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  1. Is there any update on this? does it get looked at? commented on? Not sure if I need to do something further.
  2. This idea comes from @forusim in the thread I started (see below) (quote) On the GUI would it be possible to draw the part of I/O wait different? Work I/O wait 70% ||||||||||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | I find it useful to know, if drives are locking the system or the cpu is really doing stuff. (end quote)
  3. UB just uses rsync to copy/move files, now while rsync "can" send files over a network connection, you would have to specify that in the command line. I don't see any reason why your NIC would have traffic because of an UB move. sniff the traffic and see what kind of traffic it is.
  4. CPU usage displayed on the Dashboard page in the GUI, is way different than True CPU usage reported useing command line tools such as htop and others. See attached image for example.
  5. So in case anyone finds this thread... Here is what I did. So I found this: https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Checking_and_fixing_drives_in_the_webGui and Spaceinvader One's great video below: I like doing things via command line, so I did most of the repair work via command line including test mounting ect. I was able to get my array back up and now I'm trying to see if anything is damaged. I was smart in that I took the out put from the "xfs_repair -nv /dev/md1" command and saved it to a text file, so I can look and check those files that it showed that may be a problem. Ah the joys of running unraid with out parity. FYI, I'm running this little NUC in an RV as a server, I have larger unraid server at the "big house" with parity and dual ssd cache. 🙂
  6. UNRAID: 6.8.2 I'm running an Intel NUC, so only have one drive. It is a 2.5" 5TB data drive. No parity drive. (no room in the case). I did a delete of a folder of MP3's from a Windows 10 computer (ie. via SAMBA) The delete was taking a long time, so I canceled the delete... It didn't cancel and just hung. The Web GUI stayed up and SSH was working, but things were kind of flaky. So I stopped my Dockers, but they just hung in a stopping state. I did a Power down via the web GUI, but nothing happened after 10 min, so I did a reboot at SSH command prompt, and it said system was going down.... Again nothing on the console. So I punched the soft down power button on the server, and more services shutdown ect, but never did power down. All this time the HD light was blinking fast, as if I/O was happening. Doing htop didn't show anything strange and CPU was at 5%, however the GUI CPU said 90%. I'm thinking the GUI CPU indication was wrong, as htop is looking at all the items running... So I waited 20 min for the system to shut down cleanly but did not completely shutdown... Then did hard down on the server. Brought the server back up, and GUI is working, but now the drive says "Unmountable: No file system". Currently the system says the disk is active and smart is healthy. I stopped the array started it in maint mode, and I'm currently doing a read check... Just wondering what my odds are that the drive will come back. To put it another way, does the read-check do any correcting of the XFS file system? Thanks
  7. Yep same thing just happened to me. I'm running the binhex-plex not the binhex-plexpass Network type is host, all other Docker and VM's are working fine. I did just upgrade my free plex account to a plex pass, but that was it. I also just added a user, and that was about the time it quit working.
  8. I'm not sure if the unBALANCE plugin can do what you are wanting to do. I would use rsync at the command prompt and move a top level directory to your disk 4 so that you have space on disk 3 and disk 4. In the unRAID share management page, I would set Share 3 to only use Disk 3 and Disk 4, and then only split at the top level. If you are uncomfortable with rsync at the command prompt, you may want to look into the binhex - Krusader - Docker Container, and use that to move your files. When you set up Krusader, set your path varable to /mnt and not /mnt/user so that you can see the disk shares. One last note, wether you are using rsync or Krusader, make sure never to move or copy files from a "disk" share to a "user" share. Always go disk to disk or user to user. i.e. rsync -a /mnt/disk1/sharename/folder /mnt/disk2/sharename/folder or rsync -a /mnt/user/sharename/folder /mnt/user/someothershare/folder
  9. Thanks, and I really do like your Reset to Default button. Basically just do a warning "don't change these settings, unless you understand rsync, otherwise click the reset button" lol
  10. Yes that makes sense, thanks. One can never interrupt a transfer with -P enabled, for fear of a partial file hanging out. The only option would be to not interrupt the transfer, or if the transfer is interrupted, to make sure you do the same transfer later successfully or like you said delete all the files that were copied thus far. It would be great if it defaults stay as -avPRX, but you have made the -X customizable, it would be great if all the options were customizable. Not UnBALANCE related, but rsync related. Today I had a problem moving files with rsync, and it was failing because it could not change the group settings. As you know the -a includes the -g and -o options specifically -a includes -rlptgoD. So I changed my settings from -av to -rlptDv (same as -av but no g and o) and was able to complete my transfer. Sometimes there are reasons when someone needs to change the rsync options. Thanks.
  11. Love your work on UB!!! I searched this thread but only saw one other comment about rsync -options. Would it be possible to let users change all the command line options for rsync, and not just the -X? "By default, rsync is invoked with -avPRX flags. Note that the X flag is customizable, so you can remove it if needed." Here is why I ask. the -P is problematic. I lost a 250GB file because of it. Here is the example. I have widget.dat (250GB) on Disk 1 along with other files in the share. I start the move to Disk 2, most of the file move, but it starts moving the 250GB file, and I cancel the move, before being completely done (or power outage or whatever). Now I have widget.dat (250GB) on Disk 1, and widget.dat (39GB) on Disk 2. Now not looking at all my file sizes in the CLI, which most folks would not go. I use UB to move the files from Disk 2 back to Disk 1. My good widget.dat (250GB) on Disk 1 got overwritten by the partial ie bad widget.dat (39GB) from Disk 2. Good by file!!!! IMHO If -P was not on I would not have had data loss.