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  1. I really like this dashboard. I really don't like the work involved to set it up. Yes, I am that lazy. I for sure would pay for an "app" or plugin or whatever that made this easy.


    Thanks for all the work and putting this together, awesome tools and I really appreciate you making it all available and providing the video help too! The learning in putting this together on my own I am sure would make it worth it too....

  2. Same problem for me. No idea what has changed but it is the same with the browser or a standalone client (VNC Viewer)


    Running this from a Macbook using Firefox and VNC Viewer with the same results. SSH sessions from the Terminal on Mac timeout/crash as well. Mac Terminal reports "broken pipe" after some time

  3. On 1/6/2020 at 4:37 AM, neon_phoenix said:

    Sorry to necrobump guys, but I am running mprasil's implementation of bitwarden on my unraid box and for the life of me, I cant find where to put the license file as i want to use a Families organization for multiple users. Apparently it needs to go into the 'bwdata' folder but i cant find it! Any help?

    Wondering the same thing.


    Also can someone help me set up SSL using these instructions?


    I would like to use my own CERTS for Bitwarden but am a little confused how to do so using the Bitwarden Docker in Unraid, there is no option for "environment" under the advanced tab when I try to edit the existing Docker configuration for Bitwarden.