommend the share setting or you'll have the same problem when a disk fills up, to be larger than any file you intend to transfer to that share.



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    Ideally you want to set the minimum to the largest file size that you would send to the share.

    For example lets say my average files range from 5-10GB a Piece. I would set the Minimum to at least 10GB so I know that if I was to get close to filling the last file I could simply send the 10GB to another drive.


    Setting your Minimum to high could more or less just waste "Reserved" space unless you want to hold it that high for some particular reason.

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