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  2. ok i got there but i cant seem to find the profile.js file to change the file so i can get to ftb profiles
  3. Would love to start trouble shooting this. It's locking up every other day.
  4. Please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  5. Here is how I got my server running again, there are probably better ways but that can maybe help someone else. 1. Boot in safe mode 2. Make a copy of the /boot/config/plugins folder (with a .bak extension) 3. Delete the content of the plugins folder 4. Reboot normally 5. Install the community app plugin via the link found on this forum 6. Install the essential plugins 7. Restore the /boot/config/plugins content for the reinstalled plugins After that my docker containers were not recognized properly (no shortcut to WebUI). I solved that easily: 1. Make a copy of the /mnt/user/appdata folder 2. Reinstalled the containers in "next next next" mode 3. Stop the containers 4. Restore the /mnt/user/appdata folder 5. Start the containers again I still don't understand why my server could not boot properly and why deleting all the plugins solved the issue, so if you have any idea you are welcome.
  6. It is, assuming you're copying large file(s), check that write cache is enable on the disk, also might try a different copy program, if you're using Windows8/10 you can copy with Windows explorer and copy will be made locally bypassing network.
  7. @Frank1940, I tried all ports both USB2.0 & USB3.0.
  8. I get the error regardless of whether I have plugins operating at boot. Initially I thought it was plugins as my system would boot fine but if I added plugin it wouldnt. Later I worked out that if I did a fresh install it would boot once, if I rebooted it wouldnt work. It seemed to me that when the boot completed it changed soemthing in the O/S. This change caused the error to manifest on a reboot. I did a fresh install of 6.8.1, booted and then rebooted immediately having not changed anything and the problem arose. At the moment I get the error 100% of the time. I also have an LSI SATA Controller. Today I am going to reimage back to 6.8.0 and see if I get the error. If I dont Ill remain on that version.
  9. Locations of the server files would be dependent on the folder mapping you have added to your docker, For me personally, My Server files are lcoations in /mnt/cache/appdata/minecraft/servers If you have mapped your docker different then myself, they would be located based on your mapping
  10. Log messages: Jan 23 00:43:05 MovieRaidServer unassigned.devices: Error: shell_exec(/bin/df '/mnt/disks/' --output=size,used,avail | /bin/grep -v '1K-blocks' > /tmp/unassigned.devices/df 2>/dev/null) took longer than 2s! Jan 23 00:43:07 MovieRaidServer kernel: CIFS VFS: Cancelling wait for mid 28622620 cmd: 5 Jan 23 00:43:07 MovieRaidServer kernel: CIFS VFS: Cancelling wait for mid 28622621 cmd: 16 Doing a little research seems to indicate an opportunistic locking issue on the remote share.
  11. I haven't tested GTA5 (im installing it now to try), but I haven't had any performance issues in any games. I attached my redacted xml if you want to take a look, there is nothing special. I do not use CPU Isolation. The CPU pinning is the last 10 core+ht pairs. I do not pin anything to the first 2 cores. I am using the the default cpu freq governor. The only bios changes from factory settings are related to enabling virtualization, and setting xmp profile on ram. good_vm.txt
  12. Running into the same issue here. Brand new install (6.8.1) on a SuperMicro X10DRL-i which has 2x Intel i210 Gigabit Adapters and a Realtek RTL8211E (Dedicated for IPMI). Tried also booting Safe Mode without any success. Worked fine on first boot-up and configuration. First time I rebooted the system, I got stuck at modprobe -r $DRIVERS. Let me know if theres anything I can do to help.
  13. thanks @smdion. I should also mention that the non working NIC lights do flash, and the port is up at gig/full on my switch.
  14. Yet you go with a decidedly not perfect motherboard?
  15. I can get that used Ryzen 5 1600 for $30....is it a good deal? It was only used for something like 6 months
  16. Looks like this is related to the VM XML config: -<hostdev type="pci" mode="subsystem" managed="yes"> <driver name="vfio"/> -<source> <address bus="0x04" function="0x0" slot="0x00" domain="0x0000"/> </source> <rom file="/boot/vbios/gtx 1060 dump.rom"/> <address type="pci" bus="0x00" function="0x0" slot="0x05" domain="0x0000"/> </hostdev> -<hostdev type="pci" mode="subsystem" managed="yes"> <driver name="vfio"/> -<source> <address bus="0x04" function="0x1" slot="0x00" domain="0x0000"/> </source> <address type="pci" bus="0x00" function="0x0" slot="0x06" domain="0x0000"/> </hostdev> Assuming these are the GPU and GPU audio devices you have the audio in a different slot in the VM. These need to be matching the physical layout from the source hardware, i.e. same slot, different function. Correct the second address to the same slot and one function higher i.e. : <address type="pci" bus="0x00" function="0x1" slot="0x05" domain="0x0000"/> Which will probably fix the issue. See reasoning below: This is assuming that the passthrough is actually working* and the VM can actually see the GPU hardware.
  17. Are you able to resolve the issue, for me its showing only 16Gb, Where as actual installed ram in 64 GB. Bios shows 64 GB Ram installed. But Unraid is shoiwing 16GB Only
  18. @bonienl you've helped me out with some odd networking stuff. Any ideas on this one?
  19. I'm running into the same issue. Any ideas on what's going on?
  20. Yeah, plan on loosening up the split level. I think by placing the folder files in a different share, i can get away w/ a split level of 1 deep.
  21. My backup server is also currently on the same LAN. I did not do this for the encryption, but the SSH piece also allows the backup to take place unattended and completely automated by not stopping at the server password prompt. The server login credentials are contained in the SSH keys. It does also give you the advantage of being able to do the backup securely over the Internet should you ever decide to move your backup server offsite (I keep threatening to do that). The only way to avoid the SSH piece is to have no password on your backup server or to run the script manually and enter the backup server password when prompted.
  22. Has to do with how POSIX-compliant we want to be. Here are the issues: If 2 dirents (directory entries) refer to the same file, then if you 'stat' either dirent it should return: a) 'st_nlink' will be set to 2 in this case, and b) the same inode number in 'st_ino'. Prior to 6.8 release a) was correct, but b) was not (it returns an internal FUSE inode number associated with dirents). This is incorrect behavior and can confuse programs such as 'rsync', but fixes NFS stale file handle issue. To fix this, you can tell FUSE to pass along the actual st_ino of the underlying file instead of it's own FUSE inode number. This works except for 2 problems: 1. If the file is physically moved to a different file system, the st_ino field changes. This causes NFS stale file handles. 2. There is still a FUSE delay because it caches stat data (default for 1 second). For example, if kernel asks for stat data for a file (or directory), FUSE will ask user-space filesystem to provide it. Then if kernel asks for stat data again for same object, if time hasn't expired FUSE will just return the value it read last time. If timeout expired, then FUSE will again ask user-space filesystem to provide it. Hence in our example above, one could remove one of the dirents for a file and then immediately 'stat' the other dirent, and that stat data will not reflect fact that 'st_nlink' is now 1 - it will still say 2. Obviously whether this is an issue depends entirely on timing (the worse kind of bugs). In the FUSE example code there is this comment in regards to hard link support: static void *xmp_init(struct fuse_conn_info *conn, struct fuse_config *cfg) { (void) conn; cfg->use_ino = 1; cfg->nullpath_ok = 1; /* Pick up changes from lower filesystem right away. This is also necessary for better hardlink support. When the kernel calls the unlink() handler, it does not know the inode of the to-be-removed entry and can therefore not invalidate the cache of the associated inode - resulting in an incorrect st_nlink value being reported for any remaining hardlinks to this inode. */ cfg->entry_timeout = 0; cfg->attr_timeout = 0; cfg->negative_timeout = 0; return NULL; } But the problem is the kernel is very "chatty" when it comes to directory listings. Basically it re-'stat's the entire parent directory tree each time it wants to 'stat' a file returned by READDIR. If we have the 'attr_timeout' set to 0, then each one of those 'stat's results in a round trip from kernel space to user space (and processing done by user-space filesystem). I have set it up so that if you enable hard link support, those timeouts are as above and hence you see huge slowdown because of all the overhead. I could remove that code that sets the timeouts to 0, but as I mentioned, not sure what "bugs" this might cause for other users - our policy is, better to be slow than to be wrong. So this is kinda where it stands. We have ideas for fixing but will involve modifying FUSE which is not a small project.
  23. I have run out of pci-e slots and for now I am running unraid headless. I can see a time when this is going to be awkward if anything goes wrong so was thinking of usingnkne of those USB-Video adapters. Does anyone know if any of them work with unraid?
  24. Thanks. I will check that out. Don't need encrypted link since they will be side by side, so I will probably not do that. Now I have to spec a new machine so I will have a look in the hardware forum.
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