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  1. Thank you all. In case high-water means equal free space and not equal percentage of free space then it means that Unraid will start writing to Disk 2 (which is 750gb) once Disk 1 has only 750gb or less free space. I will rename the topic to "Solved" now. Best regards.
  2. Yes, theoretically it should be like this. Unfortunately DISK-1 is 55 % full and Unraid continue writing to it... Just tested "Most free" method. Split level 3 or 4- it is the same. Only DISK-1 is used by Unraid.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I have exactly the same folder structure on the second disk. If I write directly on disk2 the movie appears on the user shares. It is obviously writing when I force it but I had the impression that unraid is going to write automatically to the disks based on certain criteria. Probably the problem appears only to rc3? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hello, here are my share settings at Media folder:
  5. I am sorry for the delay. Of course my directory structure is not a secret. Please find it attached. Best regards and thanks for your efforts.
  6. Thanks for your answer Tybio, If i got it right (according to wiki- Link ) the high water mode means that unraid will start to write on the next drive when the information on the first disk reaches 50% of the volume. So I thought after this 50% Unraid will start writing to the next HDD. Probably I misunderstood the idea. Thanks again. Best regards.
  7. Dear lionelhutz, Thank you for your answer. It is not dependant on the content. I tried to copy music, hd moves and tv shows directly to /usershares/media/(respective sub-folder) and the result is always the same. The content is written directly to DISK1 instead of the other empty disks. What i thought is that probably it is a split level issue. I don't mind TV Shows series to be stored only on DISK1, but why HD Movies, Documentaries and Music are still written on DISK1 instead of other ones? Probably it is worth to be mentioned that i didn't restarted the server after changes being m
  8. Dear Unraid community. Please help me with the split level issue i experience. I have read all of the info (including the wiki topic) but still have problems. My setup for all of the disks in my array are the following: The split level I set for all my HDDs is 3, HighWater. From what i understood, UNRAID will fill up 50% of the capacity of DISK1 and then will start to fill another 50% of DISK2, etc.... None of this is working for me. Unraid is writing only to DISK1, although i have tried every single split level number (from 1 to 5) and none of them gave any result. Curently my
  9. Hello, Please take a look here but have in mind that additional CPU horse power (from the router side) are needed for a smooth streaming performance. In the near past I used to have this type of configuration based on a WRT54gl router and the streaming of video files was almost impossible. Once i changed the router with a routerboard the level of joy increased dramaticaly.
  10. It is the same with Samba shares. I can not download subtitles via XBMC subtitles plugin to unraid too. Is it possible this issue to be connected with some kind of a permission problems?
  11. Thank you very much. I will start another preclear. Best regards.
  12. Dear All, Could you please take a look at my log? I started the preclear with a screen support but during the night the connection was lost. I followed the howto re-attach to the screen but didn't managed to do it. Then i ask for a log: grep preclear /var/log/syslog | todos >> /boot/preclear_results.txt Here is what I had. It is strange that the preclear was finished in only 9:14 hrs. The drive is WD30EZRX. Thanks in advance preclear_results.txt
  13. Yes, I have the card but haven't tested it yet as I still don't have the new HDDs. Once I buy them I will do the tests. Hmmm...I hope i didn't bought the wrong controller. EDIT: It seems to be supported: Another confirmation:
  14. Dear Pankov, I got the supermicro extension card from Persy The guys are very helpful and even did a great discount on the price of the cables which was not included. I think there is no other Supermicro reseller in Bulgaria. Best regards.
  15. Yep, "Let the games begin" I just installed unraid (The latest V5 RC3) and played a bit with the unmenu. I don't have plans to use many demanding plugins. My idea is to use it as a fileserver (still dont have the HDDs) and to install some cardserver software for my satelite tv hobby. I noticed some bugs...well probably I don't do something right but the plugins does not start automatically after i reboot the server, never-mind the fact I install them with such option via the unmenu. I have to re-enable them in order to work again after the restart. SSh for an example. Next week I am
  16. Hello again, I have revised the hardware which I show in my first post. The main reason was to decrease the total amount. I have ordered and already received the CPU, Motherboard and the memory. 1. Celeron® Dual Core G530 (2.4GHz, 2MB, 850MHz GPU, LGA1155) BOX 2. Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3, H61, LGA1155, DDR3, PCI-E, DVI, SB7.1, Lan1000, 2xUSB3.0, uATX 3. Corsair Value 4GB DDR3-1333 Ram Dimm Just ordered Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 8 ports SAS 2.0 JBOD. Once I put everything in working condition I will show additional pictures of the server. Here are the parts I have just receiv
  17. Thank you dikkiedirk, It seems this board is a bit new and is still not poppular among the unraid users. I will investigate further as you suggested before hitting the "buy" button.
  18. While I was hunting for the best prices of the chosen components I found THIS board: It has 8 sata ports and looks like a better option compared to the MSI board and it is cheaper. Do you think it is better then the MSI one and the most important will it work for unraid? Thanks in advance.
  19. No...I will add the new drives first and then will transfer the content of the old ones to the new array. Later, when the old drives are empty (the files from them were transfered) I will add them too. Please correct me in case it is not the right way. Thanks.
  20. Thanks, but I dont want to limit myself in adding additional HDDs in the future.
  21. Dear All, I am a long time reader and a fresh registered member. I would like to build my first Unraid server. Currently I am using an Ubuntu server system serving my multimedia drives and sharing via Samba to my 3 XBMC machines and hosting some aplications like Transmission, CCcam, Oscam (last two are applications for satelite cardsharing to my home satelite receivers) and Apache. As I plan finally to retire my old server I came to a conclusion that unRAID is the system I need mainly because of its core features and additionally because I can run my special cardsharing software without a