• 6.9.2: Failed to mmap 0000:01:00.0 BAR 3. Performance may be slow

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    I have a computer running unraid 6.9.2 with 3 video cards and running 3 VMs each with its own dedicated video card. I made sure by pcie_acs_override=downstream that there are 3 different IOMMU groups.


    Now I have the problem that the first video card responds slowly, so this VM can't actually be used for the application we need it for.


    Error Message: Failed to mmap 0000:01:00.0 BAR 3. Performance may be slow.


    Can someone help me to solve this so that we can also use the 3rd computer.

    IOMMU Groups.PNG




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    Not clear that this is a "bug" so I have copied the report to a new topic in General Support here:


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