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  1. Thank you. I did assume it was something like that so i guess i'll be looking at either upgrading or getting a gpu. Again thanks for the response
  2. Hi I'm a relative newbie with unraid and servers/computer but i've had an unraid server running for 6-12 months. My issue is i've noticed that while transcoding tv/movies through plex my cpu is running at 100% and has on a couple of occasions recently caused the server to shut down. i'm using an AMD A10-9700 radeon r7 cpu on a gigabyte motherboard. Is it a simple case of i'm running a budget cpu and if i want to get away from this problem i need to upgrade or continue to live with the issue or im doing something dimwitted(wouldn't surprise me) and i can sort it o
  3. Hello First post so please forgive if its in the wrong place I'm looking to build my first nas as i've been adding hd's to my normal pc for storage and i'm now out of space for anymore hd's so figured i'd go specific build which would also give me some backup. It's going to mainly used as storage and as a plex server with 4 users on the network and 2 from outside the home network, i'm trying to do it on the cheap for now and add better equipment piece by piece, with that in mind i was hoping to get some advice on the following parts Intel Core i3 9100F