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  1. Thanks for the info. I have seen several posts that said this particular handbrake docker does not support NVIDIA NVEnc. Is this true? If so, is there any way I can get Handbrake to use NVIDIA NVEnc in a docker? Perhaps a different docker image? I'm thinking if I can get hardware transcoding working on a NVIDIA GPU in a Handbrake docker, then I will definitely go with Ryzen, as the extra cores would definitely help, and I am not actually passing my GPU's to my VM's anyway, as I just use RDP to connect to them from across a network. Thanks once more for all y
  2. Ah, ok, thank you for clarifying. Looks like I'll have to wish for some upgrades for Christmas! Just curious, what is your opinion on Intel vs. AMD these days for unRAID? I have a Ryzen 7 3700X in my gaming rig and I absolutely love it, and am thinking of going with either another 3700X or even a Ryzen 9 if the financial gods are kind to me. However, I don't know anything about Ryzen CPU's encoding capabilities. Does AMD have something similar to QSV that works in this docker, and performs similarly (e.g, encode time, quality, and output file size)? I do use my server f
  3. Is anyone else having a problem with Intel QSV? I recently began to encode 4K MKV files to MP4s, and the first time I ever tried it, I would get past the scanning phase, then Handbrake completely stops, saying there is an error. In the activity log, I have a line that says "Failure to initialize Quick Sync Video (Intel SDK)". Here's my specs: OS: unRAID 6.8.3 CPU: Intel i7-3770 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 No GPU (other than some cheap GPU for console output) I know that the 3770 only supports H.264 encoding, but AFAIK H.264 still supports 4K output. I can still encod
  4. I did this, and I am getting the same result as jginzkey. I have tried force updating, removing the container completely and reinstalling, I've also tried stopping all containers to see if it is a port conflict, and nothing. I am at a total loss for what to do.