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  1. Interesting. Unraid OS 6.9.1 is on kernel 5.10.21 and the referenced patch is not applied. Upcoming 6.9.2 release is on kernel 5.10.27 which does have the patch. Working on finalizing the release now.
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  2. There is an interesting kernel bug fix, which looks like our case https://lkml.org/lkml/2021/3/29/499 I don't know if this already available in a linux version for Unraid, perhaps @limetech can tell?
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  3. @bonienl There are lots of mover failure messages in this syslog: syslog.txt.zip
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  4. Thank you for your help, that worked perfectly.Server booted with the GUI first try.
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  5. Actually the devs can do something about it I made a correction to not flag mover messages.
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