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    There seems to be an issue regarding creating a pool of drives (ZFS testing in this case) and having Unraid format them. It always seems to fail. I can add them back to a normal array and have them format normally, however, just not when added to a new pool. The type of RAIDz did not seem to matter.

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    Just to add to this, trying to create a ZFS RAID0 pool w/ 2 SSDs and here are my steps:


    1. Stop array.

    2. Pool Devices.

    3. Add.

    4. Name, zfs_cache.

    5. Slots, 2.

    6. Assign 2 SSDs, same size.

    7. Select first disk and select zfs, raid0, unable to hit apply, only able to select done.

    8. fs indicates auto even though I selected zfs.

    9. Start array.

    10. Pool show as unformatted.

    11. Select format and always formats to btrfs.


    I have attempted multiple times w/ out success and maybe my workflow is incorrect...



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    13 hours ago, JorgeB said:

    Diagnostics please.

    See attached, tried again and can't make zfs stick as a type when added to a pool, always reverts back to auto, and once created and I select format from Array Operations tab, always btrfs.



    I can create a single zfs pool, but RAID0 zfs pool no sucess and what is odd zpool list show both correctly, ZFS Master plugin shows both pools correctly as RAID0, but from Pool Devices tab shows unmounted/unrecognized FS and the same from the Array Operations Tab, see pics below:









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    I did some more digging/testing and apparently the old pool still existed and prevented the formatting of the drives as they were still connected to that pool in the BG. I did a 'zpool destroy' on that old pool and attempted to format and it had no issues. That leads me to believe that the issue is the pools not being edited properly when created or destroyed via the GUI.

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    20 hours ago, Govnah said:

    See attached



    13 hours ago, Govnah said:

    Seems RC2 has addressed my issue

    Unlikely that fixed it since nothing was changed about zfs formatting problem, probably the reboot helped.

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    12 hours ago, chlballi said:

    I did some more digging/testing and apparently the old pool still existed and prevented the formatting of the drives as they were still connected to that pool in the BG.

    The problem was not the pool existing, problem was that the pool was online/mounted, so it could not be reformatted, if the pool is online you must export it first:


    zpool export pool_name


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