• Unraid OS version 6.9.0-rc2 available


    As always, prior to updating, create a backup of your USB flash device:  "Main/Flash/Flash Device Settings" - click "Flash Backup".


    Hopefully spin-up/down sorted:

    • External code (docker containers) using 'smartctl -n standby' should work ok with SATA drives.  This will remain problematic for SAS until/unless smartmontools v7.2 is released with support for '-n standby' with SAS.
    • SMART is unconditionally enabled on devices upon boot.  This solves problem where some newly installed devices may not have SMART enabled.
    • Unassigned devices will get spun-down according to 'Settings/Disk Settings/Default spin down delay'.


    Updated to 5.10 Linux kernel (5.10.1).


    Updated docker.


    Fixed bug joining AD domains.



    Version 6.9.0-rc2 2020-12-18 (vs -rc1)

    Base distro:

    • bind: verison 9.16.8
    • docker: version 19.03.14
    • krb5: version 1.18.2

    Linux kernel:

    • version 5.10.1


    • emhttpd: fix external 'smartctl -n standby' causing device spinup
    • emhttpd: enable SMART on devices upon startup
    • emhttpd: unassigned devices spin-down according to global default
    • emhttpd: restore 'poll_attributes' event callout
    • smb: fixed AD join issue
    • webgui: do not try to display SMART info that causes spin-up for devices that are spun-down
    • webgui: avoid php syntax error if autov() source file does not exist

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    Just updated my OS with the stable version... Yeah! Thank you Unraid digest! 

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    On 12/23/2020 at 1:38 PM, itimpi said:

    Unraid is not hot plug aware

    Does this also apply to Unassigned Devices, with hot plugging a SATA spinning disk, and a USB spinning disk?  

    If UD will not hot plug these, does one need to simply "Reboot", or is power cycle required?

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    1 minute ago, xrqp said:

    Does this also apply to Unassigned Devices, with hot plugging a SATA spinning disk, and a USB spinning disk? 


    No - UD is hot-plug aware as long as your hardware supports it.  That should always be true for USB devices and is normally true for SATA/SAS ones. 

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    Is there a release notes version giving 6.9.0-rc2 → 6.9.1 changes? With a year of betas trying to figure out what changed from rc2 by teasing out what’s already changed from 6.9.0 → ~30 builds... →  6.9.0-rc2 isn’t straightforward! I’m probably just missing the obvious place to look...


    Edit: Uh, all those numbers are one off, obviously, in one direction or the other. No coffee yet, sorry. Y’all know what I mean, just the changes from rc2 to the brand-new stable release.

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    There are the detailed notes posted in the announcement thread for each release.


    In addition there is the information here  from the online documentation that can be accessed via the Manual link at the bottom of the unraid GUI.

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