• [6.12.3] Wireguard docker network configuration issue

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    I've been struggling with my other issue below, but maybe found a specific bug/fix for it. Therefor this new issue because it might not even fix the other one.


    It seems like line 166 in rc.d/rc.docker is not entirely correct.

    "[[ -n $NETWORK ]] && nsenter -n -t $PID ip -4 route add $NETWORK via $THISIP dev br0 2>/dev/null"

    translates to

    nsenter -n -t 9439 ip -4 route add via dev br0


    If I understand it correctly, it attaches to the container process and adds a static route for wireguard. In my case to But it uses the br0 interface. This interface is not available within the docker container. The available interface is eth0. Therefor the command failes and the static route does not get created. The only thing I do not know is why this only happens on unraid/docker startup The static route will be added upon container restart. I believe the scripts doing both actions (initial startup / container restart) are not the same and that might explain it.


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    This is indeed a bug, since routes should be added to either br0 or eth0 (depending on what is in use).

    I made a fix for this for upcoming 6.13 version (might get backported to 6.12).



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    Hi @bonienl,

    as requested in the support ticket, I'm doing the follow-up in this thread.

    It seems like the issue was not fixed in 6.12.8. After rebooting unraid and waiting for all containers to start-up, I still need to manually restart containers to fix their routes. This can be seen in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8H5YaxdO8c


    I also included diagnostics from after rebooting unraid (1153) and from after restarting the containers manually after the reboot (1155).


    For further information maybe also see https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/6123-issue-with-wireguard-integration-and-docker-routing-r2594/

    nass-diagnostics-20240219-1153.zip nass-diagnostics-20240219-1155.zip

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    Hi @bonienl,

    another weird addition to the issue description:

    Restarting the container with "docker restart <br0_container>" does not fix the Wireguard route. Only using the restart button in the unraid UI fixes the routes.

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