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  1. Squid's post in Cannot Install Windows 11 VM due to W11 not Recognizing Connection was marked as the answer   
    Try using E1000 instead as the driver in the template.
  2. Squid's post in Remotely wake VM? was marked as the answer   
    Use this as a starting point
    You'd of course have to modify the scripts with the appropriate commands to turn off the VM
  3. Squid's post in Unable to create new User was marked as the answer   
    Only the "root" user has access to the webUI to manage the server
    All other users are used to access the files on the server via SMB, NFS etc
  4. Squid's post in connecting multiple unraid instances was marked as the answer   
    Mount the relevant shares from the other server via Unassigned Devices, and then pass those remote shares to your containers.  It's a very common setup / situation
  5. Squid's post in Cannot modify files in SAMBA Share (Files created from Docker Containers) was marked as the answer   
    Many containers (eg: 'arrs) also have additional options within their own settings to set the permissions on the particular files which they create.  Set the UMASK etc within their settings, or use permissions of 0777 in the settings.
  6. Squid's post in New Flash Drive, how do I set it up?? was marked as the answer   
  7. Squid's post in Machine Check Event was marked as the answer   
    Not an issue for you.  
    This is what it's all about 
    Dec 12 18:05:40 Tower mcelog: mcelog read: Function not implemented Googling that brings up only a single relevant reference, so not quite sure what to make of it, but I wouldn't worry
  8. Squid's post in Wrong Disk - New Server was marked as the answer   
    Did you also move the RAID card over or did the new server have a RAID onboard and you then created a new JBOD arrays with it.
    RAID cards don't report the true serial numbers of the drives and basically append their own identifier to it. which is resulting in the system not identifying the drives as they were before.
    You should do a Tools - New Config.  Then reassign all the drives into their appropriate places (make note of which is parity and which is data).  You can also check off parity is already valid, but you should run a parity check regardless.
  9. Squid's post in Something really wrong went on during force_update was marked as the answer   
    Sans diagnostics, you're probably out of space in /tmp on the system.   A reboot is going to be necessary to recover.
    Are you using Plex and transcoding to RAM (/tmp).  Plex (as per usual) is a PITA and has a nasty habit of never deleting it's temporary transcode files until playback is finished which means that /tmp can quite easily (and quite quickly) fill up
  10. Squid's post in Docker Images 'gone/missing' after 6.10.3 to 6.11.5 update was marked as the answer   
    Because the folder /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user is corrupted and/or everything is deleted from it.  This is not anything (at all) related to the upgrade.
    What is the contents of that folder?
  11. Squid's post in Your flash drive is corrupted or offline. Post your diagnostics in the forum for help. was marked as the answer   
    Your flash.cfg file is trashed.  This is the contents
    ¹Él8û¶ÖÓ­[³Šx`Ũ»¦¢ÇAp øÂgÖïöÇ j\(ÝYá,™:Ô³¢¿,ãcÒ±¢/X$®‚e\‘ø÷2›…¶I,„^!ܑkdÊ°5pã(ÛåêÃ¥ ì†+M6O E7ÌËÿxjI\Yð‡L  
    Delete /config/flash.cfg and then reboot
    If problems continue, replace the flash drive
  12. Squid's post in Does it matter if there's a "gap" in my drive list? was marked as the answer   
    Gaps are fine and don't affect anything at all
  13. Squid's post in How can I free up Docker memory/cache? was marked as the answer   
    Try changing the size of the image to 20G.  Possibly overhead etc involved in updating on the image
  14. Squid's post in Upgrading from 6.3.2 / 6.3.5 to 6.11.5. Going round in circles. was marked as the answer   
    Apps and FCP are only compatible with 6.9.0+
    The URL you're trying to use is ancient and outdated.
    Download the zip file from https://unraid.net/download
    Make a backup of your flash drive
    Extract all of the bz* files from the archive and put them onto the root of the flash
    Turn your server back on
  15. Squid's post in How to schedule the execution of a docker container the right way ? was marked as the answer   
    User scripts plugin
    docker start nameOfContainer
    docker stop nameOfContainer
  16. Squid's post in Docker "stop timeout" option not applying on server reboot was marked as the answer   
    It's listed now on an internal bug report, but there's also currently major coding changes happening on the WebUI and the major plugins so it also may get lost in the shuffle for a bit.
  17. Squid's post in My Servers cant view docker web ui was marked as the answer   
    Are you doing this remotely.
    Multiple problems (and not an easy solution) with doing this and something I brought up a few years ago.
    Your best bet is to actually either use a real reverse proxy with appropriate forwarding for your apps (eg: SWAG), or alternatively create a barebones VM that uses VNC.  The VNC VM is accessible remotely via MyServers and from it's browser you can then access any of the docker containers installed.
  18. Squid's post in Folder Permissioning issues on Unraid was marked as the answer   
    No fundamental reason why it wouldn't work off of that docker run command issued.  Run the New Permissions from Tools against the share and see if anything changes
    If it doesn't then instead of mapping /mnt to /mnt change it to map instead /movies to /mnt/user/unraid/bluray/ and rebuild the library looking for files in /movies
    Mapping /mnt to /mnt has never been particularly recommended (although its a convenient shortcut) as it is a security risk as now emby has complete read/write access to not only your media, but also any banking info on your server, the "special" pictures you keep etc etc
  19. Squid's post in Has my server been hacked was marked as the answer   
    The "anonymous" means that the author (in this case myself) couldn't be bothered to name a script that gets executed during installation.  Hence, the script is "anonymous"
    Normal, expected and not an issue
  20. Squid's post in Download of appfeed failed error ( after clicking Apps tab) was marked as the answer   
    Your date & Time is completely out to lunch which definitely affects transfers
    Set it up akin to this

  21. Squid's post in Users cannot log in, only root was marked as the answer   
    Only "root" has access to the WebUI.  By design
  22. Squid's post in UPS Settings wont load was marked as the answer   
    If anything, you can try renaming /config/plugins/dynamix.apcupsd/dynamix.apcupsd.cfg on the flash drive and then try it again
  23. Squid's post in I'm having random system crashing errors, I think due to a bad memory stick? How can I diagnose? was marked as the answer   
    Bad stick.  Your system event log may have more information beyond channel 0, dimm 0
  24. Squid's post in Fix common problem error - Invalid folder cache contained within /mnt was marked as the answer   
    Do a rescan with FCP.  That folder (users) was there when it last ran....
  25. Squid's post in Changes to Docker default values lost at every update? was marked as the answer   
    By design, templates also update with any updates to the container.  This results in any variables etc that are missing from your template being added back in (not changed)
    What you've done is take an existing template and delete entries (which is fine)
    Manually edit the file at /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user and remove the line saying <TemplateURL>....</TemplateURL> to stop the system from updating the template.