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  • Virtual network gone / Docker crashed

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    I had a issue with Docker today. One Docker container became unresponsive after I tried to update the config. I hanged in the browser. So I tried to remove the container and this was impossible then I stopped the other containers. My intention was to stop and start docker again. This didn't help. So then I tried to stop the array. This also failed and unRAID server OS generated a report with graceful shutdown. After everything rebooted my virtual network of Docker was gone. I had to change some network settings and apply to rewrite the network config I guess. After that everything worked again. So I suspect that it has something to do with a disappearing / crashing virtual network... So to be clear my Docker container have a own ip address. I hope you guys can use this information.


    Attached the report.


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    I had a unclean shutdown today because I was so stupid to pull wrong power plug. So the I had the same issue. No virtual network thus the Docker containers didn't want to start up.


    ps. Everything is now in my hobby room to test. I have a nice new rack APC UPS but it's not attached yet. Everything has to go downstairs to server room when I bought a server rack. 

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    I can report that disable Docker and the enable Docker again also resolves the virtual network issue. So this is also a config file rewrite I suspect.

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