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  • [6.12.6] boot/config/trial.key is created automatically after reboot

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    This is my first post here and I'm still very new to Unraid myself. I saw the following error message in the Unraid protocol quite by chance and was already looking for help in the forum:


    emhttpd: error: get_key_info, 583: Invalid argument (22): get_message: /boot/config/Trial.key (-3)


    Deleting the Trial.key only helps until the next reboot, as I discovered, because then Unraid creates a new Trial.key file on my flash/boot USB stick and the error is reproduced again.


    I have already tried to delete the Trial.key via sharing from Windows PC and of course also with the Unraid on-board tools


    In the Forum in question I was told that this is actually not common and that I should therefore create this bug report.


    I hope I can help with this, or someone can help me with the error.

    Kind regards, Curiosity





    Dies ist mein erster Beitrag hier und ich bin selbst noch sehr neu bei Unraid. Ich habe ganz zufällig folgende Fehlermeldung im Unraid-Protokoll gesehen und habe bereits im Forum nach Hilfe gesucht:

    emhttpd: Fehler: get_key_info, 583: Ungültiges Argument (22): get_message: /boot/config/Trial.key (-3)

    Wie ich festgestellt habe, hilft das Löschen des Trial.key nur bis zum nächsten Neustart, denn dann erstellt Unraid eine neue Trial.key-Datei auf meinem Flash-/Boot-USB-Stick und der Fehler wird erneut reproduziert.

    Ich habe bereits versucht, den Trial.key per Freigabe vom Windows-PC und natürlich auch mit den Unraid-Bordmitteln zu löschen.

    Im betreffenden Forum wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass dies eigentlich nicht üblich sei und ich daher diesen Fehlerbericht erstellen solle.


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    You have crack related entries in your go file, replace /config/go on the flash drive with a stock go file and reboot, you can get one from the Unraid download zip.

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    WTF How does this get on my flash? I used the official Unraid USB Creator to create the USB stick and also purchased the Plus license. What kind of crack files are on the stick and how did they get there?


    OK Curiosity take a deep breath...


    @JorgeB How do I solve the problem? Where do I get the file I need that fixes the error? Sorry, I'm a newbie, unfortunately I have to ask this.

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    I don't see how that can get there by just using the USB tool and a registered key, but you can get a stock go file form the download zip, scroll down, the zip from any release will do.

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    Great, that seems to have been the solution. I had to disconnect the USB stick from the server and connect it to the PC so that I could copy the GO file, but now after restarting everything is fine in the protocol and there are no more errors and the Trial.key file was not restored either.


    Thank you very much @JorgeB

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