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  1. Hi folks, I had disk disabled due to a read error 3 days ago. As drive cages are part of the system I have checked all the connections for a loose cable, re-seated the drive and followed the procedure for rebuilding it. The rebuild process went fine and the drive came back online. The parity has been checked as the system "advised me" to do so. The parity check was with a "write corrections" option enabled when i started it. When the procedure was completed by nearly 90% the disk was disabled again and the log file was full of errors. I've checked everything again and even attached the disk to the other controller and different cage. This led me to the same situation. Smart test has been executed showing no errors. Please check my syslog and please advise what to do. Do I need a new disk to rebuild onto? TIA.
  2. @Aaron Oz: Actually not! This means that the key has expired and what you need to do now is to read carefully post#1 to answer your question how to update it with the current one.
  3. Mikrotik are great devices. Although they are really hard to be setup, especially for a person who is just a user. I own rb450g with uptime of several years but I gave up on setting it up as soon as I saw its "web interface". It was tuned by a friend who is a network admin in a large corporation. This devices are just on a next level compared to the soho routers. To answer the main question- I am using Vpn as well (PPtp).
  4. Will do it. Thanks again for your participation in the discussion.
  5. Usually it happens when there are no downloads at all on the queue.
  6. Thanks for your comment Squid, The only downloader I have installed is transmission, which is storing the downloaded files outside of the the root of the cache drive.
  7. Hi guys, I beg your help please. Every 10 days or so, the file system on my cache drive goes to read only. Stopping/ starting the array usually solves the problem, but I do not think that is normal. Here is an excerpt from my log file showing certain BTRFS problems: The cache drive is fine, showing no SMART errors (both short and long tests have been performed). I am experiencing this situation since I converted all my plugins to dockers. Please also see the full syslog attached.
  8. Yep I am not exactly sure that this have to be like this.
  9. Thanks, So this must mean that the card-reader's slots are counted as disks?
  10. Thanks for the input. Since I am currently away from the server I am not going to be able to boot in safe mode next couple of weeks. It is not a serious issue for me, just found out and decided to share. BR.
  11. Dear all, I have 12 disks in my server (including parity and cache) + a card-reader on an internal USB slot (with 5 devices). The system stats is obviously aggregating all the devices and report 17 disks. Is it a known issue? Thanks in advance.
  12. Upgraded from RC3 this morning. All went perfect. Thank you Lime-technology for delivering us such a great product.
  13. Hello, RC3 solved the issue for me after applying scrub tools a number of times. My understanding is that it is a btrfs.img problem related and not the HDD itself. I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to RC3. Keep us posted on the result please. Best regards.
  14. Thanks RobJ, Probably I didn't mentioned that the cache drive itself is RFS formatted and only the docker.img is BTRFS. I already upgrade to RC-3 and I am closely watching the log.
  15. Dear RobJ, Thank you very much for your exhaustive comment. The controller is a Supermicro SASLP-MV8 with LSI cables connected to a Supermicro M35-T cage. Will upgrade to RC3 as soon as I get back home with a hope to resolve the annoying issue. Smart (long and short) tests were perform showing no problems with the disk. Will keep an eye on it and will report what is happening once I upgrade to RC3. Thanks again.
  16. Thanks Jonp for the input. Could you please elaborate further what test would you like me to perform in order to provide you with additional information? There are no (obvious) problems neither with the hard-disk nor with the controller.
  17. All, My cache drive has become read-only again. I do not know what is the reason for this but it started to happen after I migrate my server to 6 beta 15. Every 2 days I need to restart the server because of BTRFS errors. Upgrade to RC3 is still not an option for me. Please see the system log attached.
  18. Does it mean it is a bug in beta 15? Haven't noticed such a behavior of beta 14. Edited: The problem gets deeper. Now I am unable to use the cache drive as it gets read only almost immediately after a restart and BTRFS-scrub tools are unable to start. Edited: Restarted again the whole server and went directly to docker settings. Ran scrub, and here is the output:
  19. Just restarted again and I have a different message in my syslog (attached) this time.
  20. Unraid 6 beta 15 here. Suddenly my all my dockers became offline. This is the second time it happens for the last 3 days. A restart of the array solves it. Here is what I had in my log. The above message was generated million times. What does it mean? The cache disk where the docker.img resides is RFS formatted. A smart test was performed showing no issues. Searched the board and couldn't managed to find similar complain from other users.
  21. Would be great. Thanks a lot in advance.
  22. Dear bjp999, after many restarts and drive cage slot exchange, the situation with the above issue remains unsolved. Do you have any other ideas to try? The issue doesn't hurt but it would be nice if can be cured.
  23. Understood. Thank you for your clean comment.
  24. Could you please enlighten me what is the benefit of running kodi headless on a server? Is it only for handling the database or it has other advantages? In case it is only for database sharing how it is better than MySQL sharing? Thank you in advance for your work and answers.