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  2. ouch.... Not much fun. p.s. Only if you test via /mnt/user/XX you will test the fuse filesystem overhead. All other incl unassigned devices will bypass and do direct i/o. I have all my appdata/vm's etc on unassigned devices (on zfs) and these do not experience any speed issue as not connected to the array and fuse filesystem driver. The cache is part of the array and if accessed via /mnt/user (with share set to cache=yes or like in my case to only ) it uses the fuse filesystem driver . A virtual userspace filesystem. If you access it via /mnt/cache or directly via drive id etc , you bypass it hence the faster speeds.
  3. Forget the figure feedback by UPS, most because it is back-series, you won't got 83min runtime. Figure have meaning only when UPS on battery mode.
  4. There is not much to know honestly, you will find it in the vms tab and it is located under the vms. Select the windows vm you want to attach the usb device and then select the device from the list and click attach, after you are done detach the device.
  5. Right, I might have to do that. I didn't know about the Libvert plugin so thats definitely something I will get! Okay, thank you. I'll do this as well.
  6. hmm the output is a bit odd, can you post the entire report (obviously minus serial numbers).
  7. I was doing some disk testing as well to see if there was anything similar on my system. disk speed tests When i tested a speed test on my unassigned appdata disk, my system froze and crashed. It appears to have kernel panicked and I attempted to pull diagnostics prior to a reboot, but was not successful. kernel panic failed diagnostics attempt I attempted a graceful reboot, but that hung as well and was forced to reset the machine.
  8. Looks like i'm back in business thanks guys! 👍
  9. You can always go directly to the correct support thread for any of your plugins by selecting the Support link on the Plugins page in the webUI.
  10. Not sure but I think using an hdd usb adapter might be the fastest way to recover the data on that drive before you format it and add it into unraid array. If you use hdd usb adapter then you can attach it directly to a windows vm and copy your data. If you do not want to play in the windows vm config and add it there you can install Libvirt Hotplug USB from the Apps store which will help you attach / detach usb devices on the fly.
  11. If no real answer is forthcoming, you could do something like what I did with a car that I bought for $100 that required $2000 in repairs to stop the "Service Engine Light" from turning on. Remove the bulb. 😎 Problem solved, and my wallet thanked me
  12. If I recall, the file system should just be NTFS, I don't see why it shouldn't work though. Okay, do I create a new post or can I change this topic?
  13. And if / when unRaid adds built-in GPU drivers for nVidia / AMD, then we'll see updates to the OS every other day as people will begin screaming why doesn't unRaid have the latest version that was released an hour ago?
  14. The file system on the disk is not recognized by UD.
  15. im fairly ok with apps deleting their own temp files as this generally does happen without issue afaik, i also use /tmp to store temporary created files that store data that i need to share between users, for instance root and user nobody, for technical reasons in bash this gets difficult and thus i resort to use /tmp as a way of transferring critical information between acconts, its this temporary data that needs to be cleaned up and thus the historic cleaning of /tmp.
  16. I suggest perhaps you post in the UD support topic. I haven't seen this before.
  17. I have seen the parititons before, but the actual drive cannot be mounted to be able to be viewed from any other device. All of the options are grayed out and there is nothing when I click on the log on the right side.
  18. Hi all, I am having some issues importing xml based epg guides (I hope I am saying that correctly) into TVHeadEnd. The built in tv_grab_huro works great, but I downloaded webgrab++ xml files and tv_grab_wb does not import them. I created the /config/data folder, and when I run tv_grab_wb from the console of the container I get what seems like correct results: But when I run the internal grabber in TVheadend, it doesn't have any channels: So, if am I doing something wrong? or does this mean that NONE of the links in the XML files are returning any content? I am still not sure what I am supposed to do with the .ini files I downloaded from http://www.webgrabplus.com/epg-channels#stc_3D... All documentation I read from webgrab seems to want me to point webgrab to the xml files and that should be pulling in EPG content.
  19. Realistically, anything written to /tmp should be discardable, and able to be deleted at any given point in time. It sucks that this happened to a user but I really don't see a way around it. But to cleanup the tmp folder and keep what "belongs" to the user would mean having to know the filename(s) of any given temp file written by the app itself at any given point in time which is going to be impossible to discern. The only way around it is to not delete anything at all on startup and rely upon the app to delete it's own temp files.
  20. the difficulty is the cleanup code is in a general init script so no way of knowing what files are generated by any particular container and thus cleanup by name is...tricky, but not impossible i guess i could pass in the list of files to delete and inject that into the init script. yes that is possible, it would mean touching a fair chunk of code across multiple files in multiple repos to do this. i think for now i will go for a non recursive delete of /tmp and monitor for any rogue folders that might need to be included in the cleanup and add them in when necessary, its the least intrusive approach whilst preventing the issue from re-occurring.
  21. Press the black + button on the lower right of the black disk icon below the "T" in IDENTIFICATION to show the individual partitions.
  22. Hi, I'm new-ish to unRAID but i cannot get my 4TB Seagate drive so I can view and then copy the files on it to my array. When I go to mount the drive, the "Mount" option is greyed out. I have 3 partitions of it as I converted my Windows 10 computer to unRAID and I still need to copy the media on this drive to the array. I have used the Unassigned Devices Plugin and it worked with my 240 GB SSD, but not with this drive. Please help! Thank you.
  23. So upgraded again to do the tests again (at 128k) and effect not as extreme as the 8k tests but still a considerable difference also showing up in the real world BM speedtest. 6.7.2 Local : root@TACH-UNRAID:/mnt/user/SAN-FCP# time dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile.tmp bs=128k count=125000 16384000000 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 33.1774 s, 494 MB/s root@TACH-UNRAID:/mnt/user/SAN-FCP# time dd of=/dev/zero if=testfile.tmp bs=128k count=125000 16384000000 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 9.76896 s, 1.7 GB/s Over 10G from client more real world test 6.8rc9 Local root@TACH-UNRAID:/mnt/user/SAN-FCP# time dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile.tmp bs=128k count=125000 16384000000 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 36.897 s, 444 MB/s root@TACH-UNRAID:/mnt/user/SAN-FCP# time dd of=/dev/zero if=testfile.tmp bs=128k count=125000 16384000000 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 11.6999 s, 1.4 GB/s Over 10G from client more real world test in case it helps the diags (made on rc9): tach-unraid-diagnostics-20191207-2258.zip
  24. Hi everyone, I have just discovered the thread and will be doing similar, with BPU-340SATA cages. Any idea how to disable the "drive failure alarm" which will inevitably go off with the stock fans unplugged?
  25. With wireguard, if I set it up on my local network let's say 10.0.0.x and get my backup unRAID box all setup then move it to my parents place on a different IP range will wireguard just work? As in do the normal port forward to new IP but I'll still be able to just connect? I also gotta look into server to server wireguard as I'm planning to put in a backup off-site. What would be the best to sync to the backup? rsync?
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