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  2. would it be a safe* assumption that because the power is on a splitter and no other drives were effected that it would be likely the data cable being the root cause?
  3. @harm Which Mainboard are u using? And what Kind of RAM ? WD Red HDD ? Can anyone go under this W ?
  4. Overview: Support for Docker image arch-resilio-sync in the binhex repo. Application: Resilio Sync - Docker Hub: GitHub: Documentation: If you appreciate my work, then please consider buying me a beer 😁 For other Docker support threads and requests, news and Docker template support for the binhex repository please use the "General" thread here
  5. Older 8TB drives were helium filled, newer ones are air file an run considerably hotter.
  6. Have you tried clicking on individual disks on the Main tab to see what file system unRaid thinks they are set to? Maybe it has lost track somehow of the fact that you have encrypted disks?
  7. I did some further research and it seems that Western Digital is using a different drive in the 8TB easy store external enclosures. Speculation is that there's a shortage of the WD red drives that they had been using so they went with a different drive that they had on hand. Apparently these drives get extremely hot and are not very good from that aspect, especially in an external enclosure. That doesn't answer my question about why it doesn't work in UNRAID or why it causes the server to bog down or completely freeze during bootup. I reinstalled the drive back in the enclosure
  8. Updated screen capture to show error message about encryption key missing
  9. It won't let me start the array because it says the encryption key is missing. The field that is usually in that spot to enter the encryption key isn't there. What I captured in the sceenshot are the only options I have.
  10. It should be the same as before, what happens if you start the array?
  11. Kannst Du mir sagen wo genau diese config ist.. Danke ist das die richtige config?
  12. Ok cool. I have no idea what quirk happened last night to trigger the docker.img being placed on the array disk versus on the cache (my mover is scheduled for 1:30am) but recovering the img file being so easy made it pretty painless to correct. Thanks again for the help!
  13. Hi everyone, I am a brand-new member, and happy to be here. As a beginner, I understand that some of my questions might be puerile, we've all been there, so please be gentle with me. Without further ado, here's my current situation: I have a homemade NAS running Windows 10 Pro x64 (I know, I know...) and despite the general consensus about such a choice, it has served me well. The main scope of the NAS is to hold large amounts of data (mainly media files) and PLEX. Its hardware configuration is nothing special: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 mATX CPU: Ryzen 3 12
  14. Leider gibt es in der 6.9 Stable mehrere Stellen, an denen die Übersetzung fehlt (vor allem CA) und diese nicht auf der Missing Translations Seite auftauchen. In der englischen Repo tauchen diese Stellen schon auf. Muss man also darauf warten, dass diese neuen Zeilen auch in den einzelnen Sprachen Repos auftauchen? Wo sollen Vorschläge für alternative Übersetzungen gepostet werden? Als Issue auf Github? Ich würde z.B. Credits in den Apps eher als Danksagungen und Changelog mit Versionshinweise übersetzen.
  15. Looks like a connection/power problem, disk dropped offline, replace cables to rule them out and if the emulated disk is mounting and contents look OK you can rebuild on top.
  16. Hi All, I encountered a problem SpaceInvader One does not cover in his Windows 10 VM setup YouTube video. In short, I have no Network connection capability in my Win10 VM. And when I was setting it up I had no way of adding Network capability to my Win10 installation. All I saw was the JPG shown below. The only option I had to choose was the "Skip For Now" option. So I skipped it and finished my Win10 installation. In short, now that I have my Win10 VM setup how do I go back and install network connectivity? I cannot do it from within my Win10 OS network settings window s
  17. I still haven't been able to start my array. I've tried logging in from different computers to see if it was just a display issue in the browser and there's no difference. Does anyone know of any other location to input the encryption key if not through the usual place in the UI? I've looked all throughout the system to try to find someone else and didn't see any, but perhaps there's something somewhere that I'm just not aware of to do it. Any advice or help that someone could provide ASAP would be greatly appreciated otherwise I'll have to roll back to 6.8.3 again until some fu
  18. Danke tz, ich wollte nur ein paar Benchmarks machen. In Unraid wird sie dann sowieso formatiert somit sollte es egal sein. Kleines Update, habe die Firmware von SN02 zu SN03 geupdatet, jetzt sind die Zugriffe ein wenig leiser und die Reaktion des Kopfes alle paar Sekunden hat sich auch merklich reduziert.
  19. You have to do it manually with the commands. which i haven't got the chance to learn. if you find your sweet settings let me know lol
  20. Prefer should be OK unless you fill up cache. Probably the only thing that could overflow to the array in that case would be appdata since system already exists on cache. The most likely cause of system winding up on the array is having the docker service enabled when there isn't a working cache drive in the system.
  21. User and pass are the same as i use on the PIA website, had been working for long time.
  22. Changed Status to Solved I did a hail mary.. I added my onboard NICs to my mlx4... After that the update worked and I had networking.. Attached are diagnostics of prior and after this situation.. tower-diagnostics-20210308-1914 - bonded.ziptower-diagnostics-20210308-1932 bonded on Now to see if I actually have 10GB , or if I am now running on backup..
  23. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the prompt response!
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