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  1. I have the latest version of OpenCore and SecureBootModel is disabled, unfortunately the VM hangs while updating to Big Sur. I've tried both upgrading from within macOS and booting from the installer. It hangs when the system restarts and I need to force stop the VM, the boot picker does not show any other option but again boot into 10.5.7. When using the installer, it just hangs after about 10min into the installation. Any ideas what may be happening? The guide says for VMs ForceSecureBootScheme=true may be necessary, but only if SecureBootModel is enabled, either way I'm not sure where else to look into.
  2. Thanks for the info. I just tried to update but it keeps saying an error occurred.
  3. So safe to update to Big Sur with latest OpenCore version?
  4. So, can we say that one can update from Catalina to Big Sur Dev Beta with the latest OpenCore and Kexts injected with OC? I don't have kexts to manually install and have SIP enabled on my VM.
  5. Gracias por el update @SpencerJ, estoy revisando y agregaré comentarios.
  6. @SpencerJ @Kuton Había olvidado hacer submit de los comentarios, ya los deberían ver en el link del PR.
  7. He revisado el PR de @Kuton y me parece todo bien, sólo hice algunos comentarios para considerar unos cambios. @SpencerJ Seguiré revisando.
  8. Thanks for trying it out! I don’t think it’ll work until there is official support with Opencore. One of the new features of macOS 11 is a signed system volume, similar to iOS, I hope that doesn’t affect anything in the hackintosh world (beside the transition to a custom silicon).
  9. Hola @SpencerJ, La traducción que hiciste está excelente, sólo recomendaría los siguientes cambios: Se podría agregar "de red" para interfaz en la primera oración, sólo para ser más específicos: Creo que suena mejor decir "con el resultado del comando" en vez de "salida", esto se aplicaría en las siguientes: Por último, creo que se puede usar otra traducción para "CPU thread pairings" en vez de "pares de hilos". No estoy seguro cual sería la mejor pero voy a revisar:
  10. 10.15.5 here, updated from 0.5.7 to 0.5.9 with no issues. New version seems to have few KVM-QEMU related fixes based on the release notes. There is also a new supplemental update to 10.15.5.
  11. Any successful update to 10.15.5 yet? Making a backup now but I'm still on Opencore 0.5.7, I was waiting on next Monday's release.
  12. Is it possible to expose system temperatures (CPU, NVMe, etc) to macOS? My main concern is the NVMe temp readings, as I'm passing through the entire device and can't see temp info in Unraid.
  13. Thanks @david279. I can see you have all the support files my installation is missing, are you using MacPro7,1 as well?
  14. Can you guys check if Dictionary or Voice Control (Accessibility in System Preferences) is working for you? I just noticed my installation is missing several assets in /System/Library/AssetsV2, no dictionary is installed except Wikipedia, so functions like Lookup (right click a word and select Lookup) does not work. I compared the content of this folder to the ones on my MacBook Pro and Mac mini, and the VM is missing a lot of asset files. What is also strange is that any attempt to download or fetch new dictionaries from Apple, or enable Voice Control which requires downloading a file from Apple, times out. This does not happen on my original Macs and it does not seem to be a network issue. I already reinstalled macOS and changed the SMBIOS, currently using MacPro7,1. EDIT: the problem was that my original installer was created in another Mac by downloading the macOS installer from the App Store. I had to build the installer using gibMacOS which seems to install all required assets. Not sure why this is the case.
  15. Thanks for pointing that out! I had an old firmware and just updated to the latest version, was able to boot to macOS and no more timeouts. Will continue to test and see how the VM performs.