• [6.12] High I/O load when system is idle, random freeze

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    I noticed the system has lots of IO-Wait in htop while it was basically idle.

    Syslog showed the following entry

    Jun 18 17:00:29 Tower kernel: traps: lsof[29400] general protection fault ip:1529d3557c6e sp:d95a8f1327ed4ec2 error:0 in libc-2.37.so[1529d353f000+169000]


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    I tried to stop dockers none would stop

    I tried to stop the array but it hangs on "Sync filesystems..."
    I tried to shutdown the server but it doesn't do anything

    I don't want to loose data, so I don't know what to do.

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    After 6h the server shut down. I started it again but now it hangs on "Mounting disks..." when starting the array.

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    Only processes that seem to do anything while the array is still starting are z_fr_iss_X and z_rd_int_X where X is either 0 or 1

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    Array is now started and doing a parity check.  Docker didn't start with "Couldn't create socket: [2] No such file or directory" and nothing else is running.  I will try to restart again after the check is complete.

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    I noticed almost all of my user shares are gone that were on a zfs pool.  I started a scrub and wait for the result.

    Meanwhile the log is spammed with messages like

    Jun 20 01:24:19 Tower emhttpd: error: malloc_share_locations, 7201: Operation not supported (95): getxattr: /mnt/user/appdata

    (that share is on the array)

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