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  1. Thanks for replying. I think we are on the right track but it happened again overnight and I got a fix common problems warning this time (OOM), so DLNA not the issue. Always happens at 3am so I think it must be when Plex runs it's scheduled tasks? unRAID Mover runs at 2200. As a bit more background I only have 8Gb RAM (just ordered 8 more), but my system is pretty slim. No VMs, and 12 containers (the usual stuff; Plex, the arrs, duckdns, krusader, delugeVPN, etc). Nothing CURRENTLY using more than 0.03% of RAM. I do have plex hardware transcoding set up to /dev/dri, but I don't believe that wo
  2. Hi all, I'm having an issue where overnight sometimes plex will become unresponsive in the morning, i.e. TV, phone won't connect to server and webUI won't load (Error Connection time out). It fixes itself temporarily with a restart of the container. In the container log, this repeats a few times, so it seems to be trying to repeatedly get thumbnails for 2 old show episodes I've had for a long time: --- 2021-05-29 02:26:35,175 DEBG 'plexmediaserver' stdout output: Generated new chapter thumbnails for Wicks. 2021-05-29 02:26:35,586 DEBG 'plexmedias
  3. Tried both of those things and no change.
  4. Would someone be able to help me install 3rd party plugins? Or are they just still broken as I have read previously? I have the latest unRAID and container. Installing from the plugin menu is broken, never had that working. So I tried dropping the egg in to the plugin folder (specifically LabelPlus and AutoRemovePlus), both py2.6 and py2.7 versions. They weren't recognized by the plugin menu, even after a restart. Clicking install creates a [File ObjectList] file in the plugin folder which does nothing. So I did some reading, and figured the python versions were out of
  5. No worries, thanks for trying. For the time being, in case anyone else has a similar issue, I've set up a custom user script using the user scripts plugin that just says "docker restart qbittorrentvpn" and have it set to run daily.
  6. So it just happened again for the first time since your post. I tested connectivity with your idea and it seems to be fine, same as it says when it is working. I'm not sure Rebuild-DNDC will fix it because as far as I can tell that rebuild dependencies between different containers, but this is all within one. I may be misunderstanding it though. I've left it broken in case anyone has any ideas for testing. Does it have to do with this line in the qb container log? [info] qBittorrent listening interface IP x.x.x.x and VPN provider IP x.x.x.y different, marking for recon
  7. Hi all, I'm having an issue with qbittorrentvpn where after a couple of days of running fine, new torrents will add to the list (for example automatically added via sonarr, but can be manual as well) but won't start downloading or even download the metadata. If I restart the docker container, it then starts normally. I'm pretty sure existing seeds will continue to periodically upload. The logs mention an inactivity timeout, and I wonder whether this is related. So my questions are, does anyone else have this problem, and is anyone aware of a solution? Or, if
  8. Ok, great. I use NPM as well, so in theory this should work for me as well, but I edited the proxy host in NPM and copy and pasted exactly what you wrote above in the custom configuration and nothing seemed to change. I checked the config file directly as well and the code is there. Not sure why. Any ideas? Many thanks for helping.
  9. A reverse proxy file doesn't sound familiar, so we probably have it set up differently. Would you be able to elaborate further on how you did that?
  10. I had the exact same issue. I tried creating a new path /theme/ in the container template pointing to a theme folder and had the same outcome. Has anyone got this to work?
  11. Is there any way to change the serial number of a drive in the array or unassigned drives? I have an 8 bay USB-C enclosure with 4 drives in array and 4 free drives in unassigned that I want to preclear and have ready to add. Unfortunately the drivers of the enclosure or something override the drive serial numbers and the drive identification so the ID for each drive is JMicron_Generic_DISK00_0123456789ABCDEF-0:0 - 10 TB (sda), then DISK01, etc. I can preclear one of the unassigned drives, but if I try to do a second one it tries to do the first again becaus
  12. That worked! I love this community. Fixed in 20 minutes.
  13. Good call. Works fine on safari, but broken on chrome.
  14. Hi All, I've just noticed today some odd web ui issues. On the main dashboard page, if I scroll past the typical bottom of the page I see the context menus persistent there for the docker items... Hard to explain, so here's a screenshot. The appearance is normal above this, but I can't click on the docker buttons. (well I can, but the menu doesn't appear, but the bottom list is shortened to just the list involved for that button.) On the Docker page, the lists overlap the buttons, screenshot 2. I tried downgrading to 6.8.2, since I wasn't having issues then