• [6.9.2] No connection br0 -> bridge

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    Hello guys,


    The problem:

    I have some docker containers that I configured on br0 and gave them a new IP in my network(different then UnRaid's IP)

    They work fine but unfortunately they don't even have ping to UnRaid's IP (bridge).

    It seems the other way around is also true. I cannot ping a docker container with br0 IP from UnRaid.

    Needless to say ping is not the problem itself but the fact that there are no connections between them.


    The issue:

    You cannot install a DNS filter in a docker container(on a different br0 IP) and have the whole UnRAID server use it.


    Steps to reproduce:

    Install a docker image (Nextcloud in my case) assign an IP on br0 and:

    1. Open the docker's console and try to ping/access the UnRaid's IP. It will not work.

    2. From UnRaid's console try to ping/access the br0 IP docker image. It will not work.



    It seems this is an issue only with docker! If I assign a br0 IP on a VM there is no issue whatsoever.



    Am I getting something wrong here? Or should this be working?


    Thanks in advance,



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    This is actually by design with Docker. We've discussed this at length before and your options each with their own caveats are:

    1. enable host access to docker networks in the Settings | Docker (Advanced View)
      my screenshot is disabled since I don't use it
    2. Enable VLANs in Settings | Network Settings
      and add custom networks in Docker settings
    3. If you have a spare Network card, you can keep it separate from the default bond between the other network interfaces (usually bond0) and then setup a custom network there for docker

    It is best to setup Unraid so it only has an IP in an interface that is not the same as the one being used by docker else the issue with connectivity will occur
    Some older threads for more details:



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    Thank you very much for the reply and explanation!

    I guess vlans will be the rabbit hole I'll go down on.

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