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    unraid really needs a better way of browsing files than using a docker file manager, using the command line or using another pc on the network. would be great to have a simple file browser built into the web ui that allowed you to browse your local files and do simple functions like copy, move, delete, rename, and open some files (documents, videos, music, and text files for example). Basically something like dissident.ai built right into the webui.
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    Ability to backup (easily) array, apps/plugins/dockers/vms. Snapshot gui (I came from a Synology which had all of this)
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    Hi, Guys. This is a short Video about how to resize a Vdisk in unRAID. I am sure most people know how to expand a Vdisk but this guide will also show you how to shrink a vdisk should you need to. I hope you find it interesting How to Resize Vdisks. Expand or shrink a Vdisk in unRAID
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    If you are largely direct playing content locally, I am surprised it can't handle more than 3-4 simultaneous streams. However, if content is being transcoded (converted to a different format or bitrate the client can play or streamed remotely), then that is, in fact, the limit of the Ryzen 5 2400G. Transcoding recommendations from Plex are that each 1080p transcoded stream needs about 2000 passmarks. Your Ryzen 5 2400G has a passmark score of 8953, that is enough for the CPU to transcode up to 4 streams and leave barely enough overhead for unRAID itself with no other activity on the server. With a supported Nvidia graphics card in the system, the transcoding is offloaded to the GPU and the CPU passmark score does not become such a big concern. 16GB RAM could be a bottleneck if you have other system activity plus multiple transcodes taking place; however, that depends on the source format, target format, bitrate, etc. For direct played local content (no transcoding) it should be plenty. If you are going to stick to CPU transcoding, when transcoding is necessary, and you want to have the CPU overhead to handle 8 streams transcoded, you would need a CPU passmark score of around 18,000 (16,000 for eight 1080p streams + 2,000 for unRAID overhead). That would mean at least a Ryzen 2700X or above. The bottom line is that you have to have a good idea how those eight streams of content are going to be delivered and plan accordingly with either CPU or GPU. All direct play? A mix of direct play and transcoded? All transcoded? This whole discussion has centered on 1080p content. If you are talking about transcoding (when needed) 4K/HEVC content, throw all this out the window because Plex says you need 17,000 passmarks for a single 4K/HEVC/10-bit transcoded stream. Hopefully, all your Plex clients can play 4K directly or you have a 1080p library for remote streaming.
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    cherrybullet, Please update to the latest image and let me know if it works for you. Docker tab -> advanced view -> force update intel-gpu-tools is my prefer method. long version For some reason this error has started occurring with the latest base image update and xfce terminal, I found that if I opened a webbrowser to the webui of the docker container and set the docker container to auto-restart on failure, it would then work on the next restart. Obviously this shouldn't happen, but I didn't care to investigate it further so I just switched terminals. Seems to work well on my test machine, please let me know if you still have issues.
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    Go to Tools-diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your NEXT post.
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    you put aphrodite in as the branch in the general section of settings INSIDE radarr, not in the unraid GUI
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    Hey look an active thread. lol
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    I found this post on reddit
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    Those error messages show failures reading the flash drive. Maybe the flash drive is starting to fail.
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    @StevenD thanks a lot! There is no kind of configuration required, right?
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    I would be very interested as well!
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    You can do that already, but it's not a button, you have to put the tag in yourself manually. Like that.
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    You'll need to have python3, setuptools and pip checked to install and possibly libffi. Then have the "pip3 install docker-compose" either in the go file or use the plugin user scripts and place the command in a user script to run at boot.
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    This can be caused by the RFS file system used with 4.7 if the drives are nearly full. Sorry but there is no fix for this problem except to convert to another file system. (Basically, the fix is copy the data from one of the RFS drives to a new drive with one of the new formats. Format that old RFS drive to a new format and repeat with the next RFS drive.)
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    Here are the hardware requirements: I would recommend at least 4GB of RAM. Some folks have had problems updating from one version to the next version with only 2GB of RAM. (Updates now happen much quicker because of security patches required for those using VM's and Dockers.)
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    1 & 2: The config file in your appdata folder. You don't have to think about any other files to edit. 3: I won't see a reason to not keep the container running. It's not using much resources. Schedule a stop and start script using cron if you are worried it eats to much resources. There is a plugin for that. The container runs the ddclient binary which takes care of checking for a new IP as configured in the config file.
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    I don't think it's possible for you to run Unraid and "reboot my system back to regular win10" with a single drive in the system. Unraid requires to format the drive to xfs / btrfs which Windows doesn't support. How did you do it? Details are important. Next thing, if you don't have an SSD in your system, get one regardless if you are running bare-metal Windows or not. ("bare-metal" = what you called "regular win10"). An SSD provides the most obvious improvement to perceived speed, in most cases even more obvious than a CPU / RAM upgrade. I'm quite surprised actually that anyone would build a Ryzen PC without an SSD. Tips: avoid QLC and DRAM-less SSD. They are cheap but in some cases can be even slower than a good HDD. Now back to your question. With a VM set up, you don't actually need another desktop. For example, my workstation VM is on my Unraid server and its performance is 90% of bare-metal. Almost everything has a tutorial now on Youtube (look for SpaceInvader One channel) but even with such step-by-step tutorials, it does help to have an idea of what you are doing. So keep that in mind and watch those tutorials (preferably all of them) to see if you think it's something you can do. And last but not least, always remember a VM will never be 100% bare-metal.
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    @zichichi just read a few pages back, it aint working yet with alpine builds.
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    There has been a change to UD where passwords are now encrypted. Remove the SMB shares and re-create them.
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    Subtitle support would be great. Almost all of my files fail due to subs.
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    I saw the banner from limetech and installed boinc yesterday on my 2 Xeon Unraid servers. One interesting side note, on the bakerlab.org website you can see the Unraid hardware of the Unraid team members. Lots of CPU power we have as a group!
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    lol demand unit that's would probably be the new currency here in the forums
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    Apologies if this has already been asked, but is it possible to somehow make collapsible groups of related containers in the UI (or some addon that would get me this functinoality?) I'd love to have groups such as: -monitoring ---telegraf ---influx ---grafana -games ---steamcache ---minecraft that kindof thing, instead of one long list of 30-some containers. That way i can categorize and collapse the categories - make the whole thing neater. Is anything like this possible?
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    Docker Folders plugin available in the Apps Tab
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    Everyone is "right" in this topic, let me explain: First, Andrew, aka @Squid was given the "ok" by me to publicize the BOINC and Folding@home plugins for purpose of making people aware of their existence, please get off his back for this. CA is an awesome piece of software and @Squid has curated both it and the appfeed with the utmost care and respect. Honestly, I've been personally swamped with many things and didn't think much of it, other than thinking it was a great idea because a lot of people feel helpless and this is a tangible - albeit small - thing they can do in this time we are living through now. We have users all over the world including areas severely affected and we have received messages of appreciation for bringing attention to this. That said, it has been our policy since the beginning: We do not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone, nor do we authorize anyone else to do so on our behalf. Exception: we may send email notifications of critical security updates. In hindsight I see this was not right to send the notification email and we'll see to it that it doesn't happen again. Finally I don't see any real purpose in re-opening this topic. I think all's been said that needs to be said.
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    While modifying docker containers I'm missing a simple function that would allow me to only save my settings and not start the container. Today when you hit apply the settings are saved and if the container is stopped it will be automatically started which means if you don't want it to you gotta stop it directly after. A simple button, [Save] , [Save and Run] would solve this.
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    Finally got around to this. Had to redo the slackbuild since they changed the source. Updated rar2fs to 1.28.0 and unrar also to 5.8.5
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    just got some time to try a full system backup of my daily driver vm, then created a new vm, booted off the urbackup recovery media and restored, and voila it worked a treat!, restored vm booted up and everything works as expected yay!. Note if you do try a restore then the machine you are restoring to (whether vm or physical) must have a disk/vdisk equal to or larger than the machine the backup was taken from, this includes used space AND importantly also free disk space, otherwise you wll receive a 'error GPT restore' when you attempted to restore.
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    @ZooMass use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip protocol=namecheap server=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com login=yourdomain.com password=your dynamic dns password @,www
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    No. Possibility for the future though.