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    I just wanted a way for people hit with the SQLite DB corruption issue to test out some changes. The easiest way to get them the code was to put it on the next branch. Consternation caused by my break of protocol is duly noted and won't happen again.
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    Yes, that's right: the man, the myth, the legend Spaceinvader One has graciously agreed to sit down for an interview with us. If you could ask him something, what would it be? Best questions will make it in to an upcoming interview blog. Fire away!
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    Posted the same thing on the unRAID Users & Help page on FB, but here's my status: Upgraded to the new release 2 days ago, on 9/19/2019. Have a Sonarr container. Rebuilt the DB from scratch last night. Using the path /mnt/user/... DB is already corrupt, with Sonarr logs showing "yesterday" as the time. Have a Radarr container. Using the last good backup I could find. Using the path /mnt/disk*/.... DB is also corrupt. first error shows as 3:51PM today (CST), so made it a little longer. If there's anything else I can do to help or test... *please* let me know. I'd love to get this resolved. Attached diagnostics file... drogon-diagnostics-20190920-2109.zip
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    It’s definitely a comparability with the 10Gtek intel modules and the X520, no link flaps since I installed it. i just migrated my esxi server to Proxmox, using a thunderbolt 3 enclosure with another 10Gtek module plugged into an x520, after it installed I was pinging hosts on the network and it was was down up and down like nobodies business, had a 60% loss rate on ping. went searching in my magic networking box as I knew I had another intel module (but wasn’t sure what type it was), luckily it was a also MMF SR module, switched that in and straight away ping was behaving and the link stopped flapping. i’ve not Had any issues with the 10Gtek modules in MikroTik, UniFi or Aquantia devices, just the intel ones. you live and learn.
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    What his real job is, Because his video's are top quality and great knowledge passed onto this community. How does he find the time. Much appreciated
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    Your favorite movie or series of all time??? 😂
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    I haven't had an "Inactivity timeout" for issue for a few days now. I don't know what the cause was but it appears to have fixed itself. I can only suspect some issue, as binhex suggested - with the VPN provider (PIA) or my Internet provider. Thanks.
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    I’m ready for a 6.8-rc1
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    What made you "get into" unRaid? Not why you decided on it, but "get into it?"
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    What made you decide to start making videos for the community?
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    here are the three that i created awhile back.. nothing fancy
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    I just don't think it's the card, especially if you have gone through three so far. Mathematically/Statistically speaking, you are out of bounds for thinking it's the card at this point 🙂 Unless, of course they are all using the same ix driver, and you are triggering a bug somewhere (I have seen things like tcpdump trigger port flapping in LACP bonds before. But that was a Cisco switch and a Broadcom SR-IOV card).. But with that said, I have intel based NIC's and never had an issue..... Do you have any other 10Gb switches other than the Mikrotik? What's the opposite 10Gb device you have on your network? If I look at your topology correctly, your gigabit everything else except for your link between the Mikrotik and your server? 10Gb won't help you if your link from your unifi switches (which appear to be all 1Gb) are 1Gbe. Unless you are using the SFP1 and 2 on your 16 port PoE as a bonded pair (that needs to be setup properly in your UCK as well, and the Mikrotik would also need to support it) into your Mikrotik? But even then, the rest of your devices are 1Gbe, so even if all your clients were saturating the bond, you would max out a 2Gb since those are not SFP+ ports. Sorry, I know I am more looking at your layout then answering your question, but I am curious how you have it all hooked up....
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    I think that there is a problem with the unraid tool that checks upgrades.....lots of people seeing it with linuxserver dockers. There were some threads about it. Just boarding flight so cant look! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    There have been a couple of problem areas that LimeTech is addressing to fix before releasing the 6.8-rc series. https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/sqlite-db-corruption-testers-needed-r598/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-5428 and https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/67x-very-slow-array-concurrent-performance-r605/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-5448 They were hoping at the time that these problems could be quickly resolved and that a 6.7.3 stable could be released first but they both have proven to be quite difficult to solve. There was a post some place where Tom provided more details on what their initial thinking was but I can't find it at this point.
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    Finally, I upgraded my BIOS today to the 1001 version (the one with AGESA 1003ABBA) and when I was checking the BIOS settings, I saw a "U.2 mode" with valeur of PCIe or SATA. I changed it to SATA, but haven't tried again my Cable...
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    1.4.6 is released for everybody, the CLI instructions in the topic header are updated for the new docker image layout.
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    I wanted to summarize how I got Mullvad working with DelugeVPN as I had to piece together several "solutions" from different comments in this thread and there was some incorrect info; likely old. First go to https://mullvad.net/en/download/config/?platform=linux (you may have to sign into your Mullvad account first), select a region, leave "Use IP addresses" and "Connect via our bridges." left unchecked, then click "Download". This will download a .zip file with all your config and cert files. The .zip file will contain a folder with the following files: mullvad_ca.crt (the cert file) mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.conf (the config file) mullvad_userpass.txt (a text file with your account number) update-resolv-conf (some file with no file extension that I have no idea what it does lol) You will extract these files later after we do the initial set up for Deluge VPN. Next grab binhex-delugevpn from Community Applications (you've probably already done this if so just click "edit" on the binhex-delugevpn docker container) and adjust the following container settings: Host Path 2 (Container Path: /data) set this to your downloads location; usually a share you created. Mine is /mnt/user/Downloads. If you are using Sonarr or Radarr it should be the same /data path they use. Key 1 (VPN_ENABLED) should be set to "yes" Key 2 (VPN_USER) should be your Mullvad account number; a 16 digit number you received when you set up your Mullvad account which also can be found in mullvad_userpass.txt. Do not include the "m" as shown in the .txt file, just the 16 digit account number. Key 3 (VPN_PASS) same account number as Key 2, no "m". Key 4 (VPN_PROV) set to "custom" Key 6 (STRICT_PORT_FORWARD) set to "yes" Key 8 (LAN_NETWORK) put the first 3 numbers of your routers IP (most likely 192.168.1) followed by .0/24 (example "") Everything else can be left alone. Click apply. It will pull the container and run it. Open a file explorer and navigate to <your server>/appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn/ Now extract the files: mullvad_ca.crt mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.conf mullvad_userpass.txt update-resolv-conf from the .zip you downloaded from Mullvad into <your server>/appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn/ change the file extension of mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.conf to mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.ovpn Open mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.ovpn with a text editor and add the following lines to the bottom: pull-filter ignore "route-ipv6" pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6" Save the file. Restart the binhex-delugevpn container That should do it. I hope this helps.