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  2. The SMART extended self-test - Completed without error 👍 What do I do next?
  3. I used Unraid as my main PC. I ended up removing any port fowarding I had on my router before to see if this helps.
  4. I'm sorry it seems that nothing wants to work for me, here is my settings, I believe that I followed the instructions correctly. I go to the syslog1 folder and it is empty - shouldn't I see a file syslog- ? What am I missing? I tried using a different share and no Joy. I added the syslog showing the errors, not sure if it will help or not
  5. Hi i have just setup my unraid build and I am seeing very high disk temp. What level of temp. one should be generally seeing and what point should I be worried about
  6. Nope, its entirely tied to Enable WSD. If you have WSD disabled, restarted, and are seeing high usage it is entirely a different issue.
  7. You don't find that as an improvement, along with all the other brokenness?
  8. My disks are using UNRAID default spin down delay of 15mins and not the delay that i've set using UD script. My script looks like this... esac sudo hdparm -S10 $DEVICE This used to work in the older version of UNRAID and UD plugin but now it's not.
  9. It looks too bold for my eyes too, on Android Tablet using Chrome browser.
  10. Nginx is the web server built into UnRAID to handle it’s GUI. Have you put Unraid directly connected to the internet? UnRAID is not hardened enough to do that and if you do you will almost certainly be attacked.
  11. I'm sorry it seems that nothing wants to work for me, here is my settings, I believe that I followed the instructions correctly. I go to the syslog1 folder and it is empty - shouldn't I see a file syslog- ? What am I missing? I tried using a different share and no Joy.
  12. blkid did not show any duplicate UUIDs. I changed the duplicate UUID of the encrypted partition with "cryptsetup luksUUID...", but I didn't think about the XFS file system becoming visible once the encrypted partition is unlocked. So here is write-up of what I did ultimately to get access in case someone else gets into the same situation Goal: Access an encrypted drive taken out of the array in UD on the same system. Issue: If this was due to a swap and the drive taken out has been reconstructed, there will be UUID conflicts that prevent mounting. This is because the reconstru
  13. I have both pfSense and JRiver (as a docker) using the same port 5900 for VCN remote. I saw on the forum that the changing the port on the VM can't be done so i'll need to change the port on the docker container. How can i change the port on the container? I'd like to change docker port from 5900 to 5959 Thank you. 👍
  14. Just use a live iso of whatever OS you are comfortable working with to download and copy the installation files normally. If you use a live windows iso, you should be able to use the usb creator method, otherwise just download the unraid zip file, extract it to the key, then run whichever make bootable script is applicable to the live distro you used. Depending on the current format of the USB stick, you will probably need to use a partition or formatting tool like rufus to make the USB stick FAT32 with a label of UNRAID before you copy the files.
  15. Hallo, ich bin taufrisch in der Thematik Unraid und verstehe noch nicht so recht wie die optimale Konfiguration als VM Server aussehen sollte. Das typische Theoriekenntnis Problem :-( Ich komme aktuell von einem QNAP System und möchte für die Zukunft besser aufgestellt sein. Anforderungen: VM Server Linux (2-3 Stück 24x7) Windows Maschinen (2-3 mit eingeschränkter temporärer Nutzung) Hier ist eine DEV Umgebung dabei mit größerer Last/Anforderung Docker Container ca.
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  17. I reasonly had to backup my appdata using 'CA Backup', but atherwards it seems that two or my dockers doesn't seem to work. 'Nextcloud' & 'Swag'. As the pictures illustrates, 'Fix Common Problems' doesn't seem to know how to fix it. The data & files of nextcloud and swag is still under the folder 'Appdata'. Does anyone know of this problem? Should I just "download" the docker again, and then the tempale marges with the data/files i allready have?
  18. Hey so my motherboard was having lots of issues so i'm changing it out for a new one. Whilst i'm doing that i bought 2 m.2 drives one for cache and one for plex meta data/maybe other stuff. i bought a 10th gen intel so i assume an upgrade from 6.8.3 to 6.9.? is also necessary. here's a list of what i bought. MotherBoard: MSI Intel Z490-A PRO Intel 10th Gen ATX CPU: Intel Hex Core i5 10400 Comet Lake CPU Ram: Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2133MHz Memory Kit for Skylake NIC: Intel Gigabit Pro 1000CT PCI Express Gigabit Network Card OEM Cache: Samsu
  19. So just to confirm, New Config then reassign original parity, disk1, disk2, followed by original disk5 and for disk3 i want WCAWZ2814440 which claims to have 9 power on hours? I have a hard time believing it actually has 9 hours because I can look at my screenshots of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 disk configurations and that drive has been in use just as long as the rest. If I added another parity after doing the new config, would that be ok or mess something up?
  20. This is where the mistake is... the default route is set as via eth2. That is my internal and not externally connected network. The default route should be (my router) via eth0 (my uplink) I added the correct route, but now I have two.. pressing the wastebin icon on the wrong one does not work.. I removed the extra route via console: route del default gw eth2 Its gone in settings now... But this is the way it was earlier... I -think- this will reset itself after a reboot again.. Whic
  21. Your VM problem seems likely unrelated to changing flash. If possible before rebooting and preferably with the array started Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.
  22. Nope... looks like when doing a softreboot it works, but after a hard reboot it does not..
  23. TL:DR Powerloss on server with 12 disks. 2 Parity Checks with 1024/1124 errors 3 disks with a few "reported Uncorrected" errors 3 disks passed Extended SMART test Reboot; Parity check (without correction) 0 errors 3 disks passed Short SMART test Another test? Or acknowledge errors and get on with it? Story: I had a accidental powerloss a few days ago. Used a Blitzwolff plug to measure the power of the server (before UPS) but when opening the app to watch the power consumption a ghost touch on the screen resulted in a power off... So, n
  24. Ciao a tutti, ho appena messo 4 nuove ventole nel mio pc-unraid conllegate a un controller, ora vorrei abbassare la velocità di tutte e 4 le ventole, come posso fare? Mobo: Asrock 890GX Extreme3 Controller: DEEP COOL FH-10 Integrato Hub ( il controller è collegato a CHA FAN1 4PIN ) Ventole: Corsair ML120 (4PIN) Il controller non lo vedo dal bios.
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