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    Due to a security vulnerability discovered in forms-based authentication: ALL USERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO UPGRADE To upgrade: If you are running any 6.4 or later release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Tools/Update OS page. If you are running a pre-6.4 release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page. If the above doesn't work, navigate to Plugins/Install Plugin, select/copy/paste this plugin URL and click Install: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer.plg Refer also to @ljm42 excellent 6.4 Update Notes which are helpful especially if you are upgrading from a pre-6.4 release. Bugs: If you discover a bug or other issue in this release, please open a Stable Releases Bug Report. Overfiew This is a bug fix and security update release. Some users are reporting problems booting due to a crash in the in-tree Intel IGB ethernet driver. We replaced the in-tree driver with latest out-of-tree driver. We fixed a longstanding issue where LibreELEC/Kodi could not browse NFS shares. The fix was to rebuild the rpcbind program, including a new option: --enable-rmtcalls Version 6.8.1 included a new docker option "Host access to custom networks" (thanks @bonienl) but I left out a critical change in the rc.docker script, sorry about that, now fixed. Fixed an encryption issue: if you first tried 'keyfile' method to specify encryption key, and that fails, any attempt to enter a passphrase would also fail, since a keyfile still exists, emhttpd used that as encryption key. This is fixed in webGUI by detecting presence of an encryption keyfile and offering only to re-download a new keyfile or delete the current one. Once deleted, you can then enter a passphrase. Small change to properly support custom SSL wildcard certs (thanks @ljm42) Updated kernel, wireguard, other base packages Numerous webGUI fixes and refinements (thanks @bonienl, @Squid, @gfjardim) A note regarding encryption passphrases: There is a warning in the Help text for passphrase which reads: Prior to this release (6.8.2) we did not enforce this restriction, but now we are. Unfortunately this means for those who have previously used a passphrase including other characters, you will need to use the "keyfile" method. We will add a feature in a future release that will let you change your passphrase/keyfile. Version 6.8.2 2020-01-26 Changes vs. 6.8.1 Base distro: fuse3: version 3.9.0 php: version 7.3.14 (CVE-2020-7060, CVE-2020-7059) rpcbind: version 1.2.5 (rebuilt with --enable-rmtcalls option) ttyd: version 20200120 wireguard-tools: version 1.0.20200121 Linux kernel: version 4.19.98 (CVE-2019-14615) CONFIG_ENIC: Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC Support removed: CONFIG_IGB: Intel(R) 82575/82576 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support removed: CONFIG_IGBVF: Intel(R) 82576 Virtual Function Ethernet support kernel-firmware: version 20200122_1eb2408 oot: Intel igb: version oot: wireguard: version 0.0.20200121 Management: rc.docker: include missing changes to suppoort new setting "Host access to custom networks" rc.nginx: support custom wildcard SSL certs webgui: User password: hide base64 conversion webgui: Select username field when login page is loaded webgui: login: autocapitalize="none" webgui: Passphrase printable charcaters only webgui: Encryption: enforced keyfile selection/deletion when file exists webgui: Use php json_encode to properly encode notifications webgui: Changed Delete keyfile button placement webgui: Detect missing key when keyfile is deleted webgui: Add Network:VPN as an application category webgui: further hardening in auth_request.php webgui: Style adjustment: buttons min-width webgui: login page favicon now matches the green/yellow/red icon from the other webgui pages webgui: VM Manager: add 'virtio-win-0.1.173-2' to VirtIO-ISOs list webgui: Add Network:VPN as an application category webgui: Network settings: updated help text webgui: Fix link for Password Recovery on login screen Version 6.8.1 2020-01-10 Changes vs. 6.8.0 Base distro: libuv: version 1.34.0 libvirt: version 5.10.0 mozilla-firefox: version 72.0.1 (CVE-2019-17026, CVE-2019-17015, CVE-2019-17016, CVE-2019-17017, CVE-2019-17018, CVE-2019-17019, CVE-2019-17020, CVE-2019-17021, CVE-2019-17022, CVE-2019-17023, CVE-2019-17024, CVE-2019-17025) php: version 7.3.13 (CVE-2019-11044 CVE-2019-11045 CVE-2019-11046 CVE-2019-11047 CVE-2019-11049 CVE-2019-11050) qemu: version 4.2.0 samba: version 4.11.4 ttyd: version 20200102 wireguard-tools: version 1.0.20200102 Linux kernel: version 4.19.94 kernel_firmware: version 20191218_c4586ff (with additional Intel BT firmware) CONFIG_THUNDERBOLT: Thunderbolt support CONFIG_INTEL_WMI_THUNDERBOLT: Intel WMI thunderbolt force power driver CONFIG_THUNDERBOLT_NET: Networking over Thunderbolt cable oot: Highpoint rr3740a: version v1.19.0_19_04_04 oot: Highpoint r750: version v1.2.11-18_06_26 [restored] oot: wireguard: version 0.0.20200105 Management: add cache-busting params for noVNC url assets emhttpd: fix cryptsetup passphrase input network: disable IPv6 for an interface when its settings is "IPv4 only". webgui: Management page: fixed typos in help text webgui: VM settings: fixed Apply button sometimes not working webgui: Dashboard: display CPU load full width when no HT webgui: Docker: show 'up-to-date' when status is unknown webgui: Fixed: handle race condition when updating share access rights in Edit User webgui: Docker: allow to set container port for custom bridge networks webgui: Better support for custom themes (not perfect yet) webgui: Dashboard: adjusted table positioning webgui: Add user name and user description verification webgui: Edit User: fix share access assignments webgui: Management page: remove UPnP conditional setting webgui: Escape shell arg when logging csrf mismatch webgui: Terminal button: give unsupported warning when Edge/MSIE is used webgui: Patched vulnerability in auth_request webgui: Docker: added new setting "Host access to custom networks" webgui: Patched vulnerability in template.php
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    Set PSU to: Typical Current Idle That setting alone stopped crashing my Ryzen system - besides other issues.
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    Because not every here speaks English, a foreign language translation follows. This thread just hit a milestone and now has over 500,000 views 😁 (It however is not the most viewed topic here. That distinction belongs to Simple Features which formed the basis of Dynamix, unRaid's GUI) But nonetheless a celebration is in order. I think that I'll be doing something like this tonight But, thank you to everyone in these forums who've made CA what it is today... (along with Larry Page and Sergei Brin as their web scraping probably accounts for some of the views) To commemorate this very special day, 500 randomly selected unRaid users will find a piece of pocket fluff. (As a special bonus, 1 of those 500 winners will also find some navel fluff) 50 randomly selected unRaid users will find a perfectly usable USB flash drive on the street that may or may not be virus infected (but does have a unique GUID). 5 randomly selected unRaid users will discover that their once cherished tip 'n strip nude pen has been sitting in their miscellaneous kitchen drawer for the last 40 years. And the randomly selected grand prize winner will never again be asked by their spouse "does this outfit make me look fat?" Winners will be selected by a random number generator, but since it is technically impossible to create any random number generator that isn't pseudo-random, bribes may also wind up influencing the decision without drawing any attention to yourself. Good luck to everyone! Because of Schrödinger's Cat, any announcement of the winners will obviously affect the outcome and as such there will be no announcement made. ------------------------------------------- Isthay eadthray ustjay ithay away ilestonemay andway ownay ashay overway 500,000 iewsvay 😁 (Itway oweverhay isway otnay ethay ostmay iewedvay opictay erehay. Atthay istinctionday elongsbay otay Implesay Eaturesfay ichwhay ormedfay ethay asisbay fway Ynamixday, unRaid'sway UIGAY) Utbay onethelessnay away elebrationcay isway inway orderway. Iway inkthay atthay I'llway ebay oingday omethingsay ikelay isthay onighttay Utbay, ankthay ouyay otay everyoneway inway esethay orumsfay o'vewhay ademay ACAY atwhay itway isway odaytay... (alongway ithway Arrylay Agepay andway Ergeisay Inbray asway eirthay ebway apingscray obablypray accountsway orfay omesay ofway ethay iewsvay) Otay ommemoratecay isthay eryvay ecialspay ayday, 500 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway indfay away iecepay ofway ocketpay uffflay. (Asway away ecialspay onusbay, 1 ofway osethay 500 innersway illway alsoway indfay omesay avelnay uffflay) 50 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway indfay away erfectlypay usableway USBWAY ashflay ivedray onway ethay eetstray atthay aymay orway aymay otnay ebay irusvay infectedway (utbay oesday avehay away uniqueway UIDGAY). 5 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway iscoverday atthay eirthay onceway erishedchay iptay 'nay ipstray udenay enpay ashay eenbay ittingsay inway eirthay iscellaneousmay itchenkay awerdray orfay ethay astlay 40 earsyay. Andway ethay andomlyray electedsay andgray izepray innerway illway evernay againway ebay askedway ybay eirthay ousespay "oesday isthay outfitway akemay emay ooklay atfay?" Innersway illway ebay electedsay ybay away andomray umbernay eneratorgay, utbay incesay itway isway echnicallytay impossibleway otay eatecray anyway andomray umbernay eneratorgay atthay isn'tway eudopsay-andomray, ibesbray aymay alsoway indway upway influencingway ethay ecisionday ithoutway awingdray anyway attentionway otay ourselfyay. Oodgay ucklay otay everyoneway! Ecausebay ofway Schrayöinger'sday Atcay, anyway announcementway ofway ethay innersway illway obviouslyway affectway ethay outcomeway andway asway uchsay erethay illway ebay onay announcementway ademay.
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    Please look at the attached thread https://forums.unraid.net/index.php?/topic/87517-Plex-not-showing-posters-or-reverse-proxying-correctly%2E&share_type=t&link_source=app Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can confirm, Nextcloud is a special case for us. Main thing is to make sure your image is up to date then proceed with the webui update.
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    I followed the following procedure to replace two 4TB parity drives with 8TB drives and then use the old 4TB parity Drives to replace old 2TB drives: https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure I still have the old 2TB drives untouched since removal. I did one drive swap at a time over the course of a few days without using the array or having dockers running. After finishing everything I decided to run a parity check. Around 49.5% sync errors started being logged. I paused the check as I wasn't sure what the best option is for me at this moment in time to prevent data loss. Total size:8 TB Elapsed time:16 hours, 19 minutes (paused) Current position:4 TB (50.0 %) Estimated speed:--- Estimated finish:Unknown Sync errors corrected: 408073 I checked SMART of the two new drives and the two old parity drives that were reused and everything seems okay there. Attached Diagnostics if they are helpful. riaahq-diagnostics-20200125-0535.zip
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    So I just did a reboot and got out of safe mode with no issues. I am running three dockers (pi-hole, unifi controller and Plex) with no stability issues and no errors in the logs so far. I'll continue to slowly add my containers back while monitoring for stability. I'll let you know if I see any problems.
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    What do you mean by this? Are you talking about the config/shares and config/plugins folders from your flash? Do you not have a backup of the whole config folder from flash? That whole config folder is everything about your configuration and you can put that config folder on a new install and be going just like before.
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    You can't add new disks while parity is invalid (or add data + parity devices at the same time ), because of a long time bug you'll get a nonsensical error, but you still need to sync parity first, then add new disks.
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    then i would recommend a Mikrotik products, like https://mikrotik.com/product/hap_ac2, much cheaper than your budget. it can do about 1Gbit WAN, have at least 200Mbit Hardware accelerated Ipsec VPN, some wifi - for me i have a cable on all devices that required more than 50Mbit traffic, so not a big deal.. and if you are familiar with Mikrotik ROS, you have so many configuration options..
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    CHBMB and I use ours with FreeSat. Yea you would still need to use TVH/TVH Proxy to pipe it into plex. I'm also running a HDHomerun now for Freeview. These integrate straight into Emby/Plex.
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    a lack of punctuation does not help your situation either.
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    One of theories was a potential of HW monitoring from the BIOS. Yesterday I went to check this and found nothing related to threshold on temp. On the way I changed a CPU governor setting to Performance mode. In addition, I found yesterday that dynamix.system.temp.plg wasn't updated for a while. When I tried to update, it failed. So, I uninstalled and installed again. After these two changes the system is working for a day with no crashes. I'll keep monitoring.
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    Thanks! That progressed thing a little further 🙂 Everything seems to start up fine but I get this error message in the end: [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. EDIT: Looking back in the thread, I can see that this is apparently only a warning because SteamCMD is not running. I'll try to muck about with it and see if I can find the server in the browser in-game.
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    You will want to move your cache drive contents to array before upgrading your cache drive then move back to new cache drive.
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    In principle it should just work Only caveat would be if the disk controllers on one of the machines is nor a standard HBA and is not presenting the drives in the same way on both machines.
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    I've created my own image for this, added support for: PUID/GUID TZ Supports app update on container restart (can disable this) Added support for optional run flags like verbose logging & env var file support. https://hub.docker.com/r/eafxx/statping
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    Another thing you could do with the disks instead of making them part of the array is having them as unassigned disks and pass them to a vm or something to use as a dumping location and that way they still have a use but are not part of the array as such. Perhaps as a onedive or dropbox drive for a vm or some other thing you might use them for.
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    Some people put those things on an Unassigned Device, basically for the same reasons they go on cache, so performance won't be impacted by the slower writes to the parity array, and so they won't keep parity and array disks spinning. To me it just seems simpler to put them on cache, which is where they go by default and Unraid already manages the cache pool. There is no reason not to use Unassigned Devices plugin for this though, it is well maintained. Personally I think people worry too much about caching writes to user shares. Caching the initial data load is usually a bad idea, since cache won't have the capacity, and you can't get things moved from cache as fast as you can write to cache. Most of my writes are scheduled backups from other computers on my network, or queued downloads from my dockers. I am not waiting around for those to finish anyway, so they might as well go directly to the array. And there is Turbo Write which speeds up writes to the parity array anyway if you want to do it that way. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/50397-turbo-write/ I only use SSD cache for my dockers, for keeping a subset of my music and photos so they can be frequently accessed by other devices on my network without spinning any disks, and for DVR since there is some performance advantage when trying to watch one thing while recording another. Then on the rare occasion I want to keep a recording I manually move it to another share on the array. Other people will have other use cases and other opinions.
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    And we thank you for doing what you do!
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    My proxy setting is off--never enabled it. I don't think you need it since the container is managing that for you already.
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    Thanks for your answer for the moment a restart of the radarr docker solve the problem ^^
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    It's not crazy. You are assuming perfect scaling (i.e. more core = better performance) but in real life, it's rarely ever like that. 44 (logical) cores sounds like a lot but they are hyperthreaded. An extra hyperthreaded core adds only about 30% performance (at best!) so 44 logical cores is roughly equivalent to 33 non-HT cores at best and 22 non-HT cores at worst. So now you only have to really "explain" the diff between my 24 non-hyperthreaded "odd-bank" config vs 33 non-hyperthreaded (at best) config. Firstly, there's diminishing return (i.e. performance) as you add cores and it can get to a point in which more cores makes things slower e.g. the scheduler of tasks can't keep up with the number of tasks being run. And then there's the idiosyncratic design of AMD Ryzen family of CPU (with CCX, CCD and how L3 cache is shared) e.g. how I have found uneven load on the CCX causes performance to drop. And then there's qemu bug. That's why Steve and Linus and others still run benchmarks. Otherwise, you would just say "hey more core, more performance, done deal, we are all fired". I would suggest you find a benchmark that matches your intended workload or even better, bench using your actual workload. Synthetic stuff sometimes doesn't quite match real life.
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    Thanks, I updated the guide. That error means that you hit the Discord Server Role Limit which I had not accounted for until now. Go ahead and check for updates and you should have bot version 1.2.1. I adjusted the code to work around the limit so it should be functional but you will still have that error in your logs. By the way, !notifications preview is a new command that can be used in place of !notifications list when experimenting, I created it because the bot now tracks the most recent call of !notifications list and updates the emoji reactions on bot startup to reflect any changes while it was offline. If you run !notifications preview or !notifications list it will generate as many roles as it can until it hits the Discord limit and then stops generating new roles. You can then proceed to edit that list with !notifications exclude show to get rid of anything you don't like and recall !notifications preview or !notifications list to let it reprocess and add new shows. As an FYI, I also added a !delete command which deletes all Roles that have been generated by the Bot for easy cleanup if anyone decides to stop using the bot.
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    The version of memtest that ships with Unraid only works when booting in legacy mode. If you want a version that works in UEFI mode then you need to download it from the memtest86+ web site.
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    Adding the extra parameter, and it started working for me.
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    Those are normal, it's because of the parity sync.
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    The data disks might be assigned in a different order, no data would be lost, but parity2 wouldn't be valid if installed. Danger for your data would be to assign a data disk as parity.
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    got the firmware updated. Didn't get greeted w/a ton of udma crc errors (fingers crossed). Currently rebuilding array due to the disabled disk. Hope this works.
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    Oh wow no wonder. I'm an idiot. So when people complain that their docker.img is filling up, how do they determine that?
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    Worst thing: system instability, dataloss if you're writing to the array when it occurs but with that said, I've run most of my servers that way for several years and it hasn't caused an issue (knock on wood)
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    For the Metadata part please do the following (taken from Plex Forums that worked for me) 1. Stop PMS 2. Delete the HTTPCookies file under the Plug-in Support (the agents) 3. Start PMS 4. Refresh All Metadata 5. Give it time to walk through. For me the HTTPCookies files are in Plug-in Support/Data folder. Delete only the HTTPCookies files that are located in each folder. After doing that the Movies and TV shows Posters started populating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is, but Ryzen on Linux can lock up due to issues with c-states, make sure bios is up to date, then look for "Power Supply Idle Control" (or similar) and set it to "typical current idle" (or similar), or completely disable C-sates. More info here: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/670-rc1-system-hard-lock-r354/
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    hi @thierrybla please post your iommu groupings.
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    This could be a cool add on to the web ui. While Krusader is useful, it does have its kinks. A file manage with the ability to open text docs, pics, video, etc would be cool. But even baring something that heavy, just the ability to move files or at the very least rename them would be great. Having to fire up Krusader just to rename files that I had to source elsewhere just so sonarr/radarr can then rename them again so plex can see them is a pain with how finicky krusader can be.
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    I like the virtualisation feature and I would like to see overclocking features added in the future. This was a fun way to set up a competition!
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    I will update for 6.9 rc1 when it's out. 6.8 final reverted to a 4.x kernel. 6.9rc1 will be identical to 6.8 final with the addition of the 5.x kernel.
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    Well, you certainly don't want to override it with unifi.yourdomain.com The Controller Hostname/IP should contain the IP address of your unRAID server if you are running the container in bridge mode on the host server (some find they need to run it in host networking mode initially to even do adoption). If you have the container assigned its own IP address on a VLAN or custom network, you should enter that IP address. Mine is in bridge mode on the host unRAID server so I have the unRAID IP address as the Controller host.
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    Alright here you go! This currently shows 186TB usable as I have my last 14TB disk pre-clearing in another UNRAID server but you get the idea. Once I install that into SLOT 28, I will be at the 200TB described. That leaves me with another 28TBs to expand with the last 2 empty slots at 14TB each for a total of 228TB usable, unless I step up to 16TB. However, I'll probably wait until the industry hits 20TB per disk to increase because I'm on dual parity so I'd have to purchase X3 drives to expand the size of any disk past parity. In the build below I added the 10GIG NIC and 2 PCI SSD trays for my Cache pool. Other than that, I added the drives to the array and the rest came from the factory (45 Drives). By the way, the friction mounts in this thing are friggen awesome. No. More. Screws/Trays! To fire this thing up I literally just swapped my drives and FLASH USB from my old server and plugged them into this one. And Bam. UNRAID started up without a single issue whatsoever. It just said, sweet, more of everything, and went about its business. I was a little worried about how it would handle the Dual 8-Core CPUs (16 Cores Total/32 with Hyper-threading), but it had no issues and that SWEET CPU dashboard is awesome to look at in action. This build maxes out UNRAID's current limit of 30 drives (2 Parity & 28 Data) with a Cache Pool. This is why I decided to get the Storinator Q30 instead of the Q45, or even Q60. Also, the Q45 and Q60 have longer chassis, so the Q30 matched the standard length in a 4U rack-mount. Also, holy cow this thing runs Sooooooo cool. Before, my drives temps would peak at 50C+ (danger zone) during parity/rebuilds in that old Norco 24 bay case. Now they don't break 32C during a parity check. The fan setup in this thing is crazy efficient and the motherboard steps up speeds as temps rise automatically (no fan plugin required). Finally, it is very quite, and lives up to the "Q" in its name. The Q30 is the ultimate sweet spot in my opinion, and pushes UNRAID to its current limits. Note: Serial numbers have been redacted from the pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
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    Aren't these software (CPU) transcoding recommendations? The i5 8400 has Quick Sync Video support and an iGPU so he can use hardware (GPU) transcoding with Plex, Emby or Jellyfin. The Coffee Lake CPUs can do 4K/HEVC 10-bit hardware transcoding. I don't know what the impact is on the CPU/GPU as I only have a Skylake CPU which cannot do 10-bit HEVC in hardware and software 10-bit HEVC transcodes brings it to its knees. For 1080p transcodes, with my 4c/8t Xeon, I have had as many as 6 going simultaneous without issue. I support 4 additional households from my Plex server and have it configured to stream in 4mbps 720p quality remotely. Everyone seems satisfied with this. Also, with the recently released unRAID Nvidia plugin from Linuxservio.io, discrete Nvidia GPUs can be used for hardware transcoding as well. I have not seen any benchmarks/specs on hardware transcoding with a P2000 Quadro for example, but that GPU does support unrestricted transcodes and, is capable of HEVC 10-bit HDR.
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    Dude thank you so much. All your advice is spot on. I'm now very content with my setup. Donated $5 to you so go enjoy a beer on me Thanks again.
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    The error Unknown PCI header type '127' is because the card isn't resetting correctly. This is a problem that can happen with some AMD cards. However, you have no problem with the windows VM. So why is this? Well by default there is a difference in a Windows VM and a Linux VM. The Windows VM will use a machine type of i440fx whilst the Linux VM will use a machine type of pc-Q35. I have found that you can start and stop as many VMS as you want using machine type i440fx without this error occurring. However, if you start and stop a VM using pc-Q35 then you will get this error and only a reboot will fix it. You could make a Linux VM using i440fx so then you could stop your windows VM then start the Linux one without having to reboot the server.
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    If you're on latest release it's much easier, just click on the flash drive and change it here:
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    Im a complete idiot. This is because I put a number but not a G for gigabyte in the disk size.
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    Hello Unraid community. I am curious if I am able to limit the amount of resources a docker has access too. I recently installed the Handbrake docker and start my first job. I have a fairly decent servers for unraid with '2 x E5-2670's'. When I fired up my first handbrake job I saw all CPU cycles get consumed. As sexy as this is I have a VM that is my main base of operation also running on the server and its is very unresponsive with handbrake eating all cycles. Is there a way to restrict which cores Handbrake docker can use? Or at least limit how many cores it has access too? Thank you in advance! -Kopuz
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    I've add some script files to the method speed up the process. Updated Files - https://mega.nz/#!bp1lwAwZ!qrQics2qslPxCRFSI7pCaL-JECCauM_xqp00GQPloSg MIRROR - http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/BqbeVa7Y/file.html Steps Create DOS USB using RUFUS and copy these files to the USB. GUIDE Each task has 2 commands you can do. The first one saves you typing the commands by using script/bat files. Recommendations Unplug all drives but the USB, helps with the EFI shell bit Plug D2607 in to the first x16 slot, even if it means unplugging another card, had systems where you could only flash it if it was in the first slot. Boot the USB in non UEFI mode. (DOS) Then do the following commands Get SAS Address of the card 1.BAT or megacli -adpallinfo -aall | find /i "sas address" > sas_addr.txt Backup SBR incase we need it. We probably wont though. Needed if you get stuck. 2.BAT or megarec -readsbr 0 O-SBR.bin Clean Flash the card. If the command fails to flash, just keep trying it until it completes. Can take 10+ attempts 3.BAT or megarec -cleanflash 0 Flash SBR for A11 or A21 - Just change the number in the command for the card you doing. 4-21.BAT or megarec -writesbr 0 SBR-A21.bin Clean Flash the card 5.BAT or megarec -cleanflash 0 Reboot in to UEFI shell on the usb Some motherboards you can go into the boot menu and do the UEFI option for the USB stick, best to check out in the manual or online. Your mount point for your USB might not be FS0, could be FS1, FS2 and so on. Either unplug all drives so it's just the USB drive or, when the EFI shell starts it prints the drives it see's in yellow, you might be able to work it out from there. Once booted in to EFI Shell, do the following commands Change to USB fs0: Flash IT Mode Firmware 6.NSH or sas2hax -o -f 2118it.p20.bin It will error about it can't reset the adapter, don't worry its normal. Reboot and then boot the UEFI on the usb again Do the following commands fs0: Now we Flash IT Mode Firmware again 7.NSH or sas2hax -o -f 2118it.p20.bin -b mptsas2.p20.rom Get SAS Address we saved 8.NSH or type SAS_ADDR.TXT Set SAS Address of the card. Change the address to the one that got printed out. sas2hax -o -sasadd 5003005700dbf920 Reboot the USB in non UEFI mode. (DOS) Do the following commands Flash SBR for A11 or A21 - Just change the number in the command for the card you doing. 4-21.BAT or megarec -writesbr 0 SBR-A21.bin Notes: Making up a SAS address is fine, just make sure you don't flash two cards with the same address. You can find more help cross flashing the D2607 card here. He made the sas2hax application. https://marcan.st/2016/05/crossflashing-the-fujitsu-d2607/ I add no -noreset when I was flashing some card but seems to cause issues, so I left it without. Had to reboot twice when ever I did it, not sure why though. Orignal post: https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/12114-lsi-controller-fw-updates-irit-modes/?do=findComment&comment=522038
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    I've found that using these settings appears to allow the VM to install normally. Key is the SeaBIOS and SATA settings.
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    Just add / edit an existing template and change the repository to be plexinc/pms-docker