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  1. Hi, I just wanted to add to this thread a trouble I hit with SMTP in the Admin panel. No matter what combinations of settings I used, or providers I used, even following the various example email SMTP setups in this thread it would always result in this line in the logs: I ended up disabling the "enable" option, saving, enabling the "enable" option, saving, then trying to send a test email and it worked. Without adjusting any further settings. Was starting to annoy me but glad it is resolved. Tried and tested "turn if off and on again" to the rescue.
  2. Hey, my card is also based on a CX23885, which I am also having trouble with. Same error of no such file or directory. Not sure if this is related but I noticed that when comparing the LibreELEC 1.4.0 Firmware list to the DVBSky FW package there is the following: dvb-fe-ds3000.fw (LE) dvb-fe-ds300x.fw (DVBSky) Unsure if this is a naming mistake, or different FWs. dvb-fe-rs6000.fw (DVBSky) is missing entirely from LE 1.4.0 The other 7 FW are all present. What are the chances my DVB Card isn't picked up from Unraid DVB (but recognised as HW in U
  3. Hello, I have been at this for many hours today and hoping I have simply overlooked something very simple. I have installed a DBSky S952 (2.2a) PCIe card, followed by installing this Plugin. On the notion that it is not TBS I started with the LibreELEC latest release, nothing detected. I have rolled back through the versions to 6.7.2, nothing detected (rebooting as instructed after each installation). Tried the latest releases of TBS on the off-chance, nothing detected. In my Hardware Profile I can see the PCI card is recognised here: