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  1. Squid's post in Unraid isn't running more than a day was marked as the answer   
    First starting point is
  2. Squid's post in Can't access GUI (Web or direct) was marked as the answer   
  3. Squid's post in Plex-Meida-Server Docker throwing errors and disappears from list was marked as the answer   
    Apps - Previous Apps, Actions on the card then Reinstall
  4. Squid's post in Plex-Meida-Server Docker throwing errors and disappears from list was marked as the answer   
    Apps - Previous Apps, Actions on the card then Reinstall
  5. Squid's post in Does anyone use a Mounted NVMe drive for a docker image storage? was marked as the answer   
    Yes.  Use the UD plugin to mount it, and point the image at it (or the folder if you're using a folder instead of an image)
  6. Squid's post in Docker Image Missing after Move was marked as the answer   
    I would simply delete and then recreate the docker image file ( https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/#comment-564309 ),
    Recreate your proxynet network followed by Apps - Previous Apps and check off what you had installed.
  7. Squid's post in [?] Docker system failed to start was marked as the answer   
    Doesn't matter.  On a cache-prefer / cache-only system share it winds up on the cache drive anyways.  Just disabling, deleting, and re-enabling uses the same path as before
  8. Squid's post in Mover not moving files long names was marked as the answer   
    Mover adds in ".partial" during the move to solve various problems that users have on occasion
    This makes your filename too long.  Right now, your source is 255 characters on the filename itself.  This is the maximum length of any filename.
    I'd simplify your naming convention that you've got (presumably) sonarr naming the file to.  It seems to be a tad much, having both the [S01E12] and the episode # 012 separate, along with all of the file info x264, audio etc in the filename itself when usually it only needs to be done in the associated .nfo file unless you want to see at a glance everything about the file.
  9. Squid's post in [SOLVED] Server freeze every morning, requires hard reboot, fork resource unavailable was marked as the answer   
    Nothing super obvious, but based on the tasks currently running, see if restarting Shinobi before you go to bed makes a difference.
    root 12317 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? Zs 16:05 0:00 | \_ [ffmpeg] <defunct>  
  10. Squid's post in MCE Error was marked as the answer   
    I'd say it's bad because it is currently being corrected by virtue of it being ECC.  IMO, ECC is purchased so that you know when one is beginning to return errors so that it can then be replaced rather than waiting for the module to get bad enough that it can no longer correct the errors.
    The SEL should tell you exactly which DIMM it is (or mce says that it's DIMM0, but I'd trust the SEL more than what mce says for identification)
  11. Squid's post in Icons messed up after reboot was marked as the answer   
    By deleting Theme Engine and rebooting do you mean that you uninstalled it and then rebooted?
    Try in safe mode.  Also try using incognito mode in the browser if an extension is interfering 
  12. Squid's post in Array Devices: Too many wrong and/or missing disks was marked as the answer   
    Tools - New Config
    Reassign the drives accordingly.  Since you're not using any parity device for redundancy, that's everything you need to do.
  13. Squid's post in Check logs for docker run commands after having a corrupted boot drive was marked as the answer   
    docker inspect nameOfContainer  
    Will tell you ever path, every Env, every port that you've got.
    If you didn't set up environment variables, then easiest to work out the paths and ports from the Docker Tab (Advanced view)
  14. Squid's post in Help! Cannot get into web interface! was marked as the answer   
    Apr 13 11:48:03 Gardenhill root: nginx: [emerg] cannot load certificate "/etc/ssl/certs/unraid_bundle.pem": PEM_read_bio_X509() failed (SSL: error:0908F066:PEM routines:get_header_and_data:bad end line)  
    Try deleting /config/ssl and /config/ssh reboot if still no go, then post a new set
  15. Squid's post in Slackware boots, but nothing else was marked as the answer   
    Remove that xmod line you added to go and see if that makes a difference
  16. Squid's post in mobo upgrade - Device "eth0" does not exist was marked as the answer   
    No driver is being loaded.
    6.8.3 is rather ancient.  Update to 6.9.2 or 6.10.0-rc4+ and see if that fixes it
  17. Squid's post in v6.9.2 MCE Detected on your server - Fix Common Problems was marked as the answer   
    2 possibilities can cause this:
    Certain combinations of hardware will issue an mce upon processor initialization (probably related to firmware update) and can be safely ignored. Your wife has asked you to sweep the floors and you've lifted up the carpet and swept the dirt there. Under either scenario, you're safe (except for the wrath of a woman)
  18. Squid's post in Same share exists in a different case was marked as the answer   
    You have a docker container referencing "CamelCase" in it's path mappings
  19. Squid's post in Log keeps filling up, despite uninstalling nerdpack was marked as the answer   
    Disable mover logging in Settings - Scheduler
    Also, generally the appdata share should be set to use cache: Prefer. 
    Mover keeps trying to move it to the array (and the logs fill up because most of the files are in use)  You will get far far better performance by setting it to Prefer, running mover (with the entire docker service disabled in Settings Docker).  Use the appdata backup plugin to make weekly backups of it to the array
  20. Squid's post in docker wont start was marked as the answer   
    Post your diagnostics
  21. Squid's post in 日志报错问题请教 was marked as the answer   
    If you're running 6.9.2, then you need to delete the /config/BTRS.key file
  22. Squid's post in Leaky Docker? was marked as the answer   
    There's 1.3G which the containers have written directly into the image.  A bit on the high side, but still within the realm of possibility.  All in all I'd say just expand to 30G and not worry about it.
  23. Squid's post in "Fix common issues" : /boot/config/network-rules.cfg.bkp.cfg corrupted was marked as the answer   
    Delete it.  I'm not doing an exception for a backup of a backup
  24. Squid's post in /boot/config/super.cfg corrupted was marked as the answer   
    super.cfg is not a file which is used by the OS (it uses super.dat)  I'd just rename it to be an extension other than .cfg and check to make sure that nothing else was potentially using it.
  25. Squid's post in Problem with unraid server disapearing from Network when Dockers are enabled was marked as the answer   
    This is the workaround here: