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  1. Offtopic: 7000 movies? And I was very proud of my 1000 Blurays....
  2. I restarted twice leading to no change.
  3. Thanks for your answer bjp. I am running 6 beta-15. Please kindly find attached the strings.txt file. TIA. strings.txt
  4. Just added another HDD in my system formatted with XFS FS. As a result, the Mymain is reporting the HDD as "unmounted (non-array) disk". The disk is in perfect working order, the main menu is reporting it normal just Mymain. Here are some screenshots.
  5. Happy to report that the rebuild went successful. No errors have been reported. A non-corrections parity check is in progress. Thanks again for your help.
  6. dear trurl, the smart report looks absolutely fine. Thank you for your help.
  7. Thank you for your rapid reply, garycase. I will report the outcome of the situation as soon as the rebuild Is done. Best regards.
  8. Hi guys, Needed to replace a Supermicro SASLP-MV8 with a DELL Perc H310 controller. When I started the array disk 2 came with a redball and consequently the Unraid disabled it. I have opened the case and discovered that the SFF8087 wasn't fitted well into the controller - causing a bad connection to the disabled Disk2. I need someone to confirm the steps I took in order to resolve the situation. 1. I have stopped the array. 2. Unassigned disk2 and started the array. 3. Stopped the array and assigned the drive again. 4. Started the array. 5. The rebuild have started. Is there something stupid I have done?
  9. Hi jonp, Please find a screenshot for Xeon E3 1220 V2 Just to clarify that this "bug" is not making me nervous at all. By the way noticed it a week ago...
  10. I have Xeon E3-1220 v2 in my system and I can also confirm the Ivy is affected.
  11. Thank you all for your comments. Best regards.
  12. Thanks BRiT Unfortunately the command doesn't work
  13. Thank you for your comment, archedraft. Hope it will be fixed in the next beta. Does this means there is no way the syslog to be restarted from command line?
  14. Thank you for your input BRiT, You are right: Obviously went out of room. What is causing this and how to resolve it? My unraid is living on a 8GB flash drive and have a lot of space in there.
  15. Dear community, Due to a memory leakage in one docker i ran out of ram. As a result the syslog stopped logging. The docker issue has been resolved, but syslog remained silent. How do I restart syslog? I know the easy way is to restart the Unraid but I would like to avoid this step.
  16. Hi saarg, just to report that the oscam is performing more than good. Pushed it hard with 25 cache-ex3 lines and a mix of 120 Cccam and Newcamd lines. No single crash for 2 days, no memory leak to be reported. I think it may be considered "stable". Best regards.
  17. Thanks saarg, Just installed it! Works as expected. Will keep an eye on it how it performs and will update you here. Thanks again for your work. Good working oscam was the only software I missed.
  18. Hi saarg, Just to report: OScam version inside the container was suffering severe memory leakage. In 12 hours it was using all of the memory of the server with just 6 peers in cache-exchange, 4 local cards and 20 cccam exchange. I followed your advice and updated oscam inside the container to the latest version r10647 (as of today). No more memory leakage and the oscam is performing as it should. Additionally now oscam is reporting it's version in the web interface unlike the initial svn version from the container. Best regards. Alexandro
  19. Gave you a working solution in post 64 for much smaller amount of money.
  20. Wish you luck with the Triax device. Had it in the past too. I am sorry if it sounds rude but it is a piece of junk. Needs to be restarted every 3 hours. Doesn't handle well DVB-S2 transponders as well as high bitrate broadcasts.
  21. I support what saarg said. There are still not available devices despite the fact the technology allows it. If you allow me I would recommend you to stay away from Sat-IP LNB. Had Triax and Inverto in the past....Sold them both with a great pleasure. It is a dead-born technology. TBS Moi is an alternative but is still buggy. What you can try to find is a second hand Netceiver (Reel Multimedia device). It works rock solid in combination with VDR. I am saying "second hand" because the company is not existing anymore. But you can find them on a reasonable price in the German ebay. However they are not cheap but are considered high-end among the Satellite enthusiasts. Hope that helped you.
  22. Thank you for your help, saarg. Please post your results of the tests once performed. Kind regards.
  23. Dear saarg, I have noted that the oscam docker is using a lot of RAM on my server. Even unraid is killing the process in order to survive. Here is the part of the log file: Also I can not determine which version of oscam is built into the docker image? According to the oscam itself it is Could you please tell is it possible somehow to include mine own compiled version of oscam or to update it with the latest build? My hardware details are on my signature. Thanks again.
  24. Has someone experienced such behavior of Unraid? Just successfully precleared a brand new WD Red drive. All 3 cycles went perfect. Once I've tried to add it into the array, Unraid politely informed me that the disk need to be cleared and a "Clear" button (instead of "Format") was presented. Does this means that Unraid is not recognizing the preclear signature written by the script? I am using Unraid 6.0 beta 14b and the latest from Joe L.