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  1. Squid's post in Unraid goes automaticlly into a 'energy saving mode' on Ryzen 2 was marked as the answer   
    Unraid has no "power saving" on the CPU unless you install the sleep plugin (which you don't have)
    It would be worthwhile to not run your memory at an overclock (3000MT/s)  The memory you purchased F4-3000C15-8GVR is actually 2133.  Disabled XMP / AMP is the BIOS and also run a memtest from the boot menu for a minimum of a pass - If you're booting the OS via UEFI, you will need to temporarily switch to Legacy boot in order to run the test
  2. Squid's post in 6.11 Inkompatible Plugins vor Upgrade prüfen was marked as the answer   
    Fix Common Problems - Tools, Update Assistant
  3. Squid's post in Community Applications: "not reinstalling same version" was marked as the answer   
    Something happened on your flash drive.  Delete /config/plugins/community.applications.plg and /config/plugins/community.applications
    Reboot and you'll be good to go after a reinstall
  4. Squid's post in Networking issue with Apps and Dockers was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, that is going to be your entire problem.  Both the logs and CA's diagnostics show that the date is March 15, 2019 and SSL fails if the date is significantly out for security reasons.
    Settings - Date & Time. set the correct date & time and also give the system a couple of ntp servers

  5. Squid's post in Docker Containers go Zombie, Unraid generally unusable after a 5-7 days was marked as the answer   
    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor  
    Have you looked at this yet:  https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/page/2/#comment-819173
    Specifically Typical Idle Power Supply Settings in the BIOS?
    Also, for stability you should never ever run memory at an overclock.  You're running your memory with the XMP profile at 3200MT/s
    It *appears* that you bought "generic" memory, since the Manufacturer and product number is "Unknown", but since 3200MT/s memory is exceedingly rare, you're more than likely running 2133, and should disable XMP in the BIOS.
  6. Squid's post in Plex Library is set to /mnt/disks/media/docs but picks up files from /mnt/user/media docs instead was marked as the answer   
    Then you've done a symlink or something because the situation with emby is not actually possible. 
  7. Squid's post in Disk Full - Unable to write to Disk was marked as the answer   
    Click on each share (shares tab) and you can set the minimum free space.  It should however actually default to 0
  8. Squid's post in General protection faults was marked as the answer   
    Have you run Memtest from the boot menu at least a pass or two?  (If you're booting via UEFI, you will need to temporarily switch to legacy for Memtest to work)
  9. Squid's post in Machine Check Event was marked as the answer   
    Jul 6 23:12:49 Axiom mcelog: failed to prefill DIMM database from DMI data  
    Primarily an informational warning, and safe to ignore.  A BIOS update might help though.
  10. Squid's post in Main and Dashboard tabs are broken when accesing UI through reverse proxy was marked as the answer   
    Is your reverse proxy allowing websockets through?  (It's usually an option)
  11. Squid's post in Server unresponsive was marked as the answer   
    Not necessarily your problem, but try running your memory at its rated speed of 2133 instead of it's overclocked XMP profile of 2666
    In addition, run a Memtest from the boot menu
  12. Squid's post in Plex Media Scan causing segfault every day was marked as the answer   
    Segfaults are rather common with Plex.  You could run a memtest to rule out any memory issues, but the best place to complain about it is on Plex's forum
  13. Squid's post in [6.10.3] Does moving files cause UNRAID to consider the files "new" and moves them to the Cache Pool? was marked as the answer   
    The above still applies - Within same share, the file stays on the same disk.  Different shares the destination will follow the use cache rules on the destination.  Using a rootshare file stays on the same disk
  14. Squid's post in Copy Windows Data HDD was marked as the answer   
    Via Dynamix File Manager (or alternatively Krusader).
    If you have a parity drive, then under Settings - Disk Settings turn on Write Method: Reconstruct Write
  15. Squid's post in Starting game app in Docker? How to ??? was marked as the answer   
    All of the "games" in Apps aren't games, rather Game Servers (as the Category says).  You're not downloading the game (which you have to buy on Steam), but rather a game server which allows you and your friends to connect to to play in your own separate world separated from the rest of the players online (along with other things)
  16. Squid's post in Hardware Error found was marked as the answer   
    It would appear that the mce was issued during the microcode update, and is more than likely nothing to worry about at all and safe to ignore.
    Upgrading the BIOS however from the stock pre-release version you're currently running to the release version may also be helpful.
  17. Squid's post in (solved) Docker console no longer working was marked as the answer   
    The docker console isn't supposed to show any logs.  Rather it's you logging into the command prompt for the app.  What you're seeing is exactly what is supposed to show up.
    Are you meaning instead to be selecting the "Logs" item in the dropdown?
  18. Squid's post in [6.10.2] No install button for Unassigned Devices Preclear plugin? was marked as the answer   
    Clicking anywhere on the card (or the info button) brings up the sidebar which will tell you that it requires Unassigned Devices, and that requirement isn't met (hovering over the + on the card will also tell you that it requires UD installed)
  19. Squid's post in Docker restart unless-stopped not honored? was marked as the answer   
    Because part of the process in rebooting or powering off is stopping the container.  Therefore it doesn't meet the criteria of "restart unless stopped", and since it's via docker compose it's outside of the control of the OS' GUI and the autostart flag.
  20. Squid's post in Fix Common Problems - 3 Errors was marked as the answer   
    Those 3 files are definitely corrupted.  Delete them
  21. Squid's post in MCE Hardware error detected by "Fix Common Problems" was marked as the answer   
    May 26 11:01:06 Tower mcelog: failed to prefill DIMM database from DMI data May 26 11:01:06 Tower mcelog: Kernel does not support page offline interface  
    More than likely not an issue and safe to ignore, but maybe a BIOS update would solve it
  22. Squid's post in Docker deleted when adding a new Read/write path for it (Jellyfin) was marked as the answer   
    Apps, previous apps, reinstall jelly fin and fix the error.
    Not an OS issue because due to the failed docker run command the app is no longer actually installed.  Prev apps gets the template back the way it was last saved
  23. Squid's post in Unraid won't boot after changing case was marked as the answer   
    What are these lines in your diagnostics about?
    May 27 14:56:19 Media webGUI: Unsuccessful login user root from May 27 14:56:24 Media webGUI: Successful login user root from Not necessarily a problem, but 100.x.x.x. is usually reserved for CGNAT and isn't something you see every day.
    You are also having disconnects on the drive(s).  Reseat the cabling.  In extreme cases, this can cause what you're seeing.
  24. Squid's post in Help with log errors was marked as the answer   
    They look to be from a container continually restarting itself.  Start by looking at the uptime of each and go from there.
  25. Squid's post in Upgraded from 6.10.0-RC8 to 6.10.0 - Will not continue beyond the boot option menu was marked as the answer   
    Download the zip file from the website, then overwrite all of the bz* files on the flash drive with those in the zip.