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  2. Hey guys, does anyone know what this process belongs to? It had been smashing my server for a day.. I killed the process but it came back.. any idea's? running 6.6.7 Addy
  3. Hey! I was having the same problem and eventually gave up. If you get this sorted, let me know. I will gladly try and help track this down again because it drives me nuts. For reference below are a few links to my own troubleshooting that I tried months ago, both from this post and from UBNT forums. Do note that my set up has changed since some of those posts in that I now have an EdgeSwitch8 instead of an Asus router in AP mode referenced in some of the posts. That change had no effect. If it lends itself to some other connection, I also cannot browse to my domain website (Ombi) from within my network. The UBNT rep suggested a static host map, but that brings me to an "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" page when attempting to go through my domain. Initial Post: Follow-up: UBNT and exchange with UBNT support https://community.ui.com/questions/UNMS-WSS-key-using-WAN-IP-device-connection-times-out/7ea01845-1b3d-41a9-9555-172e8ecbd4b0
  4. See my (old, outdated, don't use it anymore plex has been updated) Plex wrapper script here: https://github.com/Xaero252/unraid-plex-nvdec This script can be added to CA User Scripts to run after your automatic docker updates to reinstall the modifications after the docker has updated. Similarly, you could do this with the pihole docker. I would also suggest pinging the pihole docker maintainer and see if they might be willing to add a layer for your modification. Since its a direct extension of pihole rather than a hack like my plex script, it is more reasonable to include it in the actual docker image as an optional flag.
  5. Solution was not related to unraid, fyi. Was custom routing on the router that needed to be sorted.
  6. Hello all, I've just updated my OS from 6.3.2 to 6.5.3 and tried to follow the instructions above including those from ljm42. I was unable to find \\tower\flash\config\plugins\dynamix.plg to delete it but it looks like I have the proper ui based on the image below. The only issue I'm having so far is that I can't remember how to get rid of the blue tip boxes (tool tips), I can close them but they reopen every time I refresh the page or switch tabs.
  7. I have a Ryzen 2700 machine, I have a quadro 600 and a quadro p2000 installed. I have used the Nvidia Unraid to install an nvidia verison. here is what is happening. When I set the quadro600 to be the gpu on a VM i have the VM spikes all cores to 100% and freezes the entire server. I have to hard reboot to recover, If i set the VM back to VNC, works fine again.. I have not tried the p2000 with plex yet but I hope its not this hard.. Am I missing a step to use the 600 with VM? can anyone help?
  8. Thanks Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. I only do the overlay as I like persistent settings and bash history. 4GB is massive overkill for that. I also know adding just a couple of lines to the "go" file works but then I have to add lines every time I customize something new. Overlay "just works" I do wholely agree though - for a handful of scripts being added to the 'go' file calling them with their interpreter is sufficient.
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    File Moving

    Ok, I think i got it. I'm only getting speeds of 3 MB/s right now, but thats rpobably because im going from wifi in to powerline.... If I get a 10 gigabit switch and nics to match would that speed up windows access times and file transfers?
  12. Hi, I am hoping I can get a little help with a Graphic Card Passthrough. Hardware: Asus Crosshair 8 AM4 Ryzen 3700 (No dedicated graphics) RTX 2070 Super (Only Graphics Card) I have setup the Windows 10 VM with VNC and it works fine. Attempting to add the Graphic card however causes this error (MORE BELOW IMAGE) Sorry the image is so large. I have confirmed that its in its own IOMMU group Also attempted to add the BIOS from https://www.techpowerup.com and Allow Unsafe Interrupts but still I get the same error. IF i change ACS override (reboot) and try again, when launching the VM, the entire system hangs requiring a full (push the button) reset. I upgraded the 6.8.0 RC1 to see if there way any help there, but no. Any ideas?
  13. Short Answer: no Long Answer: no Sorry, not possible at this time.
  14. You're right, probaby the log for the incorrect pwd was when plex was running. I think I'll add a config option to set which port is listening on, to override whatever the plugin thinks it's on .. I'll look into it for the next release
  15. Do you have a cache drive? This implies that you've set your appdata to be cache-only (which is possible if due to a misconfiguration of an app it created a cache folder), but you don't actually have one. Post your diagnostics.
  16. There was a random folder labeled "cache" on one of the disks and I removed it but it's still not creating a share when selecting cache only. I did look through the logs and found this error when it was trying to create the share: Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: req (39): shareNameOrig=&shareName=appdata&shareComment=&shareAllocator=highwater&shareFloor=0&shareSplitLevel=&shareInclude=&shareExclude=&shareUseCache=only&shareCOW=auto&cmdEditShare=Add+Share&csrf_token=**************** Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: shcmd (6358): mkdir '/mnt/user/appdata' Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant root: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/user/appdata': No medium found Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: shcmd (6358): exit status: 1 Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: shcmd (6359): rm '/boot/config/shares/appdata.cfg' Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: Starting services... Oct 16 16:33:40 Coruscant emhttpd: shcmd (6361): /etc/rc.d/rc.samba restart Oct 16 16:33:42 Coruscant root: Starting Samba: /usr/sbin/nmbd -D Oct 16 16:33:42 Coruscant root: /usr/sbin/smbd -D Oct 16 16:33:42 Coruscant root: /usr/sbin/winbindd -D What does that error mean?
  17. First, enable the SMB protocol in Settings > SMB (Note: I am running the unRAID 6.8.0 release candidate. The WSD and Enable NetBIOS options will not appear if you are on a prior version of unRAID). For the shares you want to be exported, click on the share name in the Shares tab and select the desired SMB security settings. The exported shares should then show up in Windows. Note, depending on Windows settings, your server may or may not show up by name under Network in the File Explorer. If the server name does not appear (there is an entire thread in this forums dedicated to such problems but it involves enabling SMB v1.0 on the Windows machine), you can always access it via IP address.
  18. Been playing around for days and got it working on Unraid VM Xpenology. DSM 6.2.2, 3615xs 24922 (latest), 1.03b Jun's loader Step-by-step guide working for me: Create VM use CENTOS First scroll down make sure it's set to br0 Either copy MAC and edit synoboot.img , or edit MAC / SN after generation use OSFmount set time-out in synoboot.img to 10 secs Copy edited synoboot.img to wanted location and set permissions to 7777 Host Passtrough (i'm on i3-6100) Choose initial memory Set machine as Q35-3.0 Use SeaBIOS Primary vDisk Location eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/synoboot.img (use USB, manual) 2nd vDisk location either /dev/sd*** or create Manual eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/vdisk.img (use SATA, enough gb-space, qcow2) deselect start VM after creation and click apply edit created VM, right top corner to XML view change br0 model type from VIRTIO to e1000e change hdd bus sata controller from 0 to 1 update and back out to main VM page Unraid start VM, right after start go to VNC remote Since you changed timeout to 10 you will now be able to select the bottom line of the loader from 1st option Baremetal to 3rd option VMware I know you can change default option in synoboot to VMware as well but it might occur your's will only work on Baremetal, this way you don't have to re-edit your'e synoboot.img again... done and good luck , let me know if this worked out for you ! Gr, Marc
  19. Okay, not just me, thanks for the update. Others wanting to know how to downgrade until it's fixed, in the template change the Repository to this "binhex/arch-sabnzbdvpn:2.3.9-1-05"
  20. I have one problem. Currently I have 3 drives in my unRAID array and they're around 97% full. They used to do 180MBps, now they do barely 75 MBps. I'll soon add another drive. Can I then use unbalance to somehow balance data between all drives, so that they're each around 70% full? Thank you.
  21. You can't tell from the diagnostics, but if you a schedule set for unRaid to check for plugin updates, then it also checks every time you hit the Plugins tab. If you disable the schedule, then the plugins tab will have a manual Check For Updates button
  22. I don't have a rack, but am considering getting one. Thank you for the advice. Do you think this is a good buy? https://www.theserverstore.com/Supermicro-4U-BAREBONE-Server-BPN-SAS2-846EL1-24x-Trays-2x-PS-W-Rails_p_922.html I suppose I could buy this, upgrade the power supply then basically build my PC.
  23. Rolled back to 2.3.9-1-05. Now working again. looks like 2.3.9-1-06 is not working
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