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  2. Ok cool. I have no idea what quirk happened last night to trigger the docker.img being placed on the array disk versus on the cache (my mover is scheduled for 1:30am) but recovering the img file being so easy made it pretty painless to correct. Thanks again for the help!
  3. Hi everyone, I am a brand-new member, and happy to be here. As a beginner, I understand that some of my questions might be puerile, we've all been there, so please be gentle with me. Without further ado, here's my current situation: I have a homemade NAS running Windows 10 Pro x64 (I know, I know...) and despite the general consensus about such a choice, it has served me well. The main scope of the NAS is to hold large amounts of data (mainly media files) and PLEX. Its hardware configuration is nothing special: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 mATX CPU: Ryzen 3 12
  4. Leider gibt es in der 6.9 Stable mehrere Stellen, an denen die Übersetzung fehlt (vor allem CA) und diese nicht auf der Missing Translations Seite auftauchen. In der englischen Repo tauchen diese Stellen schon auf. Muss man also darauf warten, dass diese neuen Zeilen auch in den einzelnen Sprachen Repos auftauchen?
  5. Looks like a connection/power problem, disk dropped offline, replace cables to rule them out and if the emulated disk is mounting and contents look OK you can rebuild on top.
  6. Hi All, I encountered a problem SpaceInvader One does not cover in his Windows 10 VM setup YouTube video. In short, I have no Network connection capability in my Win10 VM. And when I was setting it up I had no way of adding Network capability to my Win10 installation. All I saw was the JPG shown below. The only option I had to choose was the "Skip For Now" option. So I skipped it and finished my Win10 installation. In short, now that I have my Win10 VM setup how do I go back and install network connectivity? I cannot do it from within my Win10 OS network settings window s
  7. I still haven't been able to start my array. I've tried logging in from different computers to see if it was just a display issue in the browser and there's no difference. Does anyone know of any other location to input the encryption key if not through the usual place in the UI? I've looked all throughout the system to try to find someone else and didn't see any, but perhaps there's something somewhere that I'm just not aware of to do it. Any advice or help that someone could provide ASAP would be greatly appreciated otherwise I'll have to roll back to 6.8.3 again until some fu
  8. Danke tz, ich wollte nur ein paar Benchmarks machen. In Unraid wird sie dann sowieso formatiert somit sollte es egal sein. Kleines Update, habe die Firmware von SN02 zu SN03 geupdatet, jetzt sind die Zugriffe ein wenig leiser und die Reaktion des Kopfes alle paar Sekunden hat sich auch merklich reduziert.
  9. You have to do it manually with the commands. which i haven't got the chance to learn. if you find your sweet settings let me know lol
  10. Prefer should be OK unless you fill up cache. Probably the only thing that could overflow to the array in that case would be appdata since system already exists on cache. The most likely cause of system winding up on the array is having the docker service enabled when there isn't a working cache drive in the system.
  11. User and pass are the same as i use on the PIA website, had been working for long time.
  12. Changed Status to Solved I did a hail mary.. I added my onboard NICs to my mlx4... After that the update worked and I had networking.. Attached are diagnostics of prior and after this situation.. tower-diagnostics-20210308-1914 - bonded.ziptower-diagnostics-20210308-1932 bonded on Now to see if I actually have 10GB , or if I am now running on backup..
  13. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the prompt response!
  14. Having 2 Unraid flash drives at the same time is asking for trouble and is the cause of all your problems. The config folder on flash has everything you need to start with a new install and get your configuration back. Figure out which flash drive has the correct config folder and make a copy of it. The license is also on flash in the config folder. But, each flash has its own license and won't work with the license of another flash. Make a new install on the correct flash drive, copy the config folder, copy the correct license for that flash to that config
  15. Looks like your log in details are incorrect?
  16. My mistake. I set the smart plugin to only monitor my nvme cache ssd so obviously this doesn't affect my other disks.
  17. OK dann schau ich mal nach einer anderen Hardware Ausschau Danke
  18. Have you had a chance to check out the 6.9.0 release notes? It can't (yet?) be configured via the webgui, but you can simply drop your authorized_keys files into config/ssh/root on the flash drive and it will be activated the next time you reboot. There is no longer any need to tweak your go script to copy files to /root/.ssh
  19. @GuildDarts Thanks for the quick fix but now I have problems in Safari. Only one of the folders shows up, but the buttons, the overview of the containing containers and the frame are missing. But it can be edited. The Add Folder button doesn't work either. In Chrome and Firefox, on the other hand, it looks fine.
  20. I just added a new 8TB drive to my server and am attempting to preclear the drive. I see the drive in unassigned devices and in the preclear plugin. I clicked the start preclear link and it shows as "starting". Does not start the actual preclear process. I tried this twice. Bad drive? Do I need to format it? Here is what is showing in the log: Mar 8 13:02:23 AUBURN kernel: sd 7:0:12:0: [sdo] 15628053168 512-byte logical blocks: (8.00 TB/7.28 TiB) Mar 8 13:02:23 AUBURN kernel: sd 7:0:12:0: [sdo] 4096-byte physical blocks Mar 8 13:02:23 AUBURN kernel: sd 7
  21. ok will ask there. however, I have managed with your help to mount after boot. first create folder then mount thanks a lot.
  22. Short feedback, @SimonF and @limetech I increase the poll tunable to 3700 seconds and the spindown-timer to 1 hour. Additonal i check my content, the associated disks and move some files via unBalance-App. Seems to be fine for now
  23. SongKong 7.2 Cassdaga now available We are please to announce the release of SongKong Cassdaga, named after the 8th album by Bright Eyes This release is a complete rewrite of the SongKong’s renaming feature. There are no new options and only minor changes to the Errors and Warnings tab but it should do renaming considerably better. Especially when SongKong has to shorten the name because the Windows 259 character limit is enabled, and when you have duplicate copies of the same song so that the duplicates have to be renamed. Full details at https://community.
  24. Again thanks for those template, and a bit thank you for supporting us here too, even if you often have to remind people to read the sticky. I was talking about Valheim, and I have now 2 docker running Valheim succesfully. I don't remember what went wrong that time, but it was a pretty quick setup this time. I'm now curious if we can share the same STEAMCMD folder between the instances. Did not do search yet, no need to take time to answer me if you don't have the answer on the tip of your fingers already.
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