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    Problems adding new repository to dockerMan

    • Solved Minor

    On the docker -> docker repository section, changes to the template repositories seems "flaky" I can't seem to get it to take a new repository (I have a testing repository I use before we push stuff to CA)


    Can get it to "stick" by editing /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/template-repos but it doesn't seem to trigger an update to the templates available.


    Going to guess @bonienl is the man to talk to about this.  As always happy to test or provide more information if required.  Have looked at the logs and couldn't see anything relevant or useful.




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    Thanks. Corrected this.

    As your video shows, this 'bug' was already introduced in the 6.5.x series (can't remember exactly which version).

    It took you a while to "discover" it :) 

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