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  2. Ok... I have it and I was able to mount it as an Unassigned Device. It says that it has 3.48Tb used and 517Gb free. Now how shall I proceed? I tried with Krusader but I cannot see any file... Sorry for my questions but I am quite new at this
  3. HI! I would like to keep a specific file type on the cache drive during a move operation. long story short, I am downloading a torrent that is pretty large, in fact, it is larger than my cache drive is. I have the torrent client set up to download to a directory that is only of the cache drive first and then once it is finished it will move over to a share that the mover will work on and then it is moved over tot he array. Basically, since I can't fit everything for that one torrent on my SSD cache drive at once, this method doesn't work. So I am looking for a way to keep the partially downloaded files on the cache but to allow the already completed files in this or any torrent to still move even if it has not fully finished, by this I mean *.!qB files. If I can do this, I may just stop using the 'move to this other share so the mover can move it' method I have had in place for so long. Currently I am having to manually move the completed files over to the array and shut off the download while I am manually moving stuff, make 100% sure the file structure is correct, hope I caught all the already finished files, and restart the download. Seeding off the array is fine for me, of course, but downloading to the array partials is 100% a no no for me. I want to keep all the files I copy over full, intact, order, and on the correct drives mover would use, which is a real pain to do manually every time I get close to filling up the cache. Not to mention the IO hits downloading and seeding would have for my poor spinning rust. Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!
  4. Disappointing. Doesn't surprise me though as my machine is fairly old. I was thinking that perhaps it would be nice to be able to run a VM of another OS or something so I don't have to run them on my pc. Oh well...who knows what will happen it the future! The next thing is still some extra RAM. As a pensioner, have to be careful of the pennies 🙁
  5. Any update on getting this to work? @limetech We'd really like this patch re-merged back into the kernel or a different working way of getting this controller to work.
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  7. Either your ip is incorrect on your dns, or your port forwarding is incorrect. Try this: https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/07/10/troubleshooting-letsencrypt-image-port-mapping-and-forwarding/
  8. There are three types of networking for docker: host, bridge and macvlan. Host and bridge networks use the same ip as the host machine. Macvlan let's the container get its own ip. In this case you're using macvlan, and it has that security feature where it blocks communications between the container and the host ip (and everything that's using that ip). I don't know what your other containers are on so can't comment on them.
  9. I had one freeze last night where all of plex went offline for about 1 minute, but it was over wifi in dubious circumstances, so not exactly sure. Definitely keen to hear your experience.
  10. Installed the RC this morning. Should be able to give a report tonight as to whether it helps..
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    Welcome aboard!
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    I am new here, and I just want to say that unraid is very cool.
  13. Been using unraid since the beginning of 2019. As soon as I learned of it I had to have it. Does everything I need it to. Couldn't be happier
  14. Yes, there has to use bridge lan instead of internal bridge. The docker has dedilcate ip in your subnet, the router can send packets to the docker. This is very usefule for me which I only have dynamic prefix from ISP and I can caculate the IPV6 that specific docker used so I can use DDNS too
  15. Containers that are in bridge network mode are connected to an internal bridge that cannot be accessed from outside (ipv4 or ipv6) unless ports are forwarded. you cannot forward ports thru unraid to and ipv6 address unless unraid itself is using ipv6. You need to put the container on a custom docker network, which will be exposed to the LAN (as a 1st class memeber of the LAN, responding to ARP etc) and which would allow you to set/gain an ipv6 address, that the router can reach/forward packets too. i don't think docker works with SLAAC, but documentation points to making sure the docker daemon /or network by extension should have a ipv6 prefix assigned to get ipv6 addresses from else only link local addresses get assigned.
  16. You can just add extra parameter in docker config, then docker container can get IPV6 automaticly. --mac-address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0 Give container a unique mac-address then container should get a SLACC IPV6 address. There is no need to set up ipv6 on Unraid Server
  17. Disclaimer: I don't have IPv6. My comments are how I would solve it (but I'm probably missing some key info as we don't have IPv6 here) Do you have /64 assigned to you by your ISP? does your router allow you to route the /64 into your LAN? If not you'll need to look into Nat6 (yuck) This requires you to assign the containers their own ipv4 and ipv6 address. not shared with the Unraid (the ipv4 only of course as Unraid doesn't have ipv6) Make sure the docker network (eth0/br0) has Ipv4 and Ipv6 enabled - you'll need to stop docker engine and the array to make these changes Assign the docker network the Ipv6 /64 (and the necessary ip ranges) restart the docker engine. Modify the container to use the custom docker network your containers should now have an ipv6 address
  18. Quick one for you guru's so I'll try and explain it as simple as I can for everyone without sounding too confusing (which i'm sure it will read out that way anyway) 😂 I only have a 10TB drive installed no Parity disk yet I will have backups in place in the meantime anyway, (a parity disk will be added in a couple of weeks when i purchase another two 10TB drives) my setup of unRaid will be quite simple. It is only going to be used for PLEX and NZB's. Now with only having one disk right now I am thinking if I name the share for example Plex Media 1 fill it with all of my current files that will consist of a Movies folder and a TV Shows folder, then once that is full and I add a new 10TB drive then name that one Plex Media 2 would this be best? I just want to keep things as simple and organised as possible. I guess I am used to having a similar system on Windows since probably Win95 so I am familiar with it so I know what hard drive consists of what files instead of having everything spread out all over the place. Or is there another simpler way to do it? As I said my use will be very simple so I want everything to be organised in the same.
  19. this works for the SSH keys by adding to the /boot/config/go file, where foo is the key mkdir ~/.ssh echo 'foo' > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && chmod 644 ~/.ssh
  20. I'm new to unraid, I have tried it about 15 days, running emby, sonarr without issue. but I do not use array or cache, I put appdata on the SSD mounted with UD
  21. Did you by chance figure this out? I'm having the same issue
  22. it is my onboard NIC card, it cannot be moved; but after a bit search, I add pcie_aspm=off to syslinux, it seems did the trick, no such error for 20 hours after reboot
  23. Been using unraid for a month. I love the simplicity and community support. I am now recommending unraid to others.
  24. Yep it it set correct. It always worked fine and now is one day out.
  25. I was able to get to work. here are my settings that worked. eth0 eth1 - I set ipv4 address assignment to automatic eth2- the 10GBE I gave it an IP of x.x.2.21 while the one on my windows pc is set to x.x.2.20
  26. So very short term user, but already I've managed to reduce my home infrastructure to a single server (offsite data backup still and some other dedicated devices) running multiple containers and vms. This has reduced my electrical demand, heat generated and space required massively. I am over the moon with my setup that even though I don't need it I bought the pro license as a sort of thank you! I am still trying to think up new ways or things to do with my server to increase the value add.
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