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  1. How about dockerization of OSCam?
  2. I have the same issue. Do you have AFP enabled? Check out the log file once the movie stop and see if any AFP error message appeared. In my case it is the AFP which I have enabled because of TM which is somehow related to the SMB stream. I know it is hard to believe but as soon as the movie freezes the AFP error in the log is presented.
  3. If I was in your shoes I wouldn't buy a case like R4 just to aggregate the HDDs from your existing servers as the future expandability is a bit questionable. From your statement I understand you have already 10 HDDs. This case will not leave you a lot of free space for additional disks. Fractal R4 is great for a desktop case (I use it for my PC) but I wouldn't buy it for unraid. My suggestion would be to look around for a server class case so that to ensure you will have enough room for additional disks in the future.
  4. So....are you selling the case? I have space for another one....and it is going to be harder in time to find another case like this. I plan on expanding with another server over the top of the existing one.
  5. A friend of mine have built an unraid server with a legacy Core2Duo E8200 CPU. He is using the onboard sata2 ports (no fancy controllers, no ECC ram, just simple components and Seagate NAS drives- 2tb). I was very surprised to see the average speed of parity check amounting to 190 mb/s and approximate five times faster transfers via the gigabyte lan compared to my server..... while the server grade parts I use brought me to ~ 100 mb/s. I know most of the people here are experiencing the same parity check speeds as mine, but honestly... I can't explain his speeds. Do you have any ideas?
  6. I live in Bulgaria and there is a local Supermicro authorized dealer. (hope I do not violate the forum rules, posting links) If I am not wrong they do ship in Europe. I do not know what will be the shipping price having in mind the weight of the cage. The M35T is not in their list currently (just checked) but the price of it was something like 110 euro (VAT included). If not in stock, they will have it for a week. Probably it would be easier just to give them a phone-call (they do have also skype for international customers) and ask them directly. The guys are presented in the local market last 20 years and are responsible for the IT infrastructure of the biggest companies presented here and also some governmental institutions...this means they are reliable. If I can help additionally, do not hesitate to ask.
  7. Dear bjp999, Your build is quite impressive as well. The only reason to have my attention on the Lian-Li case was to ensure a future proof (in case Limetech implements more drives support in Pro). 2 more cages are sitting and waiting to be installed. It deserves to be mentioned that the only reason I didn't take the server-class-case route was the relatively higher noise levels and the lack of space for a rack to mount it. Currently the Unraid is operating in a room which our family is using for something like a warehouse for now . In this regard the noise is not such a problem. Regarding the M35T: Even though the stock fans are providing a great airflow, I didn't like the jet sound they were producing. Immediately change them with 92 mm Noctua fans. The difference after the change is noticeable - around 3 degrees C higher temperatures on the HDDs during parity check. I think I can live with that for the time being not being even close to 40 degrees C.
  8. Hello, I was using Unraid for the last 3 years starting from a free license to Plus. As in my country people says that the appetite is coming with the meal, my storage needs started to grow. I upgraded to Pro license and set up the current Unraid machine with the following components: 1. Case: Lian Li PC343b- as it was not available in my country I bought it from a member of this forum. 2. Drive cages: 4 x Supermicro CSE - M35T 3. Motherboard: Supermicro X9SCA 3. CPU: XEON E3-1220, v2 4. RAM: 4GB Xynix ECC (additional 4 already bought, but not installed) 5. SATA Contollers: 2x Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 6. PSU: Corsair RM-750 7. FANS: 2 x Noctua NF-S12A ULN Currently I have only 8 x 3 TB storage drives, 1 Parity and an old 500 gb cache drive (every 4-5 months I need additional 3tb). With the prices getting lower I think my next HDD will be a 4tb one. The main purpose of the machine is to store my Family Photos, Movies, TV Shows and Concerts and to serve them via Samba to my 4 XBMC based media centers in the house. All of the Movies stored are 1080p and 720p for the TV Shows. Thanks to the community I have managed to install Plex Media Server and now have access to the media via Plex in my country house. As I have one more server, based on debian I plan to aggregate them both with Unraid (XEN) once the stable 64bit V6 gets ready. What I like: The server operates really nice. The HDD temperatures are in safe levels (around 35 C during parity check). No major problems at all except the usual web interface disappearance (every 4-5 weeks). To be on the safe side I added a UPS and the problems I had in the past with the old server just went away. What I dislike: I do not like the case. For such a massive case (and for the price it comes) the construction is more than poor. The side panels are made from a single aluminum sheet which resonates very unpleasant. Some tweaks with absorption materials were applied in order to lower the resonances. Thank you all for your support during the last 3 years. Without all of you this project would not be a reality.
  9. MySQL ApcUPS Plex Plex Updater Air Video Unmenu OpenSSh Transmission CacheDirectories Snap
  10. If my memory serves me well usually it takes a month for Openelec team to comply with a new version.
  11. Thank you all. Will perform the test and will report later.
  12. Hello, I have a 1 year old MGE Ellipse Max 600 which was working fine. Today I've noticed some strange reports regarding LOADPCT, BCHARGE and TIMELEFT. They all report zeroes. Is it a sign that my battery is already dead and need a replacement or is it something related to the plugin itself? I am using Unraid 5.0 and the unmenu UPS plugin. Thanks
  13. Haven't installed whatsoever recently. All the plugins were installed a year and a half before. That's why I was curious what's happening.
  14. The problem is solved. It was a USB drive issue. Inserted the flash to a windows machine and re-ran "make bootable" script. Unraid booted flawlessly this time. What might cause this problem? There are no additional software/plugins writing to the drive...Is it a signal for the coming death of the USB drive?
  15. I was streaming a movie from the array when suddenly the movie stopped. Checked the web interface, all green, no errors in the syslog and decided that after 45 days uptime it is time for a reboot. 2 minutes after i discovered that Unraid is not online. Decided to attach a monitor to the server and see what is going on. "Boot error" was the message. Bios boot options- checked, everything seems to be as it should be. USB dongle scan didn't reported any issues in Windows7. When i tried to boot again, the same message appeared on the screen. What to do next?
  16. Do you have any other solution? For an example I use a non-public software tied to the HDD and the Motherboard and trust me it is much more inconvenient.
  17. Thanks dgaschk. No pending sectors discovered after short smart test. I am currently running a correcting parity check. Unmenu reports that 5 sync errors have been corrected. Will wait for it to finish and will run non-correct parity check to be 100% sure parity was corrected and will report back later the results here. BR.
  18. Sorry posted in the wrong section. Could the mods please move it to the "general support" section?
  19. After the scheduled monthly parity check i discovered 5 errors reported. Looking at the log, here is what I saw: On the other hand looking at the main screen I can see the parity is valid. Please see the screenshot of it. I would like to ask what does it mean? Probably the parity was incorrect and then corrected or the errors still remain. What I should do? To run a new (correcting) parity or? Thank you in advance. p.s. Log file attached as well syslog-2014-02-01.txt
  20. Blacks are 7200 and more power hungry. You didn't mentioned what PSU and how many disks you have in your server. An insufficient power supply may also be the problem.
  21. A simple question to the virtualization gurus: I have a separate server running a card-sharing software on it which is connected to a bunch of readers via USB to serve my local TV set-top-boxes. My Unraid motherboard is virtualization capable (Supermicro X9SCA-O) so as the CPU (Xeon E3-1220v2 - still not installed in Unraid). Do I need to pass-through only the USB hub (attached to one of the internal USB ports of the MB) so that I can use the card-readers on virtualized Ubuntu and consequently get rid of the first server? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  22. Thanks but my question was not how to organize the media. Plex indeed is a working solution when it comes to media serve. We just want to have one big (192tb) "share". They will store not only media (movies, music and tv shows) but also documents, private pictures and everything that a normal household stores digitally. We are asking for a more "pro" solution. Obviously the cost of the hardware and the HDDs are not such a big issue as it will be redistributed among us.