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    Added bios info, pics, speeds, temps, as well as hw profile. Let me know if you need more info (P.s. F12 in bios takes screenshots and saves to flash drive)
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    Yeah both are excellent. I looked up the specific ram models that were compatible for the board and found more options for Crucial. No other reason
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    I plan to, I'm running at 4ghz stable right now. :::: place holder for my bios info tonight :::: I have to plan my shutdowns due to my uses only things different than jcloud is I run 32gb ram for now (crucial), and a liqtech 280 liquid cooler in a norco 16bay case. 4.0ghz stable at 28o idle and 36-42o load (2 VM's with loads of dockers) 26 C33 C937 rpm (30%) modprobe it87 force_id=0x8732 for sensors and fan control plugin. Only fans I hear is my 4 stock norco's that I haven't replaced. They're hardwired. 180422213219.BMP 180422213203.BMP 180422213124.BMP 180422213117.BMP 180422213030.BMP 180422213026.BMP 180422213019.BMP Sim04ghz_setting.txt
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    Allow unRaid's webUI to utilize the full width of your browser instead of being limited to 1920px #!/bin/bash sed -i 's/max-width:1920px;//g' /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/styles/*.css
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    Absolutely a bad idea to try to upgrade while you had other problems you were ignoring. Your cache disk is almost completely full and very small, so it is going to take a few steps to get this all square. Do you have any VMS? Assuming you don't have any VMs, We need to get everything except appdata your system shares off your cache drive. Please post a screenshot of the contents of cache.
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    Try booting in safe mode, if that doesn't work try redoing you flash drive, backup current flash first but then copy only super.dat and your key to the new one (both on the config folder).
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    I'd run find /mnt/user -name @eaDir -exec rm '{}' \; but because it's potentially dangerous I'd run find /mnt/user -name @eaDir -exec ls '{}' \; first to find and list them.
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    Yes Yes. New drives being added to the array To convert a drive from RFS to XFS, you need to https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/54769-format-xfs-on-replacement-drive-convert-from-rfs-to-xfs/
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    Very cool fix! Glad you're up and running. My issue ended up being, I think, the graphics card being too old for UEFI. I'm definitely going to squirrel-away your above notes in my own notebook for reference. And thanks for flagging me, and checking up on me. Have a good weekend.
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    I actually have the 1950x and x399-a prime also (taichi was out of stock). Rock solid after cstate disable. I'm even overclocked too. I'll post my bios info this weekend when I can go back offline for the record also.
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    According to this page: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000441548-UniFi-Current-Controller-Versions 5.7 is Stable. Is that not how it is labeled in the APT repository?
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    Hi Guys this is a tutorial on how to setup and use Duplicati for encrypted backups to common cloud storage providers. You will also see how to backup from your unRAID server to another NAS/unRAID server on your network. You will also see some of the common settings in Duplicati and how to also restore backups etc. Hope its useful How to easily make encrypted cloud or network backups using Duplicati
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    Here's my list of instructions.... Use them at your own risk..... If upgrading to v12 please see here: ##Turn on maintenance mode docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --on ##Backup current nextcloud install docker exec -it nextcloud mv /config/www/nextcloud /config/www/nextcloud-backup ##Grab newest nextcloud release and unpack it docker exec -it nextcloud wget https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/latest.tar.bz2 -P /config docker exec -it nextcloud tar -xvf /config/latest.tar.bz2 -C /config/www ##Copy across old config.php from backup docker exec -it nextcloud cp /config/www/nextcloud-backup/config/config.php /config/www/nextcloud/config/config.php ##Now Restart docker container docker restart nextcloud ##Perform upgrade docker exec -it nextcloud occ upgrade ##Turn off maintenance mode docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --off ## Now Restart docker container docker restart nextcloud Once all is confirmed as working ##Remove backup folder docker exec -it nextcloud rm -rf /config/www/nextcloud-backup ##Remove Nextcloud tar file docker exec -it nextcloud rm /config/latest.tar.bz2