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  2. Ive just done a similar thing - gone from a HP MicroServer (N40L) and i went with the following spec. Ryzen 2700 (non X) Asrock B450m Pro 4 motherboard (MicroATX) 32gb Crucial DDR4 2666 500gb NVME (Cache) 2gb Nvidia 710 (just really so i could build the thing) Fractal Design Node 804 Case Its running great, really pleased with it I also bought a Dell H310 Perc Raid card from eBay for cheep, flashed it with IT firmware. I have 3 WD reds from my old system running on the Dell card, an SSD from my old system connected to the onboard SATA
  3. Hi, I'm searching for a card to passthrough to have usb 3 with retrocompatibility of usb 2: cards based on fresco1100 and asm1142 should work out of the box in our mac os VM. I know @1812 should have some 4-ports Inateck cards, based on Fresco chipset. Instead of the 4-ports Inateck, I would like to connect the card to my front panel ports and the KTU3FR-5O2I has this option; however, not all ports are based on the Fresco chipset as you can see in the following picture: Reading from here: It seems the KTU3FR-5O2I works, apart a problem in shutdown that should be related to the Supermicro mainboard. I would like to know if anyone has this card passed through to a mac os VM and if it works out of the box (please specify the OS, I'm interested for Catalina), especially for the internal ports (VLI chipset). The Inateck KT4004 has only the Fresco chipset, but only 4 external ports: and it should work oob.
  4. Yes, you need to create two peers. Both can be active/used at the same time.
  5. Test with the setting "Local gateway uses NAT" set to NO.
  6. Try testing with "Local gateway uses NAT = NO" This prevents adding additional iptables rules to the server.
  7. Hello John_M, Appreciate the feedback, being honest I'd prefer my build to be as minimal hassle as possible. Do you recommend any other boards for under £150. As for the suggestions regarding the GPU. do all GPU's require a "Special version" of Unraid? As mentioned I'm looking to run the vanilla install of unraid with minimal hassel I really apprecaite the feedback and support with helping my on my first proper unraid build though... Legend 👌
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  9. Ok more testing this morning I thought I'd start up a new installation completely and see where I got. I managed to install Windows and the VM drivers but then when installing the AMD Vega drivers the screen went black and after a reboot I'm stuck in the same situation as before. Does this lead to any suggestions from anyone? Appears it could be the GPU causing the issues.... I still have it stubbed alongside the GPU soundcard and the dedicated soundcard. ACS override is off but this doesn't seem to change anything for me anyway
  10. @blaine07 Go to Unraids web ui, click the docker tab, left click the nextcloud icon and select "console" and type the following nano /config/nginx/site-confs/default Thats the file I modified.
  11. FWIW - I personally recommend network tuners to anyone asking me about DVB card these days. No need to worry about drivers compiling etc.
  12. It's basically what i've written above you need a webserver (recommend you the Let's Encrypt Docker from @linuxserver.io) then you need to reverse proxy it to a real domainname without any top level domains and than you are good to go. Also CSMM is a cloud based solution and should be free i think LINK This Docker exists only by a user request you can ask @Spectral Force if he has it allready running.
  13. Hi Octa, so it seems that it helps to save some watts in idle without passthrough the gpu to vm. So I try to find a possibility to script the command after shutting down the vm. When I am succesful with that, I let you know.
  14. Workaround: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/68-rc1-kernel-tun-unexpected-gso-r634/?do=findComment&comment=5835
  15. SMART extended test is failing, so the disk needs to be replaced, copy everything you can to a different disk manually or with ddrescue.
  16. Ok so I just tried my other IP on my Unraid server (have a backup) and then it just worked? (Bridge is enabled!) How can this be? what sets the priority of my IP's for the Unraid server? Have I configured the network wrong? Primary IP (Should be) Is it a bug? running 6.8 - rc3 Secondary IP: <---- Wireguard connects to this one?
  17. With rc3 there's a setting for the scheduler, though is you didn't change it should remain the same as it was used with rc1, but check it, should be set to "mq-deadline" Settings -> Disk Settings -> Scheduler setting
  18. Any suggestions I have read through the post and I can't see anything wrong... I am only testing by phone app. Also tried to change tunnel to LAN but I still get no handshake? (Logfile on device says no to handshake) Regards Casperse Unifi settings: Port forwarding:
  19. We got a winner. RAM returned 6 errors in the first test alone. I didnt think of RAM as the system was brand new. Thanks for your help
  20. What exactly is the problem?
  21. If you need, i dont know, but i guess yes. (I think you can only connect one time at the same time) If you should, ofc.
  22. That sounds too long. I would expect something in the range of 2-3 hours per TB. It might be worth posting your current diagnostics.
  23. has something changed for 6.6.7? I tried this tonight but lost WebUI access (and all access) to my Plex Container. I've been running Plex just fine. From my secure LAN (VLAN10) desktop I can't ping Plex ( or Docker ( but I can ping the unRAID server ( My router firewall rules are set up so I can ping any subnet from VLAN10. I have an EdgerouterX. Here is my setup. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. unRAID is connected to switch port 2.
  24. I think the answer is yes but I just wanted to ask and confirm. If I have two devices, say an iPhone and a Windows Laptop, should I setup a peer for each device? Thanks for the plugin, I feel like it takes something very complex and makes it pretty manageable after a little learning.
  25. Yeah, 6.8 on the server with the files, 6.7.2 on the one mounting and trying to access the files. Is there anything I can check in regards to this being a network issue? Both are physically next to each other and I never got this issue until I upgraded the main server to 6.8. I was having very slow array performance with 6.7.2, but appears that 6.8 fixed it. I had the client server, that is doing the mounting, on 6.8 as well. I thought it may have been causing issues, so downgraded it to 6.7.2. I use pfSense for my firewall if that means anything.
  26. Yes, totally understandable. Thank you for the fast reply!
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