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  1. Hi saarg, thank you for your time on this. It is pity the docker cant be build with ncv support, but I guess there is no full happiness Best regards.
  2. Hi saarg, linuxserver and CHBMB, I can see the docker has been compiled without netceiver support. As I have 2 netceiver devices with 12 tuners I would kindly like to ask you if possible to build a version with netceiver support. Thank you very much in advance and best regards.
  3. please help me with the following error message i get from the web address: As I see I am not the only one with this problem. Please kindly see my log file: Here how I also mounted the needed folders: Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. I've reported the issue on the github, but a collaborator has just reported it is working fine for him.
  5. Thank you both CHBMB and Dimtar. As I have never done this before I will register and try to report the issue. Best regards
  6. First I would kindly like to thank you for this docker. I would also like to know how to add the trackers mentioned in the github as they are n.a. in the docker web interface. I am particularly interested in tracker which should be supported but cannot find it as an option. Thank you in advance.
  7. bus "virtio" didn't worked for me. I've used "sata" instead.
  8. Dear jonp and itimpi Thank you very much for your priceless participation. Now the clonezilla image installs fine and boots as it should. I guess I can mark the issue as [sOLVED]. Best regards.
  9. Hi jonp and thanks for your input. As I stated in my first message, the linux image (ubuntu distribution) is an actual working backup made by clonezilla in a PC environment where a HDD was presented with a number of partitions (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb, etc...) The .iso installs fine in a VM under unraid I have no problems with that. The problem is upon first boot of the VM after a successful installation where it hangs because of /dev/sda partition is not found. Obviously there is no /dev/sda/ as the VM disk is /dev/vda/ . My question is the following: is it possible to convert somehow the .iso image (or to tell KVM) so that it is not searching for dev/sda, but/dev/vda? I will provide screenshots if needed. Thanks.
  10. C'mon guys... I can't believe no one knows the answer.
  11. I have successfully installed the image in Virtual Box environment and it is working great. No success in KVM. I would like to avoid keeping Virtual Box, as KVM is build-in now and I am running windows7 and Ubuntu Desktop as VMs as well. Do I need special .XML settings or do I need to modify the image so that every partition is /dev/vdaX, instead of /dev/sdaX? Tried to do it with "cnvt-ocs-dev" but the command fails as the image is reported being read-only. Is there anyway to "cheat" the system that actually vda is sda? Any input will be appreciated.
  12. I have a clonezilla image made by third party. It is a Set-Top-Box alike software, based on Ubuntu 14. When I try to restore the image in Unraid VM environment, it complains that /dev/SDA is not available. In the installation settings I am changing the installation disk from SDA to VDA and then the software installs correctly, but on the first boot it continues to ask for /dev/SDA and of course just halts. How do I change the device in the clonezilla image so that the software starts from /dev/VDA and not /dev/SDA?
  13. Is it possible this function to be switched on/off from the notification settings menu? On one hand for sure I would not like to have red alerts for disk full, but on the other hand I would like to keep the current color scheme.
  14. Could you please advise how to do this?
  15. Same here. 7 of 10 disks in my array are 100% full. Received 7 e-mails and 7 red notifications which led me to heart attack (thought of 7 redballs) once the unraid came online after a reboot. This means that every day I will receive utilization warnings which I do not consider neither warning nor alert. Are we able to tell unraid we are fine with this and do not mention it further?
  16. Still no luck. The docker update is not reporting a new version available. It was built one day ago, so it should work. Try deleting the container and image and see if that makes any difference. Thanks saarg, I deleted the old container and installed again. It is working now. Thank you once again for your work.
  17. Still no luck. The docker update is not reporting a new version available.
  18. No, I am using your stable, not the beta one. Will try force update now. Update: force update didn't help.
  19. Hi saarg, thanks for your fast reaction in updating oscam. I hit check for updates docker some times but no update has been reported. Do I need to force update the container in order to install the latest oscam version? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello and thanks for the input. I can completely remove the SASLP controler and use only the H310's for the test. I am not sure this is a controler issue having in mind the long hassle-free history I had with the same configuration till now.
  21. I ran a non-correcting parity check. This time the process finished with errors but at least the drive was not kicked out of the array. No smart errors have been reported. Does this means that my parity is not correct? And what do I need to do in order to make it right? I am uploading my diagnostic files and a screenshot showing the errors reported during the parity check. According to the screenshot bellow there are some problems with the drive (critical medium error) but the smart report is clear.
  22. Hi saarg, Do you have any plans to update the main oscam or oscam-test container? There are some new patches in the new oscam builds which are important. Thank you very much for your work.
  23. Hi trurl, Thank you for your answer. I am running the latest 6.1.6 version. Please find attached the requested smart report for the drive. It looks absolutely fine to my understanding.