• [6.10.0] Waiting for label UNRAID, UNRAID boot device not found

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    Never had a problem after an update, but after upgrading to 6.10, the boot process stop waiting for a device label UNRAID for 30 sec and stop saying UNRAID boot device not found, I revert back to 6.9.2 and everyhting runs fine on the same USB 2 drive without format, no change, just replace boot files with the backup files... I'm using a USB2 Lexar JumpDrive FireFly 4GB. Every plugins are up to date before the upgrade.




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    Try re-creating the flash drive, backup current one, download v6.10.0 and unzip the files after formatting or use the USB tool, then restore the config folder from the backup.

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    Seems like quite a few people are getting this, I submitted a bug report previously here 


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    Back in Unraid 6.9.2, open a web terminal and run this:



    Then post the line that contains LABEL="UNRAID". Mine looks like this:

    /dev/sda1: LABEL_FATBOOT="UNRAID" LABEL="UNRAID" UUID="---" BLOCK_SIZE="512" TYPE="vfat"

    (I changed the UUID, not sure if that is private)

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    2 hours ago, limetech said:

    @dlaventu - How did you create your current bootable USB flash?  Meaning what tool did you use?


    I don’t remember, that was years ago (November 2015), I used what was recommended in doc, it’s working since then and I never touched the flash drive from day one, it’s directly connected on an USB port on the motherboard inside the server case. I always upgraded from my Unraid server web page when a new stable version came up, I never used manual mode and never downloaded a new version by myself.

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    1 hour ago, limetech said:

    6.10.1 released, please retest


    Everything works fine with 6.10.1 !!! Thanks :D

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    On 5/21/2022 at 3:14 AM, dlaventu said:

    I don’t remember, that was years ago (November 2015), I used what was recommended in doc, it’s working since then and I never touched the flash drive from day one,


    I think you win the prize for the longest continuously running USB flash device!

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    I updated to 6.10.2 the other day. Was able to boot fine, but after a power outage this morning, I am unable to boot. Have tested with my existing boot device and a new one which has been recently reformatted with the USB creator using a backup taken this morning.

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    Exactly how is it failing when you try to boot?  Are you sure the BIOS has the Unraid flash drive set as the boot device?


    it might be worth carrying out the procedure documented here to see if that helps.

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    So I worked a lot on this over the weekend and ended up reverting to 6.9.2. Any version of 6.10.x that I put on any number of different thumbdrives would initially boot to the UNRAID OS selection screen, but fail at the step while waiting for the volume "UNRAID" to come online.


    Is it possible the older hardware has some kind of issue that I need should know about? My system is based off a Supermicro X9SRi with a Xeon  E5-2630L and 24GB of DDR3 ECC.


    You can see in the images below that I am able to get past the intial BIOS boot, but boot will not complete. This happens on my original USB drive that I've been running for about 8 years, a new USB drive that I restore a backup to, or a USB drive with a fresh install of UNRAID 6.10.x to. Doesn't seem to matter. 







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    Does renaming the EFI folder to EFI- (note the dash) or vice versa on the USB drive resolve this for you?


    One of my unRaid machines requires the "-" as part of it's version of BIOS. A few previous version upgrades ago, this was wiped out for EFI~ (note the tilde) and when my machine restarted I ran into your same issue. I was able to boot to the menu but loading unraid timed out. Popping the drive out and renaming that folder to add the dash resolved this for this machine. For others, renaming it to "EFI" or "EFI~" works. Just depends on your BIOS and your UEFI settings.

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