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  1. Dear all, one of my neighbors saw the unRaid system I own and we decided that having a massive storage for all the apartments (7 households) in our block would be amazing idea. To make the long story short we would like to have 2 servers (24 HDDs each). We will use 4tb HDDs. We just cant figure out how we can aggregate them so that the end user to see just one big storage. Obviously a third server (to aggregate both unRaid servers) must be involved. But what software we will run on it? Could you please give me a hint how we can accomplish this task and is it achievable after all? Thank you in advance.
  2. What utter crap. I'm so pissed right now. Will never buy from them again, what a ludicrous statement. Why support vt-d if you don't support it? So ask for a refund and tell them the board does not work for the application it was intended for because of lack of proper vt-d support. Supermicro is usually pretty good about that sort of stuff. You can also try and request to be put in touch with level 2 tech support and or the engineering/development department. If it truly is broken, like it appears to be, then there engineers are going to want to figure out what might be causing it and see if there is a BIOS fix for it. So does audio on the passed through graphics card not work? just the built in HDMI audio does not? Or is it any device passed through to any VM breaks audio on the built in HDMI? I am trying to understand why I would care about audio from the built in HDMI port if my goal was to do XBMC. I would care that the passed through graphics card works as expected as that would be the one driving XBMC. And congrats on finding all the fun things in hardware testing when you are on the bleeding edge. Just spoke to the Supermicro distributors in my country and they informed me that there should be no problem the MB to be exchanged in case it does not fill your needs. As this is the situation in the Eastern Europe, I can't imagine the UK Supermicro reseller/distributor will have something against to exchange it for a working solution. Moreover we are not speaking here for a consumer graded hardware but for premium (server) platforms.
  3. I have personally tried them, and no, the quality is just fine, as long as you don't try to push more data than the extender is rated for. If you are trying to push high res with a cheap extender, you will see issues. The cheap ones run 720p and 1080i just fine. This is exactly what I meant. I used to run 20m HDMI cable (Van Den Hul) and was surprised that even this 20 m are degrading the picture quality visibly. It was more noticeable on non-compressed Blu-ray content while the 720p/1080i was just fine. That's why I was thinking that the cat6 extenders can't be better than a high-end graded HDMI cable but obviously I am wrong.
  4. Although have never personally tried the hdmi extenders over cat6 I am sure the quality would degrade big time.
  5. Please take a look here: I think this solution would work in your case. You wouldn't need USB cable for your remote, controlling the xbmc but use your tv remote instead.
  6. I voted for "Unraid NG" as if unraid linux distro comes into reality it is going to be a real Next Generation version. "Linux Edition" is probably the most appropriate name but having in mind that the current version is based on nothing else but linux one can think that the predecessor is based on windows for an example. Just my thoughts.
  7. Thank you dgaschk. Obviously overseen this. Best regards.
  8. I have unraid 5.0. Exported user shares via NFS. No problem accessing them. The problem appears after write attempt. I checked user permissions and I am pretty sure the same users were writing without problem to user shares in RC versions of UNRAID. In 5 final the NFS security settings are just not showing the option to set the users and respective permissions. A screenshot from the GUI is attached. Yes, I ran the permission script once I updated to 5 final. What can be done in order to have write access via NFS? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you for your answer. The log attached is before the restart.
  10. Hi guys, hope you help me. I had a rock-solid unraid last few years without any major problems. Upgraded to version 5 final when it became available and continued to use it happily. Last few days the web interface started to disappear twice a day. Haven t changed anything at all, the same plugins, the same just hangs and only a hard reset solve the issue. Here I am attaching the complete log file. Hope somebody can help me because I feel a bit lost now.
  11. Check this out: It is a very nice case and doesn't look cheap. A friendly advice- be extremely sure that you are not going to need an expansion later as this will cost you additional expenditures. Best regards.
  12. Dear All, Friends of mine decided to make a gift to me for my birthday with the mentioned motherboard (nice present, ah? ). Since the board is not equipped with an on-board IPMI module (it is not the F model) I was wondering if additional supermicro module exists and is compatible with the board so that I can benefit from the extras IPMI provides. As my current unraid build is based on a very low level motherboard (ASUS P8H61M-LE) I have only 4gb RAM installed and for the system and plugins I use it is more than enough. I would like to ask you if this ordinary Corsair ram will work with the board or I will need special ECC server RAM? The CPU (I am waiting to receive it tomorrow) will be a XEON 1220. I have read the service manual but didn't managed to answer my questions. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best regards to all of you.
  13. Directly upgraded over 5.0 RC10. None of the installed plugins was removed prior the update (just for test) and have to report that all of them continue working as expected. Thank you Tom for your hard work bringing us a final product. Still haven't removed SF to test the new WI. Currently parity check in progress. No issues in check speed. Screenshot attached.
  14. Dear All, Could you please suggest some KVM switches (links please). My unraid build is based on a lower level Mainboard without IPMI option (I didnt thought that the appetite for IPMI will come later) but I would like to benefit of such option if available at all. As I understood it is a separate device communicating with the mainboard via RS232 cable. What I do not understand if the device have a LAN port as I can't imagine how the communication will go through without a separate LAN port and different IP. Thank you in advance. Best rehards
  15. Thank you. So I f I understood you correct, you suggest to run it this time with a "no correct" option.
  16. Thanks gdasch, you helped me a lot in the past too. I have checked yhe SMART reports and I dont have any Pending sectors. After the completion of the Parity check with "correct" option activated I have again the same message about 2 errors found. Probably I will need to do another parity check to ensure those erors has gone?
  17. I think the only way to fix the errors would be to perform another Parity check with the "correct" option on. Will let you know about the result.
  18. Hi, Today my monthly parity check was performed. I was very surprised to be informed that two errors have been found. What do I need to do from here? To rebuild the parity or something wiser? Please advise. Here is what I found in my log: Full log attached.
  19. Upgraded successfully from RC5 to RC10 on ASUS P8H61-M-LE. Currently the new permission script is still running. So far so good.
  20. Success. After restart of the system everything is fine. The free size of the shares has been updated and the new size is presented. Thank you Joe L.
  21. After disks 1 and 2 selected the output in the .cfg file is: After the third one selected and configuration saved: I will restart and will report if Unraid started to use the new drive.
  22. Thanks Joe L. for the involvment. Here is how my Media.cfg file look like (in the "selected disk") when i chose disks from the drop-down list: There are not spaces at all.
  23. Here is my Media.cfg file after I left the "Included disk(s)" field empty: Here is another screenshot: