• [6.9.0] /etc/profile.d changes are breaking ability to spawn shells in certain directories

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    Attempting to start bash shells in specific directories under tmux fails.

    Upon investigating it seems these lines in /etc/profile have cause all login shells to forcibly open in /root

    # limetech - modified for unRAID 'no users' environment
    export HOME=/root
    cd $HOME


    This didn't occur in the last stable version 6.8.3 or earlier.


    Workaround is to edit the /etc/profile to remove the offending lines.


    I don't understand the rationale behind this.

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    I don't understand the rationale behind this.


    I don't remember why either ;)   What breaks when you revert that change?

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    18 hours ago, ken-ji said:

    Nothing that I have noticed. So it should be safe to revert in the next version. 😛


    Realize Unraid OS is designed as an appliance, not a general purpose multi-user server.  Creating users with login shells and home dirs, etc., is not supported.

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    I'm simply running multiple root shells under tmux with each shell in its own directory. I think that's a fair use of unraid, without going into the whole other users can of worms.


    So you can imagine my surprise when a simple login shell refused to open in the specific directory I had it open.



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