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  1. I hear ya. I'm looking at the Asrock Rack X470D4U.
  2. Thanks, but I have a 16 bay Supermicro chassis that I'm not looking to move out of.
  3. True, that can be an option, but IPMI is far more useful, and turning the unRaid server on is less of an issue since it will be on all the time. As I sit back and think about it more it almost seems more like a novelty than anything else. If I did more or had to manage it more often like I would at work, then I could see it.
  4. So I have an itch to want to rebuild my unRaid server and move the old gear in the old case it came from and make it a dedicated backup server that I can turn on and off at me leisure via IPMI access. What I'm trying to decide or justify the cost for a server motherboard that has IPMI and BMC capabilities since I have a Supermicro 836 with the quiet power supplies. Being able to remotely turn the server on or off or see the power draw is neat, but not 100% sure it's all that important. I'm considering going with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 so server boards are very limited whic
  5. Thanks for the reply and information. It's good to hear that what I have can work. The only thought on going the Ryzen route would be to hopefully consume less power draw compared to my Xeon rig. Seeing as I currently don't have a Plex Pass any trancoding is done by the CPU and so far hasn't effected anything, granted it's usually just 1 stream, since I didn't realize until it's too late that the Apple TV 4K doesn't direct play MKVs so Plex has to transcode those, hopefully I'll get around to converting them to MP4, once in a blue moon a remote stream. As for VMs, it would probabl
  6. Would there be a better subforum than this to get some info, thoughts or suggestions? Would have thought I would have at least one reply by now. lol
  7. So for the last year and a half I've had a FreeNas box running without issues pretty much running only Plex. FreeNas is horrible for VMs so that's part of my thought train here to move to unRaid. I'm curious as to if it's worthwhile to keep my gear as is and just move over to unRaid or get a new CPU, motherboard and Ram? Specs are below. Supermicro X9SLR-f motherboard Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 CPU 32GB Samsung DDR3 ECC memory LSI 9211 controller Fractal R4 case 6 - 4TB HDST 7200RPm NAS drives 128GB SATA SSD boot drive The NAS stores mostly movie