• My Servers doesn't work after upgrade to 6.10

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    I can't post this to the My Servers forum, because it doesn't get registered, so here goes:
    After upgrading to 6.10, the My Servers doesn't let me login.
    The dropdown on the top right in Unraid shows this:

    The "Install Plugin" button never goes away, and the install log shows "plugin: not reinstalling same version".


    The Management Access page shows this:


    And the sign in process then shows this, without me actually ever getting the chance to log in anywhere:


    The "Sign in" button still shows on the page.

    The config file in the plugin directory never gets written:


    The plugin is supposedly the latest version:







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    Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for the screenshots, it is definitely odd. 


    Would you please upload your diagnostics (from Tools -> Diagnostics) and try a different browser if you have the chance?

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    I upgraded Unraid to 6.10.1, and after the reboot the login functionality was there and could login.

    I also forgot to mention that the unraid-api command didn't work under 6.10, maybe that was the culprit?

    Now on 6.10.1 everything is good! 

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    Interesting. It sounds like there was an issue with the plugin installation, in which case the reboot (after upgrading to 6.10.1) is what solved it. I'll keep an eye on this, thanks

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    Hi, I've just recently updated from 6.9.2 to 6.10.1 and having the exact same error.

    uninstalled the my servers plug in, and reinstalling it fixed the problem

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