• [6.9.0-rc2 > 6.9.0] Individual drive settings get only saved for one drive (Smart controller type)

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    If i manually save the smart controller type for one drive of the array, each time i set it on the next one, the controller type on the one before resets to default.


    I alrady klickt on the "standard" button to reset all values and tried again.

    For my hdd's i can use: SAT & HP CCIS 





    As i stated, i just upgraded from 6.9-rc2 to Stable.

    Before the Update i was able to save the settings.



    *** Update ***

    After fiddeling with those settings i ended up with:



    I tried it again and can confirm, that the content of smart-one.cfg is replaced instead of combined.



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    I cannot reproduce this issue.  Please try this: boot in 'safe mode' and see if same behavior persists.  Could be a plugin using 'smart-one.cfg' that needs to be updated.

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    i've tried in safe mode, but still the same behaviour.

    this behaviour is randomized, sometimes it happens on third drive, sometimes i can configure 4-5 drives until it happens...

    New screen recording in safe mode: https://gofile.io/d/rhfptu

    As this is a Android Tablet with Chrome, i will retry on pc.


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    Okay, verified...

    On my desktop pc with e.g. chrome all the settings working and nothing is overwritten. (verified 3 times)

    On my Tablet (Galaxy Tab S6 OS: Android) with Chrome the problem occurs.


    Holy shit, who could ever imagine thats the Client-Browser / OS combo...

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    @DarkMan83 Just ran into this issue. I also did a rc2 -> 6.9.0 upgrade path and same behavior i thought I was losing my mind. I will try using a different browser. Currently on my main machine in firefox. I will report back.

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    Alright on my main machine I tried IE, edge, Chrome, and firefox all the same results. It just gets reset after setting a second device. I switched to my Pixel 4XL chrome and was able to properly update all my drives.

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    15 hours ago, Linux said:

    Alright on my main machine I tried IE, edge, Chrome, and firefox all the same results. It just gets reset after setting a second device. I switched to my Pixel 4XL chrome and was able to properly update all my drives.

    okay, for me it only worked on my workstation. It's interesting, that it worked for you on pixel.

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    This is also happening to me while trying to uncheck a SMART attribute from notifications, strangely it works in another server also running v6.9.1 using the same browser (chrome), for this one had to manully add the lines for all the devices to smart-one.cfg, or it would only save the last one applied.

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    thanks for this topic. have the same issue, only works with safari on my mac, none of my windows browsers work. very strange behaviour, wouldnt have figured that out myself and blamed it on the programmers.

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    New report here:

    Currently I'm on Unraid 6.9.3 and just added another drive.

    Including cache I'm having 12 drives.

    The problem is back for me, regardless if on mobile device or desktop pc and it's also regardless which browser i use (tested Edge which is chromium based, Chrome and firefox) and the problem is back.


    Had to write the config file by hand.

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