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    Hi guys. This is a tutorial on how to install Nextcloud as a Docker Container on unRAID. It shows how to set it up using the excellent container by the linuxserver guys. It shows how to use it with a mariaDB database to greatly improve performance. There will be another video in a few days showing how to use with a reverse proxy. Hope its useful.
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    Yes, that's my only issue with new GUI, I don't know if @bonienlpushed for the orange since he's Dutch, but I like it, reminds me of Verstappen 😀 But look at the comparison on the button size from v6.5, I'm guessing text being all in caps might also have something to do with the button size, but IMO still too large.
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    if you see 100% at GUI, then htop should show the same. but i think too that you are short of RAM - i see no "cached" color in Htop, but to use io effectively, Linux need some RAM for caching...
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    what's a Motherboard model you have? do it supports i7? and according unRAID, no additional actions needed..
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    Are you sure that the i3 is the bottleneck? Or is it maybe not enough RAM? Before you buy a new CPU provide the experts here with the diagnostics. If you have to switch CPU: No need to reinstall anything. Just power down the system and switch off. Now remove the current CPU and install new CPU. Check twice or more to be sure that everything is okay (i recently crashed the mainboard of my gaming rig (changed from Intel to AMD), first time in DIY experience in the past 30 years). Now power on the system and be happy.
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    I'm not sure what value this post has. Are you just whining, or would you genuinely like some help? If you want some help, look at the deleted files log to see if the files show up there, and post your diagnostics.
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    This has been discussed before but in release threads, so I thought I should make a request post. More and more work is carried out on mobile devices and being just a webgui that allows you to manage unraid it would be nice to finally allow the ability to scroll pop-ups.
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    You should remove the "-it" otherwise you will get a TTY error
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    Get the size of the image (more or less) for each running container. Useful to see if a massively misconfigured container is ballooning your docker.img. Does not however consider the log sizes #!/usr/bin/php <?PHP require_once("/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php"); $DockerTemplates = new DockerTemplates(); $info = $DockerTemplates->getAllInfo(); foreach ($info as $contName=>$cont) { if ( $cont['running'] ) { echo "$contName Size: ".rtrim(exec("docker exec $contName du -shx /"),"/")."\n"; } } ?>
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    You would edit the container, and in the repository line add a tag (:tag) after Tags are listed here: https://hub.docker.com/r/binhex/arch-medusa/tags/
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    and yet, here you are with no closer explanation for your problem. this path you've chosen is working out quite well for you. the reason for asking for diagnostics is to give the ability for others on this forum to provide you with as specific a resolution as possible on the first attempt, and not after 47 guesses wasting your time and ours. But if you'd like a guess about the problem based on what you gave us, here are a few: bad gpu, bad wiring, mouse in the computer eating your wires, misconfigured syslinux.cfg, hardware error, lack of iommu support, lack of virt support, monitor power cable not plugged in, one-D-ten-T user, gpu not seated properly, monitor display cable not plugged in, hdmi cable plugged in wrong port on gpu, bad cable from server to monitor, ghost in the machine, bad install on multiple vms, misconfiguration of drivers for windows, gpu too old, motherboard too old, cpu too old, misconfigured ovmf, or other user error yet to be determined at this time due to lack of proper diagnostic files. start with those.
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    nextcloud works for me to do exactly that.
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    Celebrating the new refresh design of our beloved Unraid.
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    I followed these instructions to the letter on my main and backup servers. After running the indicated commands, modifying the go file and executing these commands on each server, moving files between the two servers is now possible without a password prompt. After rebooting my backup server, all the appropriate SSH files persist and the backup from main to backup server runs without a password prompt. Success! Thanks to @ken-ji and @tr0910 for this information. Combining Ken-Ji's instructions above and the intermediate tests in the original post and tr0910's sample script, automating rsync backup via ssh works great. Now it's on to refining my backup script and automating it via the User Scripts plugin. The unRAID community, as always, comes through again.