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  1. I'm having issues whenever I try to reboot my unRaid server in that on shutdown, the array gets hung on "Retry unmounting user share(s)...". Below are my current mount, unmount, and upload scripts. Do you see any issues. Anything else I can check to see why it's hanging? rclone_mount (runs at startup) rclone_unmount (runs at startup) rclone_upload (runs every 10 minutes) Appreciate any help!
  2. Well, I figured it out. My issue was that I was failing to setup the additional port on privoxyvpn to allow nzbget's port 6789 to route through it
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm on 6.8.3 and just did a "New Config". Before doing so, it worked fine by going to the advanced settings, setting network type to "None" and using the extra parameter of --net=container:binhex-privoxyvpn. Could I have messed something up when doing the New Config. I thought that essentially erased everything.
  4. I'm trying to run this docker through binhex-privoxyvpn. It will work fine when run directly, however, when I set Network Type to "None" and enter --net=container:binhex-privoxyvpn, it will not connect. Connects fine when run direct. Any thoughts on a step I might be missing? I seem to be connecting binhex-privoxyvpn just fine as I am getting a VPN IP address, but nzbget just will not connect through it. Appreciate any help.
  5. Thank you. Tried it and still get connection refused. I must have something else wrong.
  6. Totally new to this, so making sure I'm having the same issues as everyone else. I cannot even access the webUI. When I try, I get xx.xx.xx.xx refused to connect.
  7. Thanks so much for the quick response. I'll give it a try.
  8. Noob question for everyone. I've searched but cannot seem to find the answer, maybe because I'm using the wrong terminology. But, is it possible to move all the files from one G Drive account to another? I'm assuming I'd have to establish a new mount in addition to the existing one, but just not sure how to update the user script to do this.
  9. Trying to get rclone setup and following this video. I can see the existing subfolders in rclone when running rclone lsd google: from the command prompt within unRaid. However, when I try to copy a file from unRaid over to the mounted folder under /mnt/disks/google/, none of the existing GDrive subfolders show up and I get a message "There is not enough space on the disk to write file:///XXXXXXX". Any insight in what I might be doing wrong?