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  1. 9 hours ago, jdubbs23 said:

    I just did the latest update that showed today, and now when I try to go to the WebUI it shows the xrdp session but when I select OK I just get a blank screen. How can I diagnose this?

    Same here

    3 hours ago, saarg said:

    Tried cleaning the browser cache?

    Post the container log.

    Cleared Cache. Tried Chrome and Firefox with the same results. log txt file is attached


  2. On 2/27/2020 at 7:14 AM, LeoFender said:


    if I changed the order of DNS requests to: Client -> PiHole -> Lancache-bundle -> ?


    That's how mine is set up and it works so far so go ahead and do it if you haven't yet, unless you got a reply from a someone saying that would cause an issue that I haven't spotted yet.  The only issue that I think this setup can have is if lancache will only serve cached content to a dns request by the same ip (pihole) after a certain cooldown to prevent accidentally DOS attacking yourself in the case of accidentally making a dns loop or similar issue.


    I wanted the lancache to use for WSUS for all computers since my home internet bandwidth is 6Mbps but not everyone in my house wants to use the pihole (they are crazy since with our internet speed using it helps a lot).

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