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Community Answers

  1. User scripts plugin docker start nameOfContainer and docker stop nameOfContainer
  2. You don't. Warnings have to be ignored on a case by case basis. After you ignore it once, it should never appear again.
  3. If switching ports didn't fix, then you should replace the flash https://unraid.net/blog/top-support-and-forum-questions-answered#:~:text=Head over to Tools -> Registration,section and you are done!
  4. Only suggestion would be to recreate the docker image
  5. You're currently using TEAMGROUP-UD4-3200 but clocked at 2400MT/s TeamGroup is one of those companies that purposely (and IMO fraudulently) hides what the actual speed of the RAM is. It's most likely 2133. For the best stability, always use SPD speeds in the memory settings
  6. Most likely unrelated, but usb_manager_usbip_addon.plg - 2022.07.21 (Unknown to Community Applications) This plugin IIRC has been superceded and should get uninstalled. @SimonF would know best NerdPack.plg - 2021.08.11 (Up to date) (Incompatible) This has been replaced by Nerd Tools and should also get uninstalled. Fix Common Problems probably tossed up notifications regarding this
  7. It's listed now on an internal bug report, but there's also currently major coding changes happening on the WebUI and the major plugins so it also may get lost in the shuffle for a bit.
  8. Testing for that setting being in go was part of Fix Common Problems, but looks like I removed it since IIRC specifying the port on the command line wasn't supposed to have worked starting 6.9 and 6.9 is the minimum FCP version... Since it was working, it was a fluke it was working...
  9. I've sent @KluthR a PM. Just looks to be a permissions error
  10. Are you doing this remotely. Multiple problems (and not an easy solution) with doing this and something I brought up a few years ago. Your best bet is to actually either use a real reverse proxy with appropriate forwarding for your apps (eg: SWAG), or alternatively create a barebones VM that uses VNC. The VNC VM is accessible remotely via MyServers and from it's browser you can then access any of the docker containers installed.
  11. Thanks. I haven't confirmed the bug, but do see a couple of references in the coding where the user set timeout isn't being honored and in some future version of the OS this will get fixed
  12. This plugin has now been forked by @KluthR and the original version by myself has been deprecated. I'd suggest to uninstall my version and then reinstall the fork. NOTE: Some display aberrations *might* appear within the Apps tab while the original is installed where CA gets confused as to which one is installed. Just uninstall the original via Installed Apps (or the Plugins tab) and then reinstall appdata backup
  13. There's a folder in that link called parity check tuning. Within that folder is the files that the plugin actually uses. You would edit those file(s) accordingly. You can do it right online