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    I've publish new version (sorry to bonienl who just merged, but I respond to no blame for bugs in my code-base ) I noticed from @wgstarts logs that it didn't sleep as I expected. When using fixed depth, it now sleeps up to 10 secs (-M param) depending on disks-idle and current scan duration compared to avg. If its well received I'll send people to the main dynamix branch in around a weeks time.
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    Don't do that. Use our template from the start.
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    That's a useful thing to do. Let it run for 24 hours or more. You have a complex syslinux config with ACS override and unsafe interrupts enabled, both of which are best avoided unless absolutely necessary. Have you tried booting into a simpler mode for a while? You could try the GUI mode if you haven't edited it to be the same, or Safe mode. The aim would be to achieve stability of the basic NAS functions before enabling the more complex features, such as VMs. Your OP suggests that all was well when you ran an earlier version of Unraid. Have you checked for a newer BIOS as that might provide better compatibility with the newer kernel?
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    Yeah, as far as I can tell, this message doesn't cause any issue.
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    A successful rebuild relies in their being zero read errors on any other drive other than the one(s) being rebuilt and zero write errors on the rebuilt drives. Every read error (or write error) is likely to result in a corrupt sector on the rebuilt drive. Also, file system corruption cannot cause read errors as rebuild works at the physical sector level) and not the file system level - it is the other way around in that read errors (or write errors) will cause file system corruption. Exactly which were the drives you were replacing, and which was the one with read errors during the rebuild.
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    Not unless you made a backup of the libvirt.img (or used something like the appdata backup plugin). From a "not-knowing person", the 1.4M write errors and 1.3M read errors don't seem like acceptable, but I'm not the one to help on that.
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    Bilged the last two posts in this topic - please keep it civil people.
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    Just to clear up this point, bonienl is referring to the way you defined TRANS_DIR as a variable and not as a path. You make that selection as the bottom of the docker edit screen when you chose Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device. You defined the mapping as a variable when it should have been a path. For reference, below are some of my Plex host path mappings (note that /transcode is defined as a Container Path whereas in your screen shot TRANS_DIR is defined as a Variable:
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