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  1. Here is the new log.
  2. Thanks and sorry...we wrote in the same time. An excerpt from the syslog is attached on my previous post. As it is big i will upload it somewhere else.
  3. After following the advices of Joe L. from this two topics I finally have my Data Disk 1 green. I needed to put the command initconfig. After reassigning the drives a paritysync started automatically. What bothers me now is that it is doing it with 1.5 MB/s and the estimated remaining time is something like a few weeks. The web interface is almost not responding but I have access to my files. I will leave it this way never-mind how much time it will take to complete....but now I think something with the USB flash is not ok. Is it a good idea to start from scratch and get a new installation of the system? Thank you Joe L. Edit: The Pariti HDD is disabled now with a red dot. A new syslog is attached. log.txt
  4. I am attaching a screenshot of my web interface:
  5. Hi, I am using Unraid 5.0-rc8a on the following hardware: Asus P8H61-M-LE, CPU:Celleron G530, 4gb RAM. WD30EZRX- Parity WD30EZRX- Data Disk 1 WD7501AA- Data Disk 2 ST9500325AS- Cache All of the HDDs are attached to the mainboard sata ports except the cache disk which is attached to AOC- SASLP-MV8 controller. A red dot appeared on my Parity drive. I stopped the array and rebooted the server. A blue dot appeared next to the Parity drive and I start a parity sync. What I saw was a very slow and unusual speed at about 15-20 mb, while usually I have at arround 120. I did stop the parity sync and rebooted the server once more. What i saw was that this time not only the parity drive was orange, but also Data Disk-1 (WDEZRX) was red saying it is unformated. On the web interface for Disk 1 i see the following: File system type: unknown I rechecked all the cable connections and everything seems fine. All of the disks are visible in the Bios. I hope I did'nt lost everything I had. Please help me as I am lost here and dont know what to do next. Please find attached the syslog. log.txt
  6. Thank you for your answer dgaschk, I executed the command. The results are bellow: sdd is the cache drive. sda is WD7501AALS and sdb is WD30EZRX Strange that the black WD is slower than the green drive.
  7. I decided to perform a smart test on my cache drive and saw some concerning Raw_Read_Error_Rate values. After a research I understood that Raw_Read_Error_Rate on Seagates has always big value... is it right? Probably this is the reason for the inconsistent transfer speeds? Log attached. EDIT: I decided to move some files across the Disks. So my speed is back to normal 70(something) MB/sec when i copy from cache disk to Disk1 or Disk2. The slaw transfer speeds remain when I copy from Cache drive to user shares. So according to my understanding this can't be a hardware problem, but rather some kind of a software issue. smart.txt
  8. After my first excitement of the speed the cache drive provide me with I have just noticed some very weird behavior of the transfer speeds. Sometimes the speed is around 70 MB/s in other situations it just drops to 5-6 MB/s. I haven't changed anything in the system. Reboot doesnt solve the problem. It is not dependent also on the fact if the drives are spinning or not. It just writes with the speed it wants. The Media share is cashed. I am copying from the transmission (which is installed on the cache drive as app) to my Media user share. Probably my configuration is faulty that's why I am attaching here some screen-shots .
  9. Only in dos environment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What have you used "disable" or "/s300" ? I used "/s300"
  11. I may assure you that I am not writing constantly on the drive but wd30ezrx had something like 7000 lcc for a week. After applying wdiddle3 the lcc are behaving like on my wd blacks. I have heard that not all of the wd30ezrx series suffer from this issue but I have one of this with problems for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. No issues which i have noticed so far. Just don't forget to run WDidle3 on them. Otherwise you will have a high level of LCC in a very short period of time.
  13. @jowi: sadly the test in my environment could not be a benchmark as I am currently using an old vaio laptop with a 100mbit network interface. The speed is around 12 Mbyte/sec. @raptor: your remark is correct. I mean the CPU is not a beast comparing to the others board members ones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Wow, I am impressed, Just received my Plus license key and rushed to install an old Seagate Momentus 5400.6 drive as a cache drive. The increase of data transfer speed is really dramatic. I am writing from the cache drive to a user shares with ~ 75-80 Mbyte/Sec...while before my peak was something like 35 Mbyte/Sec. I suppose with faster Cache HDD the speed will be even higher. My CPU is an old Celleron G530 @ 2.40GHz and non fancy at all Mainboard Asus P8H61-M-LE/USB3 + 4gb cheapo RAM.
  15. Thanks Joe L and all. I decided to make a clean install. All is working great again.
  16. Problem solved after setting 300seconds with wdiddle.exe. Initially was set to 8 sec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. So in such a case a fresh installation is the only way? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Thank you chickensoup for your rapid reply. Currently I do not have a 93 477 77parity drive installed as I still transfer my files from different sources. I will write here as soon as I upgrade to test-2. Hope this will resolve my problems. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Dear all, I have been using unraid 5, rc3. Then decided to upgrade to rc5. I did the upgrade replacing the bzimage and bzroot files. After starting the server everything worked great and didn't noticed any problems. Two days later I have noticed that I can't perform smart tests from the web interface anymore and I got the message that disks need to be spinning in order to perform the test. This message appeared while all my disks was spinning. Restart didn't help at all. Second problem: I can't install plugins anymore neither from unmenu nor manually. I have a console message saying that the upgradeplg command is not found. Do I need to build the system from scratch or I have a chance to fix this issues without rebuilding? Thanks in advance, Best regards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hello, Today I have noticed that Unmenu is warning me for a high level of Load Cycle count=4252 for one of my HDDs. I bought this drive about a month ago. Should i be concerned about this values or everything is as it should be. The drive is WD30EZRX. Thanks.
  21. Thank you all. I will continue filling up the array and will let you know about the results. Best regards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Thank you mr-hexen. Please kindly find attached the main screen capture. Due to the large file size i will attach the syslog in the next post.
  23. Sadly I have to report that after filling DISK1 with data and only 750gb free remained (the same free space DISK2 has) unraid continues to write to DISK1 only using User Shares. Again tried to change high-level to 2,3, is just the same. Restarts performed on every split-level change. Even tried Most-free option.... To me user shares split-levels just don't work. Disk 2 is never used. Do I need to upgrade to RC6 as I am using RC3 recently? EDIT: Upgraded to 8168-test version. Still no go.