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  1. Hi again. i didnt realize i could just use port 80/443 then host overrides on pfsense would work But when i change the ports and the the docker to pull your image, it dosent work? see screenshots. is there something more to do ? thank you
  2. how did you change the port on NPM to 80/443 ? i cant figure it out?
  3. i was thinkin of linking the certs to internal services, like sonarr, radarr etc. sonar.domain.local ?
  4. Hi Is it possible to export or link certificates to local hosts, so i can use them locally?
  5. Hi. I have just ordered new hardware to replace my HP Microserver Gen8. To unstall this patch, do i just have to replace the bzimage file? or do i need to replace all the bz* files? Thank you